Thursday, October 7, 2010

Strength of Schedule Watch, Week 6

Pretty big weekend out there:

Game of the Week:

Oregon State (2-2) at Arizona (4-0)...5:00pm Saturday on Versus
-The Beavers have already gone 0-1 in games that the Frogs really, really, really need them to win, so they owe us one, right? It'll be a tought task going on the road against the #9 team in the country, but Arizona is probably due a loss after a couple of close calls. You could call them the Iowa of this year.

Other Big'uns:

Utah (4-0) at Iowa State (3-2)...6:00pm Saturday on Fox College Sports
-The hopes of the Frogs rest partially in how high Utah and Air Force can rise in the national rankings, and the Utes are already up to #10. Coming off of a bye week, they've got a big test on the road against a Big 12 team that is probably better than you think.

Baylor (4-1) vs. Texas Tech (2-2)...11:00am Saturday on FSN
-The Bears' 55-7 win over Kansas last weekend was a bit of a surprise, as was Tech giving up 58 points to Iowa State. This is a really big game for both teams...Tech to keep their season alive, and Baylor to keep their bowl hopes (or more?) alive. Despite all of the Baylor hate on this blog recently, you've gotta be pulling for the Bears for the sake of the Frogs' 45-10 Roethlisbergering of them to look even better.

SMU (3-2) vs. Tulsa (3-2)...7:00pm Saturday
-After the season-ending knee injury suffered by Houston's Case Keenum, the general public turned to SMU as the new favorite to win Conference USA. There are a couple of teams that would beg to differ (Central Florida, Tulsa, Houston themselves), and this is the Mustangs' game against one of them.

New Mexico (0-5) at New Mexico State (0-4)...7:00pm Saturday on
-I feel kind of silly labeling this pillow-fight as a "big game", considering the teams' combined 0-9 record. But believe it or not, the students at these schools take this game very seriously (thanks to regular commentor Bodenman for that one). This also may be the Lobos' best chance to pick up a win this season, and it comes against a team on Boise State's schedule. So get your black beans and green salsa ready to watch this one online!

Hope for an upset:

UNLV (1-4) at West Virginia (3-1)...2:30pm Saturday on
-Maybe this game should be labeled under "hope they keep it close". Honestly, I can't imagine the Rebels pulling this one off. But hey, crazier things have probably happened, right?

...and the rest:

Tennessee Tech (1-4) at Austin Peay (2-2)...4:00pm Saturday
-You're probably expecting some kind of a joke about Austin Peay. But if I was going to make a urine joke, I probably would've gone with something about Tech having 'tee-tee' on their helmets, and anything I did here would be a bit overboard. Anywho, I guess we'd like Tennessee Tech not to completely tank it this season, so why not turn things around this week?

San Diego State (3-1) at BYU (1-4)...5:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-Man. I really wish I had The Mtn so I could watch this one. The Cougars' are quickly disintegrating, and the Aztecs, who are coming off of a bye-week, may be the surprise team of the MWC for 2010. BYU can't stop the run, and SDSU has a future star at running back in freshman Ronnie Hillman (532 yards, 8 TDs). As if BYU hasn't already been softened up a bit, I'd love to see the Aztecs do a little more tenderizing before the Cougars come to Fort Worth next week.

Colorado State (1-4) at Air Force (4-1)...1:00pm Saturday on The Mtn
-It would be nice for the Falcons to come to Fort Worth with a 6-1 record and ranked as high as possible on October 22nd. That means we need them to beat CSU, which I doubt will be much of a problem.

Conference Talk


If this works, I apologize for the smaller size, but get a magnifying glass and read it. totally worth it. For those who cant read it, I'll just type it below.

"Penland Residents,

Over the past several semesters we have noticed an increasing amount of blockage throughout the Residence Hall plumbing systems. While the majority of blockages have been due to hair, we are alarmed to find that a contributing factor is human semen. This is simply unacceptable. We are young men at an upstanding Christian university. This is not the way of Baylor University students, and more importantly, this is not the way of Jesus.

