Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Actual, tangible Big East news

There's been a lot of speculation, but never any actual NEWS until now: The Big East has decided to expand to 10 for football, up from the current 8.

No official word yet on WHO those two new schools might be, but some of you out there may have connections better than I out in the grapevine that might know a little better than the current speculation which points squarely at TCU and either Villanova, Houston, Central Florida, Memphis, Temple or East Carolina.

This is potentially very exciting news, but MAN our players really do not need a distraction like this going into the Utah game!

HornedFrogSports.com's first look at TCU-Utah

I always appreciate the perspective of the guys over at HornedFrogSports.com, and in this week where I (and you, I'm sure) can't get enough TCU-related content, here's a first look at the showdown in Salt Lake from David Peterson:

First thoughts on TCU-Utah

Greg Bird - we're going to take you to the woodshed

I love how loud it was at the Carter that one fine night. I dream of another home game atmosphere like that, which leads me to believe it will be just about the same in Utah this Saturday.

It would be a good idea for Gary and Co. to put some loud speakers in the laboratory this week while getting some silent snap reps in.

Patterson speaks at 12:30

Coach Pattersons' weekly press conference begins at 12:30pm today, and you can watch it LIVE by following THIS LINK. It will be interesting to see what his demeanor is like heading into the big game this weekend.

Week 10 Opponent Hate: The Utah Utes

Sandstorm, Anyone???

To be honest, Utah is my third favorite team in the MWC behind us and Air Force. Some of you may think I’m crazy for feeling that way, but if you think about it, they have been the best thing going for the MWC since we joined, outside of the greatness that is the TCU Horned Frogs of course. They’ve won 2 BCS bowls (although one was before our time), they are always our biggest conference game (because you suck, BYU), and they remind me so much of TCU in so many ways. Let’s be honest, this is the only team over the past 5 years or so in our conference that can match us athletically or at least come close. They sure looked out-matched last season, and let’s hope that continues Saturday. I mean, can I really hate them for Ross Evans’ inability to kick field goals that Lieutenant Dan could have made? No. Can I hate them for going on to the much bigger, much more lucrative, much more exposed and BCS affiliated PAC-10 (12)? No. Can I hate them for their hideous camo-blackout uni combo? Well, yes, but aren’t we also guilty of committed uniform overkill as well?


The Utes are going to "service" the Frogs.

The true reason to hate Utah, especially this season, is that they are our main obstacle in a season where the goal is a national championship, and they are no slouch either. Watching them run through opponents over the past few weeks (with the exception of Air Force) has made my stomach churn. Yeah, I wanted them to be undefeated, but seeing them obliterating opponents 59-6, or Iowa State on the road 68-27 has makes me queasy. But let’s look deeper. Who have they really beaten? Yes, drubbing Iowa State while only being a 6 point favorite on the road was impressive, but is Iowa State any good? Yes, Iowa State beat Texas, but who hasn’t (Nebraska)? OU beat them 52-0. They beat Pittsburgh 27-24 in SLC in overtime to start the season. Pittsburgh does sit atop the Big East (a place we will hopefully be on top of for years to come), but being the best team in the Big East is like being the tallest midget or the prettiest leper. Now I’m not going to sit here and say we’ve beat powerhouses, because we haven’t (sorry Baylor but you still suck), but I still say we look better than them, and we don’t have to hang 50 on every opponent to do so. Oh, and they have played the 113th toughest schedule in the country. They make it look like Boise runs an SEC gauntlet.

Another reason to hate Utah is how cocky and full of themselves they are, but in reality, so are we. But really, Greg Bird? Really??? “We’re going to take it to them.” Be careful what you wish for, white safety. You were on the team last year. Was getting 55 hung on you taking it to us? Hey, Greg, you have 14 tackles this year! That’s like, um, less than 2 a game, right Rotten Arsenal? Before this year you only had 3 tackles in your career! To steal a line from the great Pedro Martinez- Who is Greg Bird? I have no respect for that guy. Seriously though, do you think before Saturday we are going to hear some shit talking sound bite from like, Johnny Fobbs? The answer is no, because we know better, especially those who don’t make an impact. Leave the shit talking to someone who can impact the game, Greg Bird. Thanks for the bulletin board material though. Like Gary Patterson really needed any help motivating the team even further to beat your lousy asses again.

So now I can’t wait for Saturday afternoon so we can beat your asses again and send you off into obscurity BYU style. Yeah, Utah fans LOVE to talk about how they’ve won 3 of the last 4, but I’m pretty sure we took it last year in more than convincing fashion and both teams seem to be pretty similar, except more experienced. Yes, Dalton has had road jitters, but he’s been in enough spotlight games at this point in his career to fight through them and endure it and lead us to another HUGE victory. Jordan Wynn- not so much unless you consider squeaking by Pitt at home a big win. I’ll pull for you every game for the rest of the year, Utah, because I have to. I pulled for you every game where you weren’t playing TCU in years past because I have to. But now that you’re gone, I want to kick you in the ass really hard on your way out as you become the college football’s new Arizona, Washington, or Cal. Enjoy being middle of the road Utes, at least you’re not BYU. Oh, and how could you not hate a school that produced THIS GUY…

Yup, that's Keith Van Horn.


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