Monday, November 1, 2010

Postgame with Gary

What's that you say?

"We're going to take it to them"

-#35 Greg Bird, junior Utah safety

Half-Assed UNLV Recap

Well, as expected this was a tough game to stay up and watch coherently with such a late start time and based on attendance numbers (16,745 is what I saw) I’d say even the fans in Vegas had a tough time making it, or at least staying until the end. Let’s be honest- this is a week to focus on Utah and not dwell on an expected blowout. Sir Wesley Willis is experiencing The Fear in the Vegas airport right now and will be out of pocket later as he will be at the Ballpark in Arlington heckling Tim Lincecum for looking like a combination of Mitch Kramer and the girl from the Twilight movies. And since most of the contributors including myself were guilty of looking ahead to Utah and really half-assed the attention paid to this game, I give you my half-assed recap of what I saw, or at least remembered seeing, complete with a list of bullet points.

  • Favorite play of the night had to be the Colin Jones pick 6 on just about the wobbliest ball ever thrown. This was literally the play after a buddy was telling me how their QB was “pretty good.” People don’t always see things clearly when they’re intoxicated.
  • Jeremy Kerley- 2 more TD’s. Ho-hum. I really like the goal line sweep type play when it’s run to Kerley, not so much when it’s run to Antoine Hicks, whose stock is dropping more and more every week.
  • Speaking of Kerley, we joked quite a bit about how he was pressing the spin button too much on his X-Box controller. Seriously, I think he’s got more spin moves than any player in college football this season. I wonder if he’s ever rolled off the bed in his sleep…
  • Looked to me like they gave Ed Wesley somewhat of a breather this week after his workmanlike 28 carries last week. Ed still looked like Ed, but he just had 14 touches and we went back to spreading it around to all of the backs.
  • Stock up- Waymon James and Aundre Dean, who both looked really solid spelling Wesley. Stock down- Matthew Tucker, who hasn’t been the same back this year as he was a year ago, and seemed to have Joseph Turner fumble-itis Saturday. He cost us a TD, but I’ll address that more later.
  • Special teams was pretty meh. Kerley with -3 return yards on punts, McCoy one solid kick return, and only 1 punt. In what was most likely the cruelest bit of toying with my emotions in a blowout, however, was Ross Evans missing his LAST EXTRA POINT BEFORE HEADING TO UTAH!!! Ross Evans, you are the Derek Holland of TCU.
  • Shocked to see that the 54 yarder from Dalton to Boyce was our longest play of the year, but good God can Josh Boyce fly? I love that guy. Just another speedy playmaker to add to the mix.
  • Bart Johnson- 31 games in a row with a catch. Wow.
  • Why do people continue to throw the ball anywhere near Jason Teague?
  • For all the Andy Dalton haters that continue to exist out there- 16-23, 252, 2 TD’s to go along with 1 rushing TD. He may not be flashy, but he’s exactly what we need. If I hear one more person say how Dalton sucks I’m going to declare jihad on them.
  • Congrats to Casey Pachall on his first TD (I think). Also, he threw 2 passes, doubling his career total. Can we please throw him more in games like New Mexico and hopefully SDSU? I’ve seen what Garrett Gilbert has done it Texas, so it would be nice to get him some reps.
  • 3 fumbles, Wesley, Tucker and Dalton. Wesley and Tucker lost theirs. For a team that has done a great job hanging on to the ball, this is a bit alarming going into Utah and must be fixed.
  • What’s the point of having instant replay if you’re going to get it wrong, TWICE? Tucker fumbled pretty clearly on his carry up the middle, even though somehow the replay official got it wrong, which really pissed off UNLV’s coach. And then it appeared to me and my blurred vision and drunken stupor that Matthew Tucker not only broke the plane of the end zone with the play they called a fumble, but he actually slammed the ball down on the goal line. Last I checked the ground can’t cause a fumble, especially if you’re in the end zone, but whatever.

That’s all I’ve got for the UNLV game, and I don’t really think anyone cares because now it’s time to focus on Utah. Texas Hammer did want me to mention to everyone that this weekend’s game against Utah is a “White-Out” for TCU fans in order to counteract the black-out that the Utes will be doing. Apparently there’s an email going around about it, so if anyone has any further info on the matter, feel free to share.

More Big East talk...

Wow, if there was ever a week in which the Frogs didn't need any distractions, this is it. But according to the New York Post, there will be a meeting of Big East school presidents and athletic directors this week in Philadelphia to further discuss expansion. TCU is mentioned as the main expansion candidate in the article, along with Houston, Central Florida, Temple and Villanova.

500,000 Visits for Spit Blood

I noticed that we hit this milestone over the weekend. Not too bad for a bunch for a bunch or jerks who were born with a silver spoon and live off our trust funds with no jobs who contribute nothing to society and just like to rant and rave about the Frogs, right? I thought so. So enjoy this video and think about how you have contributed to the downfall of society.

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In the Words of GP

While yes it is very nice that we passed Boise in the BcS poll (which I believe was predicted here last week). It doesn't matter one bit. Just take a look at how GP feels about it.

"What difference does it make if we're third or fourth?" Patterson asked Sunday. "It makes no difference. It doesn't mean anything to me. We have to beat Utah, period."

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