We ask you to stand strong in the face of temptations for not just your morality, but also for sanitary reasons."

Most importantly, in case the photo didn't show up- it's type on a Baylor letterhead, so you know it's good.

Week 6 Players to Watch: Wyoming Cowboys

My thoughts on Wyoming are a lot like my thoughts on Colorado State last week. It’s hard to pick players to watch from a team I know very little about and that has so few weapons. They are 2-3 with unimpressive wins v. Southern Utah and at Toledo. Their losses have been to pretty stout teams (at Boise, close one at home against Air Force, and at Texas, who we all know sucks now), but they haven’t really been close except for the Air Force one. Their stats have been incredibly ho-hum, much like Colorado States. Nobody has rushed for over 250 yards, and it’s been 5 games. They also have combined for less than 1000 yards passing in 5 games, so do the math- their offense sucks…bad. And since we have a murderous, flesh eating, quarterback attacking defense, I chose the only players I could possibly think of for players to watch this week…

Dax Crum (Sr. QB, 6’4 219) and Emory Miller Jr. (Fr. QB, 5’11 195)

So many of you who have ANY knowledge of Wyoming football will say, “Ok dumbass, AustYn Carta-Samuels is their starting QB and has been for a while, so why would you choose the backups”? The answer is pretty simple: we have a history of crushing not only the spirit of Wyoming QB’s, but also literally crushing their heads into the turf (see Robert Henson). Not to mention, I think we will be pretty fired up and craving a second straight shut out, and I think we get it. And what better way to assure an offense won’t score points on you than to knock their starter out of the game? According to the stats, Carta-Samuels gained 205 yards on the ground but has LOST 97, which obviously gives me the impression he gets sacked a whole lot. TCU’s defense sacks the QB a whole lot. Put 2 and 2 together and that is a Wyoming recipe for disaster. So now lets look at the 2 backups.

Dax Crum- Biggest picture I can get. That means he REALLY sucks.

Crum, a senior, saw playing time as the starting QB in 2008 for 5 games before being benched in favor of our favorite named MWC player, AustYn Carta-Samuels (seriously, his name reminds me so much of the hybrid cars/San Francisco episode of South Park). He has bounced around a ridiculous amount, going from Arizona State, where he redshirted, to Mesa Community College, to starter at Wyoming, to not seeing ANY playing time last season at Wyoming. Long story short, this guy’s career has been an enormous waste of time, and I look forward to him being the 2nd QB that our defensive ends Jay Cutler into the turf. Oh, and if you couldn’t tell by the picture, he looks like a tremendously cocky douchebag, and his name is Dax, so please heckle relentlessly.

Emory Miller Jr.- High school picture. Probably the last meaningful football you'll play.

Miller is a true freshman from nearby Mesquite, Texas. He is apparently somewhat mobile (no, I’m not saying that because he’s black) as he ran for over 500 yards in back to back high school seasons while playing QB. Because of his mobility, I’d say that Miller is the most likely to survive Saturday’s game as he will be able to run and hide more than the others.

Note to Wyoming: Don’t forget to pack the smelling salts. Best of luck.

A Short History of Doo-Doo Brown in Funkytown

When Doo-Doo Brown visits Amon G. Carter Stadium on Saturday afternoon, it'll be the 3rd time they've paid the Frogs a visit since TCU joined the Mountain West in 2005. Let's take a look back at their previous trips to the Panther City:

2006: TCU 26, Wyoming 3
-The Frogs desperately needed a win in their Homecoming game, having dropped their first two conference games to BYU and Utah. They got it in the first-ever TCU game to be broadcast on The Mtn, which nobody had at the time (and still don't, but at least at the time we thought we might eventually get it). The Frog defense was swarming that day, as it generally was in the mid '00s, holding the Cowboys to just 28 rush yards and sacking Doo-Doo Brown QB Karsten Sween 5 times. On offense, Jeff Ballard threw for 244 yards (105 of those to Quentily Harmon) and Lonta Hobbs and Aaron Brown combined for 133 rushing yards and two scores. Peter LoCoco made two field goals but in typical Frog fashion also missed an extra point.

