Thursday, December 2, 2010

We're counting on you, Bob

Sir Wesley will do a more in-depth job of documenting the chances of Auburn and/or Oregon losing this weekend tomorrow, but right now I want to talk about what needs to happen if one or both of those upsets were to take place on Saturday.

As we've seen since the latest BCS rankings were released Sunday night, there are certain media members (and certainly a large number of fans) that do not believe TCU should be given a shot at the title, no matter what. This sentiment was reiterated this morning on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike Show, when Lou Holtz stated that, even though he believes TCU should be given it's title shot, not everyone agrees with him and a lot of people would rather see a 1-loss team from a "power" conference be given that opportunity instead of the Frogs.

It's 2010- we've got a black president, a female speaker of the house (for now), and multiple states out there are either decriminalizing marijuana or legalizing gay marriage. Don't you think we're ready for a non-BCS team to play for the championship? While a lot of people are, ESPN does not appear to be, as they've given free reign to idiots like Craig James and Rod Gillmore to spew their false logic and disdain for TCU all over the air.

If Auburn and/or Oregon lose on Saturday, there will be a roughly 24-hour window in which the talking heads on ESPN will attempt to protect the bottom line for the Disney Empire by swaying voters in favor of a 1-loss team from a large state school that will presumably deliver better TV ratings than TCU.

That's where Bob Schieffer comes into the scenario. During that 24-hour window, Schieffer will be hosting "Face the Nation" on CBS Sunday morning. Bob, if you're reading this, it's time to forget about the economy, about North Korea or about wikileaks- you to use your show as a platform for the Horned Frogs. Gary Patterson, Dan & Sally Jenkins and Dan Wetzel (author of "Death to the BCS") should all be guests on your program. The country needs to hear their side of the story, because ESPN is going to be letting their BCS lapdogs denigrate the Frogs and rob them of the opportunity they deserve.

E. Gordon Gee: Eating His Words

Who let you out of the house looking like that, Gordy?

I don't know if mighty Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee read this bit of hate by me last week, but he certainly seems to have got the message, because he definitely tucked his tail between his legs and apologized in this story for being a clueless old codger with goofy as glasses and a bow tie. Ole Gordy even goes as far as to make fun of himself, saying "I look like Orville Redenbacher". I'm actually pretty upset with myself for not thinking to call him that, so bravo E. Gordo. I'm more pleased with the fact that he seems to have got my message from a week ago, saying he has "no business talking about college football". I applaud you for knowing your rightful place in the world, as a nerdy twerp who heads up the school with one of the most classless, trashy fan bases in the entire country. Oh, not to mention- he is from Utah and born to MORMON parents and was once a professor and dean at BYU, and he went to Utah for undergrad, so I hate him even more than ever. I bet he wouldn't make this fuss had the Mormons been undefeated, but they suck and will forever suck, so who cares.

So, thanks for apologizing and realizing you need to put your foot in your mouth and stick to things you know. Oh, and he also said he has the best coach and athletic director in the country, but you're wrong. Little ole TCU does. Once again, I'm glad you know your place now Gordon, but I still cant stand you or that slimy institution you are so proud to head up.

TCU's win against New Mexico and Boise's choke-job against Nevada made the ol' strength of schedule watch a little obsolete. But hey, we've come this far together, so it just didn't seem right to let the shake weight start collecting dust just yet. And besides, as we heard from Craig James, Rod Gilmore and the rest of the TCU haterz on ESPN Sunday night, it's not a lock that the Frogs leap into the championship game even with a loss by Oregon or Auburn.

Game of the Week:

Oregon State (5-6) vs. Oregon (11-0)...2:30pm Saturday on ABC
-Sir Wesley and I generally try to keep from stepping on each other's toes, so I'll leave the in-depth preview of this game up to him in his movement watch. Clearly, a win here for the Beavers would be pretty "dam" incredible (see what I did there?). It's a rivalry game, with the favorite on the road and the underdog needing the win to reach a bowl, so you never know...but I'm not holding my breath on this one.

Other TCU opponents in action this week:

SMU (7-5) at Central Florida (9-3)...11:00am Saturday on ESPN 2
-You're going to want to be rooting for the Ponies, just in case Auburn or Oregon lose and there's a question about whether or not the BCS powers that be want to give the Frogs their rightful shot at the title. Outside of the Oregon State game (which has a direct effect on things), it's one of the few games that could positively influence the Frogs' computer ranking this week. There's a lot beside just their possible first conference title since 1984 on the line for SMU in this one- win and they're headed to Memphis to play Georgia in the Liberty Bowl, lose and they're staying at home to play Army.

UNLV (2-10) at Hawaii (9-3)...9:30pm Saturday on
-Holy hell, this game would've been a headache had Boise survived their trip to Reno last weekend. The very last college football game before the final polls come out pitting one of TCU's weakest opponents against one of Boise's strongest? The thought of whatever hack announcers ESPN found to cover this game would be talking about in that scenario makes me shudder. Thankfully, this game matters about as much now as a Rockets' game. Zing!

Other games that are probably not really worth sweating unless the final BCS standings are really, reeeeally close:

Arizona State (5-6) at Arizona (7-4)...7:00pm tonight on ESPN
-If you're looking for a rooting interest in tonight's Grand Canyon State showdown, consider the FACT that Oregon has only beaten THREE bowl-eligible teams so far this year (compared to SIX for the Frogs...and Stanford has only beaten TWO!). Would anyone in the mainstream media bring that up? I doubt it, but that little bit of trivia would be a nice addition to any Frog fan's arsenal in the inevitable "you guys don't play anyone" arguments that are sure to erupt this holiday season with some goober you know from high school that went to some big state school.

Washington (5-6) at Washington State (2-9)...6:00pm Saturday on Versus
-See the game above for why this game is barely important. I think the alma mater of Drew Bledsoe and Ryan Leaf owes me something after those two were complete disasters for the Cowboys, so perhaps the Wazzu flag that's at ESPN Game Day every week will finally bring them (and us) some luck.

The Game that matters so little that it's hilarious:

Oklahoma (10-2) vs. Nebraska (10-2) at Cowboys Stadium...7:00pm Saturday on ABC
-Big 12 Championship Game. Yawn.

Daily Doo Doo

The NCAA's ruling on Cam Newton is Charlie,
and the kid getting bitten is TCU's National Title Hopes.
Charlie is kind of an asshole.

- I don't think anyone expected Newton to be suspended this weekend... but the fact that they ruled that Newton "had no knowledge" of his father's doings is just ludicrous. We all - *used to - hate the BCS, but letting the NCAA asshats run a football playoff is probably an equally terrifying proposition. Those dudes could screw up a ham sandwich.

- I'll give it to Mac Engel, he's a surprisingly competent TCU basketball beat reporter. Probably helps that the team is winning.

- I realize this isn't directly TCU related, but my goodness can you imagine how incredible Leach at Miami would be? He turned Sonny Cumbie, Kliff Kingsbury and something called Cody Hodges into winners in Lubbock... imagine him being able to walk outside and fall face forward into five star talent? Plus, he's still get to live at the beach and really embrace his inner pirate. I really, really want this to happen.

- Just another reason why you should never give someone a job in sports when the fanciest thing on their resume is that they were a contestant on the Bachelor.

- Now wouldn't THAT be something?

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