Friday, December 3, 2010

NCAA and Mike Slive = Gutter Whores?? (No Offense to Gutters)

"Suspend Cam an election year???? ........Shhhheeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiit"

Read this. Pretty much right on- except if we're using Wire references, this situation has to involve Clay Davis.

The SEC bylaw states: “If at any time before or after matriculation in a member institution a student-athlete or any member of his/her family receives or agrees to receive, directly or indirectly, any aid or assistance beyond or in addition to that permitted by the Bylaws of this Conference (except such aid or assistance as such student-athlete may receive from those persons on whom the student is naturally or legally dependent for support), such student-athlete shall be ineligible for competition in any intercollegiate sport within the Conference for the remainder of his/her college career.”

Thank goodness Lebron returned to Cleveland this week so the CFB talking heads could virtually ignore one of the most precedent setting decisions ever seen in college athletics. The NCAA/SEC has basically distinguished between the improprieties committed by an athlete and his parents…….meaning YES there were improprieties (enough that we’re going to banish Cam Newton’s father from Auburn athletics) but NO Cam was unaware of these so he’s free to pass go and collect his $200 (or $200,000) and continue playing. The precedent set: Parents now have the green light to pimp their kids, if caught, just say the kid didn’t know and only the parents pay.

Now some commentators are trying to spoon feed you that this hasn’t happened and in fact the NCAA/SEC’s still consider the parents and child as one (as has been the long-held precedent). They’ll claim the distinction is between the solicitation of money and actually receiving money. So since they can’t prove money changed hands, only the father is in trouble. If they could prove money changed hands, then conceivably both father and son would be in trouble??? Which brings us back to the precedent- in this case there has been an impropriety egregious enough to penalize the father…..but not the son.

This also confirms that the NCAA/SEC believe everything Kenny Rogers said……except that Cam Newton was in the room, he lied about that….

These allegations were reported to the NCAA in JANUARY

Let’s just assume for a minute assume that Auburn ends up playing for the Championship instead of TCU and later the NCAA/SEC goes Reggie Bush on them. I hope the TCU legal team is preparing civil suits against EVERYONE involved- Auburn, its board, the SEC, Mike Slive, the NCAA, Cecil Newton, and yes, even his son Cam…I hope this not because I’m litigious in nature, but for the same reason I wish Tuberville/Auburn and even Vince Young would go after USC, Pete Carol, and Reggie Bush. It might be the only way to actually punish the perpetrators (Pete/Reggie- I’m looking at you), vs punishing fans and some kids that were in junior high when the improprieties happened. Not to mention these should be really easy cases to win- SB legal team feel free to weight in.

As BS as this whole situation is, we're still going to the freaking Rose Bowl which is incredible...and I still believe if Auburn or Oregon does fall tomorrow, just like Snot Boogie, they have to let us in the game....dis America man

American Airlines Giveaway

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Spitblood Predictions: Basketball and Football "Semi-finals"

Naturally, everyone's minds are on football this weekend. For the second consecutive year, the Horned Frogs head into the final weekend of the regular season 12-0, hoping for an upset or two to send them to the national championship game. All eyes will most likely be glued to the television as events unfold in both Atlanta and Corvallis tomorrow afternoon, but there is a pretty big game going on in Fort Worth as well.

You might remember Northern Iowa as last year's NCAA Tournament darling, when they beat #8-seed UNLV and then knocked off #1-seed Kansas to reach the Sweet 16. The Panthers are 3-2 so far this season, and face the 6-2 Frogs tomorrow afternoon at 1:00pm at Daniel-Meyer as part of the Mountain West-Missouri Valley Challenge. I wasn't aware that such a thing existed, either.

So even though the TCU football team isn't in action this weekend, I still want your thoughts as to how things will shake out tomorrow. Let me know, in the comments section, your predicted final score for the TCU-Northern Iowa basketball game, as well as the Auburn-South Carolina and Oregon-Oregon State football games.

Movement Watch: Championship Edition.

Hello/Yeah this head ball coach/he ran a what?/I told you he could really go/yeeeeah, click clack.
Steve Spurrier - Football Coach, anti-Tebow activist, poet laureate.

Two weeks ago I believe I wrote that I would be discontinuing the movement watch until next year pending shocking events, and so here we are, still going strong in what could be the most potentially catastrophic weekend of all time in college football. Yes, despite what the Rod Gilmore's and Craig James' of the world say, TCU has a more than legitimate shot at the national title should one of the top 2 teams stumble this weekend - a situation that isn't as rare as you think, as one of the top 2 teams has fallen on the final weekend 7 times in 6 years. I'd say the odds aren't in our favor this year as much as they may have been in the past, but I also wouldn't have thought that Boise would blow a 17 point lead last weekend, or that we'd be a split second hesitation by Colt McCoy away from playing for it all last year. In other words, don't count us out.

It should also be noted that both of the games that matter are going to be played almost simultaneously, which is bad unless you're at a sports bar or have split screen, but is good because by the time the most meaningless Big 12 Championship in recent memory kicks off, we'll know our fate.

#1 Auburn @ #19 South Carolina. Saturday. 3:00PM.

Why You Should Have Hope. Of course, the biggest reason you should have hope here is because South Carolina could have, and maybe should have, beaten Auburn on the road during the regular season. The Gamecocks actually led the thing 20-7 at one point and 27-21 in the fourth until they decided it'd be a fine time to get the farts and turn the ball over 4 times. Yes, 4 fourth quarter fumbles IN AUBURN TERRITORY were the saving grace for Auburn. Of course, you can say that South Carolina was playing their best ball of the season at that point and Auburn had yet to truly get rolling, but the fact remains that had the Gamecocks held onto one or two of those balls, Cam Newton would be suspended right now and, if things held true, South Carolina would be favored in this rematch. Thems the breaks though, I suppose.

