Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MWC Awards


Now even aggy is talking shit...

Don't let the title of this video fool you...this aggy cleverly disguises himself as a TCU apologist, but then let's us know how he really feels with a barrage of f-words and the finger. He must've been a theater major at aggy.

I love how people seem to think that TCU had open invitations to join whichever conference they wanted (they probably came with gift baskets filled with cheese and various jams), but they chose the Big East to "avoid" the Big 12 because they're "scared".

Quite funny how the haters like to tell TCU how tiny and insignificant we are...and yet they can't ignore us. For fans of a school of nearly 50,000 to be jealous of TCU is a testament to the Frogs' success.

Frogs pick up a new DT

I realize that we've got a separate Spit Blood Recruiting blog run by JimmieMac, but since it appears that Jimmie might have pulled a Heath Ledger and checked out on us, I figure I'll share the good recruiting news that follows at least a week's worth of great news for the program overall.

TCU yesterday received the commitment of 6'2", 298lb defensive tackle Davion Pierson out of Oklahoma City. He had multiple other offers on the table and his high school coaching staff had some really great things to say about him, but out of respect for the guys at rivals I'll decline to share that info with you since it's deemed "premium". Instead, here is some film on Pierson from youtube:

College Football Pick 'em -- Week 13

10 games left. 55 points.

8 points separate our top 4. I hope that the four of you are thinking, "damn, I wish this had been a pay pool." All those bastards that blew off their picks would have donated their money to your kick-ass Rose Bowl watching party.

Alas, much like the NCAA, our Dear Leader's prime directive is protecting the integrity of the amateur college football pick 'em pool player. We play for the love of the sport. We aren't some 1930s golf pro giving lessons to Moopsy and Junior wishing we were Ben Hogan. We're the respectable sort.

There is a Thursday Game this week.

make your picks here

Week 13 results:
Standings for Week 13
Rank Selection W-L Pts Tie
47 - 41
1 crtipton's picks 9-2 62 35-30
2 nolafrog09's picks 9-2 61 35-28
3 Hornedfrog1982's picks 9-2 60 42-35
4 tawilson007's picks 8-3 59 35-34
4 FrogFan1986's picks 9-2 59 34-38
6 merkin's picks 9-2 58 27-17
7 smredd's picks 8-3 57 48-52
8 Toby's Business College 9-2 55 34-27
8 Rise Again 7-4 55 31-17
8 Cotcufrog07 8-3 55 31-41
8 Cro-Magnon Frog's picks 9-2 55 80-85

Cumulative Standings, our Dear Leader is hanging on by a thread.

Overall Standings Through Week 13
Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 THE FINCH 98-44 663
2 Hornedfrog1982's picks 104-38 658
2 Rise Again 100-42 658
4 FrogFan1986's picks 106-36 655
5 Trcapps's picks 98-44 651
6 gtgossett's picks 102-40 637
7 merkin's picks 99-43 634
8 sir wesley willis's picks 101-41 632
9 tawilson007's picks 98-44 631
9 nolafrog09's picks 99-43 631
9 smredd's picks 93-49 631
9 Cro-Magnon Frog's picks 96-46 631

Morning Dump

Big East:
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