2008: TCU 54, Wyoming 7
-The previous week, the Frogs had demolished BYU, who had been undefeated and ranked in the Top 10, 32-7. The talk leading up to this Homecoming game (notice a pattern? I guess it would've been rude to make them our Homecoming opponent three straight times, huh?) was that the Frogs may be in for a let-down after such a huge victory. Instead, TCU handed in another impressive performance, and made this one a laugher early on. Andy Dalton threw for 334 yards and 4 touchdowns, but it was Jimmy Young who was the star of the game. #88 hauled in 5 passes for 226 yards and three scores (of 60, 55 and 39 yards). The defense knocked both Sween and his backup, Dax Crum, out of the game.

DCTF Power Poll - Week 6

Full Article by Travis Stewart Here

"At least the No. 1, 9 and 10 teams have distinguished themselves.

In back-to-back weeks, the Longhorns have lost two games, one at home to an unranked opponent, and the other at a neutral site in a dizzying array of mistakes, errors and bad decisions.

Welcome to No. 2, Longhorn Nation.

That's right. Despite Texas' worst-in-show play, UT still holds the second spot in our weekly power poll, mainly because every other team stuck behind it has failed to distinguish itself in anyway. Baylor, which checks in at No. 3, gets major kudos after it's destruction of Kansas. But the way it was manhandled by TCU is still fresh in our minds, and the Bears' historical ineptitude against Texas has to mean something. A&M? The loss to Oklahoma State was unacceptable considering how much better the Ags played early on Thursday night. And Texas Tech? Yikes."

Number One Votes in Parenthesis

1. TCU (5)
2. Texas
3. Baylor
4. A&M
5. Tech
6. Houston
7. SMU
9. Rice
10. North Texas

Andy Dalton=Engaged.

I hate to break the hearts of all of our ginger-loving female readers, but according to the popular social networking site "Facebook", our fearless leader Andy Dalton is engaged. My mini-feed filled me in on that this morning when I was trying to aimlessly creep on girls that are still in college. For those still in the hunt for a good ginger, I Hate H and WWHD are both still on the market, and I'm pretty sure Matt Bonner of the San Antonio Spurs is single as well.

College Pick 'Em Standings -- Week 5

Soooooooo, we haven't had a public update on the office pool since Week 2. I'm here to remedy that injustice.

17 people picked Colorado State to beat TCU. I assume these are the people that forgot to make their picks this week because they all scored 36 points. If you made your picks last week, and did worse than 36, you stink. My weekly score was 41, so I don't know if I'm any better.

The fun fact of the week 5 picks is that smredd was the only one who picked Washington to beat USC. His reward was 2 whole points. Talk about a confident pick.

Here's the top 10 of the week:

6 - 31
1Magic Man8-36014-31(*)
1Cro-Magnon Frog's picks8-36021-24
3Army Frog Fan's picks8-358
4skeezerjmh's picks9-25627-31
4THE FINCH7-45627-28
6Eddd Wesley's picks8-35528-36
7Hornedfrog1982's picks9-25414-28
7counselorfrog's picks8-35413-41
9sir wesley willis's picks9-25317-35
10Trcapps's picks7-45220-31
10olboyroy14's picks8-35210-28
10smredd's picks7-45224-35
10jeremyoneal's picks8-35221-24

Your top 10 leaders after week 5:

As you can see our dear leader is in second place. I'm in 36th, not that you care.

1TN2TXtony's picks47-7287
2THE FINCH43-11286
3geezerfrog's picks46-8284
4Hornedfrog1982's picks46-8281
5gtgossett's picks43-11276
5Eddd Wesley's picks45-9276
7wwhd's picks44-10275
8FrogFan1986's picks44-10274
9skeezerjmh's picks44-10272
9Tcu07's picks43-11272

Go make your picks here.

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