Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Game of the Week:

Baylor (6-2) at Texas (4-3)...6:00pm Saturday on FSN
-This story has been a slow developer, but holy crap is Baylor now the best resume-booster for the Frogs? They're in first place in the Big 12 South and are in the Top 25 for the first time since I was in 5th grade. As much as it pains me to root for the Bears, we've got to at this point...and it does help a little that they have a chance to continue the Longhorns' slide into mediocrity. Because it'd be one thing if the Frogs had simply beat a ranked team from the Big 12, but they F'ing DESTROYED Baylor.

Other Big'uns:

Utah (7-0) at Air Force (5-3)...6:30pm Saturday on CBS-College Sports
-The Falcons lost the weekend before they came to Fort Worth, spoiling the chance for the Frogs to beat a ranked team. Hopefully they will not spoil the high ranking (#8) of the undefeated Utes, who host the Frogs next weekend. Still, though, for my own sanity I hope that Utah doesn't just destroy them.

Oregon State (3-3) vs. Cal (4-3)...2:30pm Saturday on Fox College Sports
-Believe it or not, the Beavers still control their own destiny in the Pac 10 race, as they've only lost one conference game and still have undefeated Oregon left on their schedule. Hopefully they can take care of the Golden Bears on Homecoming Weekend in Corvallis.

SMU (4-4) at Tulane (3-4)...2:30pm Saturday on KDAF Channel 33
-The Mustangs took a major step back last weekend, being embarrassed at home by Houston. They'll need to get back on track in New Orleans as they take on a Green Wave squad who surprised UTEP at the Sun Bowl last weekend. A loss this weekend puts SMU's bowl eligibility in question, but a win keeps their slim CUSA Championship hopes alive.


San Diego State (5-2) at Wyoming (2-6)...1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Brady Hoke has the Aztecs flying high, one win away from clinching their first bowl appearance since 1998. But they did sleepwalk past a dreadful New Mexico team last week, so we'll see. It should be noted that, for the second straight week, the conference has allowed SDSU to simulcast this game (being produced by The Mtn) on a local station in San Diego. I think TCU should have the option to do this in the Metroplex as well.

New Mexico (0-7) at Colorado State (2-6)...6:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Yikes. I'm not sure what to root for here. On one hand, you'd like for the Frogs to be able to avoid facing an 0-11 UNM squad in Albuquerque in late November. Then again, having a slow start against CSU would look a little better if they were 3-6 rather than 2-7. But really, just yikes.

BYU (3-5) and Tennessee Tech (4-4) are off this weekend.

World Series Predictions

I smoke rocks!!!

Since we do weekly predictions for our football games, I figured we might as well do some predictions for one of the biggest sporting events to come to DFW EVER!! The series starts tonight in San Franhomo, so let's get some predictions. Winner, # of Games, MVP, first to have a drug relapse(you have a 50/50 shot of picking the right winner here), etc....

Rangers in 5
Cliff Lee
Ron Ron

2011 Baseball schedule released

Just like the TCU football program, the baseball team has tested our patience in releasing their schedule for the 2011 season in which they'll look to get back to Omaha...and win the whole thing this time.

Among the home-schedule highlights:

-A season-opening series against Kansas, February 18-20
-The renewal of the new-found rivalry with Cal State-Fullerton a week later, February 25-27
-The return of Todd Whitting to Lupton Stadium with his Houston Cougars, March 25-27
-MWC rival New Mexico, April 8-10
-A 13-game homestand stretching from March 22 to April 10
-Tuesday night showdowns with Oklahoma & Baylor, April 26 & May 10, respectively.

Additionally, the Frogs also have road series against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State and mid-week road games at Texas A&M, Oklahoma and Baylor. They also end the regular season with a road series against UNM in Albuquerque.

College Football Pick 'em Update -- Week 8

Go here to make them now.

Every week we have 66 possible points. This week the top 12 were within 9 points of the perfect score. We also had four 10-1 ballots. This is giving us a little more separation on the overall standings. gtgossett opened up a 13 point lead over our dear leader who only slid into second.

TCU is on the road for the next two weeks, so those who don't make their picks won't get their obligatory homer points.