Fortunately, this probably plays into South Carolina's hands a little as they at least have a semblance of an idea how to attack the Tigers and keep themselves in it. Stephen Garcia is a much different QB now and RB Marcus Lattimore is everything they expected him to be and so much more. Carolina DID allow 334 rushing yards in that game which is a GLARING red flag considering how efficient Newton is now, but with Steve Spurrier under the headset, you at least have to give the Gamecocks a fighting chance to make the adjustments they didn't make in September and keep themselves in it. And since getting run over by Arkansas to begin November, the Cocks have run off 3 straight wins, including a domination on the road against rival Clemson last weekend. The Georgia Dome is an extremely quick trip up the road from Auburn, so they will likely have the crowd, but it's not too far from Columbia, either, and seeing as this is the first ever championship game berth for Carolina, I wouldn't expect it to be as lopsided in Auburn's favor as you might initially think. Carolina knows that, if they cut down on their mistakes, they have the team to compete with Auburn and pull an upset. Now they just have to put the pieces together.

Why You Should Abandon All Hope. One reason, and one reason only - Cam Newton is fucking good, and he's eligible. You can debate the merits of his reinstatement all you want - and you should - but it's clear that, due to the Heisman and National Title races being on the line, plus the happenings of 2004, the NCAA wasn't going to stick a fork in Auburn right before the biggest game in school history. Last week it looked like Newton had finally let the pressure of his situation get to him as Alabama rolled up a 24-0 lead and he wasn't able to get anything at all going. At that point we were all likening him to a Vince Young type mental midget, a cheater, and praising Saban's tactical genius in shutting down a player that had to that point been completely unstoppable. Then the Auburn defense tightened up and Newton had a hand in 4 scores as the Tigers completed their perfect season. Ass. Just, ass. Of course, if you believe the pundits, if the Tigers were to split these last two games, it's a lot better for us if they lose in Atlanta since they wouldn't win the conference, but when we need at least one loss to have a shot, you take it when it's right in front of you. But, like I said, Newton had other ideas.

The scariest part of the whole situation is what the Auburn defense, a unit that has struggled ALL year, was able to do in the second half, only allowing 3 points and eventually cracking open Greg McElroy's brain. No way that kid remember the hit that sent him to the bench. Gene Chizik may have been thought of as a hack, and Gus Malzahn a gimmicky tactician, but you can't argue with the results or the confidence they've inspired in their team. Auburn has trailed in 8 games this season; of course, they've won all eight. They've also run through a division that currently has 5 of its 6 teams ranked in the Top 22. That takes something special. With the NCAA calling the dogs off, it's going to take an absolutely heroic performance by South Carolina to pull this one off. Let's just hope they're up to the task.

#2 Oregon @ Oregon State. 2:30PM. Saturday.

Why You Should Have Hope. Much like the Auburn section, there's one reason and one reason only why you should have faith in the Beavers pulling the upset of the college football season: It's a rivarly game, and weird shit happens in rivalry games. That's really the only reason I can see why Oregon State would show up for this one considering how much their season has gone in the shitter since losing James Rodgers. And while there's never been THIS much riding on the outcome, twice in the past ten matchups between the two teams, one school has had nothing to lose, the other everything to gain in a Rose Bowl berth, and the little guy has come out on top. The teams have evenly split every meeting since 2000, so this is a millenial tiebreaker as well. You also can never discount the dreaded Gameday curse, which has afflicted several top ranked teams this year, including Alabama and Oklahoma, but of course not the Frogs. It would have helped our case quite a bit had Oregon State turned out to be at least above average, but Corvallis should be rocking for this one all the same. Oregon State has a chance to gain bowl eligibility at the expense of costing their biggest rival a chance at the national title. The Beavers have gone 2-3 against ranked opponents this year; an even .500 would look a lot better. And, as a last gasp kicker - Oregon snuck past Cal by 2 points, mainly due to a missed field goal; Oregon State beat that same Cal team 35-7.

Why You Should Abandon All Hope. Because, holy crap is Oregon State schizo this year. They played us and Boise quite tough, and even knocked off then top ten ranked Arizona on the road... then they lost to the entire state of Washington, UCLA and were humiliated at home by Stanford, but not before knocking off then ranked USC by 4 TDs. So what we should really expect out of the Beavers, I do not know. But there's one thing I DO know - Oregon has showed up to play 10 of 11 weeks this year, and even the one time they didn't, they still managed to win despite a bevying array of faked injuries and shocking defensive dominance on the part of Cal. Oregon has the #1 ranked offense in all of college football at 541 yards and 50 points per game; Oregon State's defense allows 400 yards and 26 points each week. And while Ryan Katz has proven to be a much more capable QB than we wanted to give him credit for in week one, his numbers are pretty pedestrian. Worst of all? The vaunted Oregon State rushing offense headed by Jacquizz Rodgers ranks 96th in the nation. I don't want to keep painting a grim picture here, but the only way we're winning this one is with rivalry karma, and I'm pretty sure the Ducks are immune to that.

The odds aren't great for an upset this weekend, but if you had to bank on one, I'd go out on a limb and suggest Auburn. Still, that's why they play the games. Happy Championship Saturday.

Mark May v. Craig James

I love how May calls him "Pony"

3 Stars and BCS Golden Egg

A professor once told me I had special talent for writing features. The problem is I'm a.d.d. and it takes me a good 8-10 hours to write 1000 words.
So I present you with Angry Birds "Up Close and Personal". I think it speaks more than 1000 words, in a fraction of the time.

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