Friday, November 19, 2010

Spitblood Title Contender Smear Tactics

Since we have no game, and therefore no predictions this week, I thought I'd take this thing in another direction this afternoon. In light of all that's transpired in the Cam Newton story over the past few weeks and how much this story has blown up (true or not), I think it'd be wise for us here at Spitblood to start some vicious rumors of our own about the others that stand in our way. I mean seriously- how did LaMichael James, Darron Thomas, and Josh Huff end up leaving Texas? What did they give Huff to pry him away from TCU? What kind of Bobby Lowder-esque actions is Phil Knight up to at Oregon? How many acres was the Potato Farm offered to Kellen Moore's family in exchange for him playing? Did Chris Petersen REALLY sell his soul to the Devil in exchange for endless regular season victories? Is it true that Boise poisons their opponent's pre game meals before games in Boise? Oh, and let's leave the SEC contenders out of this one- they all cheat like crazy and we all know it.

Kellen Moore- Baby Rapist!

I mean, what's the worst that could happen? Maybe one of these rumors gains momentum, we get some ESPN mention, and it actually turns out to be true??? So let's hear it, fellow spitblooders. I want to hear some scandalous, vicious rumors about our potential BCS foes. Please forgive me, it's Friday afternoon and I'm bored off my ass...

TCU a Shoo-In for the BCS Title Game?

Naturally the Good Reverend Cecil Newton is Holding the Gun
And Mississippi State is the Cat.

Well that headline should be good for some page views. Normally I'm not one to simply copy/paste a link from another site and just leave it at that because, honestly, that's just plain lazy. But in this case I'm going to have to make an exception because this is so long winded and convoluted that it'd take me all day not only to read it but to make any sort of sense of it. But, let's just say if I understand it right, and if it's all true, an extra week of scrutiny between the Auburn/Alabama game could be a death knell for Cammy Cam. It seems that the situation young Cameron and his criminal father have gotten themselves into is all part of a much, much larger money scam scheme by a bunch of Auburn boosters and having to vacate a season's worth of victories could be the least of their worries. I think it's clear by this point that Auburn is simply hoping to ride this thing out until January 10th, win a Heisman and a National Title, and then if they have to vacate some wins down the road, then so be it - no one is going to say they didn't win the title this year, just like no one is going to say USC didn't kick the crap out of OU and that Reggie Bush didn't win the Heisman. Well, except for Vince Young's mother, of course.

Like I said, I haven't read the thing in its entirety, but from the summarization at the bottom, it would appear that Auburn might have really shot themselves in the foot by not sitting Cam Newton this past weekend against Georgia and that there's a very real possibility he'll be unavailable against Alabama or South Carolina. Stay tuned.

Well, I guess I'm too late in posting this for this week, since apparently Air Force beat UNLV last night...was it even on TV??? Anyway, with the win the Falcons are now 8-4 on the year. Now let's take a look at the rest of the games that will affect TCU's strength of schedule as we head down the home stretch of this BCS race for the top two spots:

Game of the Week:

Baylor (7-4) vs. Oklahoma (8-2)...7:00pm Saturday on ESPN 2
-The Bears' mid-season surge was a huge boost to the Frogs, but their total disaster against Oklahoma State and their choke-job against aggy have, for the most part, cancelled most of that out. A win against Oklahoma this Saturday night to get to 8-4 would seems light years from a 7-5 season punctuated by three consecutive losses.

Other Big'uns:

Utah (8-2) at San Diego State (7-3)...9:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-This game represents a dilemna for TCU fans, because really, who are we supposed to cheer for here? On one hand, Utah is still ranked and a road win over SDSU would keep them in the Top 25 and prevent the press from further damning the Frogs because of how much they demoralized and crushed the souls of the Utes. On the other, would a loss by SDSU prompt the media to point out that "they aren't any good"? The way ESPN has been treating TCU lately, this almost seems like a no-win situation.

SMU (5-5) vs. Marshall (4-6)...2:00pm Saturday
-As was pointed out on this very blog earlier today, it does seem a little silly for a school to print up yard signs for a game pitting two middle of the pack teams against one another. But you have to remember, this is Conference USA, where the middle of the pack IS the head of the pack. I'm going to sound a bit like Hans pointing out to Gordon Bombay that there's still a chance the Ducks could make the playoffs, but SMU actually still controls their own destiny in the Western Divison of CUSA. So, "Beat Marshall" indeed.

Oregon State (4-5) vs. USC (7-3)...7:00pm Saturday on ABC
-Wow, the Beavers' season has not gone the way they expected it to. They need to win two of their remaining three incredibly tough games just to get to bowl eligibility (vs. USC, at Stanford and against Oregon). That's three chances for them to either help the Frogs tremendously...or embarrass themselves further. Being that Oregon State has lost to both TCU and Boise State means that this game really doesn't matter at all when comparing the Frogs and Broncos.

Other TCU opponents:

New Mexico (1-9) at BYU (5-5)...5:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Don't look now, but BYU is just a win against hapless New Mexico from being bowl-eligible. That would've seemed completely absurd earlier in the year when the Cougars were strug-a-ling, but they are playing much better now. Also...a loss by New Mexico would hurt Oregon, if only barely.

Colorado State (3-8) at Wyoming (2-9)...1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Good God, why is this game on TV? If you have to cheer for someone, cheer for the Rams because Wyoming also lost to Boise State.

Tennessee Tech (4-6) vs. Jacksonville State (9-1)...4:00pm Saturday on
-I mostly don't care what Tennessee Tech does, but I'd be pretty pumped if they could pull off the upset this weekend against the same Jacksonville State squad that took down Ole Miss in Oxford earlier this season.

The REAL Game of the Week:

Miami (7-3) vs. Virginia Tech (8-2)...2:30pm Saturday on ESPN
-Oooooooh boy, dust off your 2 Live Crew records, have the Mrs. whip up an 8-ball and get your posse over to your place for this one, because it's all about The U this weekend. Va-Tech is Boise State's best win, so it'd be nice to have the Hokies taken down a peg since the national media seems to have conveniently forgotten the fact that THEY LOST TO A 1-AA TEAM...AT HOME! Stephen Morris, who stepped in for Jacory Harris after he got kilt against UVA, has revitalized the Canes' offense.

Question: Where is Rock Bottom?

Answer: The Hilltop... Where you pay your head coach over two meellion dollars a year and still have to waste your sports marketing budget on street signs urging your team to beat a 4-6 C-USA team.

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