Standings for Week 8
Rank Selection W-L Pts Tie
7 - 38
1 TNtheRedHeadPed's picks 10-1 63 10-38
1 olboyroy14's picks 10-1 63 10-35
1 jack burton's picks 10-1 63 17-34
4 thefinch's picks 9-2 62 3-47
4 Toby's Business College 9-2 62 13-48
4 Cro-Magnon Frog's picks 9-2 62 0-69
7 gtgossett's picks 10-1 59 17-38
7 Tcu07's picks 9-2 59
9 nolafrog09's picks 9-2 58 7-42
9 FrogFan1986's picks 9-2 58 21-34
9 Magic Man 9-2 58

Overall Standings Through Week 8
Rank Selection W-L Pts
1 gtgossett's picks 65-22 424
2 THE FINCH 63-24 411
3 FrogFan1986's picks 66-21 410
4 geezerfrog's picks 65-22 408
5 Trcapps's picks 60-27 406
6 BUFFALO's picks 63-24 403
7 Tcu07's picks 63-24 402
8 jack burton's picks 63-24 401
9 Hornedfrog1982's picks 64-23 400
10 TN2TXtony's picks 64-23 399
10 Rise Again 62-25 399
10 wwhd's picks 62-25 399
10 Big Pussy 65-22 399

Patterson meets with the media
-including a link to watch the entire press conference

Cool weather puts jump in Frogs' step Star-Telegram

Frogs set sights on UNLV game Skiff

TCU-UNLV preview CBS Sports

TCU focused on Saturday matchup with Rebels Las Vegas Review-Journal

Running Up the Score 101

Kellen Moore - Clubhouse Leader for the Dumb Face of the Year, Eli Manning pulling a close second.

Hey, I've got a great idea! Lets play Louisiana Tech, on ESPN, on a freakin Tuesday! Did anybody else actually watch this? Didn't think so. My only rooting interest was that La Tech would show up and put some yards on these guys so we would be back in our rightful place as number one in total defense. Which I am pretty sure happened because they gave up 390 yards to them. Even though their coach is a freaking idiot and went for it on 4th and goal from the 6 in the mid 3rd quarter only being down by like 14. Ohh, and not to mention he also got flagged unsportsmanlike like conduct for continuing to berate the officials after an off sides call on an onside kick attempt. Yeah, thats smart, lets give Boise State a short field. Who is this pheonomenal Woody Hayes like character on the La Tech sideline? The one and only Sonny Dykes, son of Tech 'legend' Spike Dykes. What a legend. 82-67-1 on the plains of west Texas including a hall of fame-esk 2-5 in bowl games and zero ten win seasons. His son? On the same path to mediocrity as his father. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, I hate Boise State. Sorry, I just can't ever pass up an opportunity to bash on Tech, especially when they are down.

So back to Boise. As I am watching this disaster known as a football game, slowly falling in and out of consciousness/boredom I cant help but notice that the game is well in hand. Boise is up 42-13 with 8 minutes left. I also cant help but notice that Kellen Moore is still in the game. Then, because Chris Peterson is such a great sportsman, they call a 40 yard bomb down the middle of field on 2 and 4 from their own 15. I literally couldn't believe it. Then they off course called some stupid draw on the next play for a TD to inflate the beat down. I swear if GP did this it would be on the ESPN ticker within maybe 3 seconds.

"Scumbag coach Gary Patterson who doesn't care if his players get their head ripped off on the field (Nick Swardson's Pretend Time anybody? Post now updated with video.) decides to run up the score on an inferior less talented team in order to get 'style points' in the polls. Tom Rinaldi with more at 10."

And how do the announcers call this play? "That's a good way to keep the pressure on em", and "that why Boise State is so hard to defend, you never know what they are going to do." Just go ahead and kill me. I mean this was almost as bad as calling a flea flicker on a Wyoming that was in mourning who had to face Texas the week before. Good for your Boise, you are by far the superior team. Anyway, I figure from now on these guys are the enemy. We are about to be conference foes, and we are about to 'leapfrog' them in the polls when we take our talents to Salt Lake City.