Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Big East, huh?

Just when you thought that the conference realignment talk was about to die down, the New York Post came out with a story today stating that the Big East is targeting TCU for expansion.

Say what?!?

At first the thought is pretty far-fetched. I mean, how could TCU possibly fit into a league primarily based in the northeast? Then again, the Frogs are already a complete misfit geographically in the Mountain West, so how big a change would it really be? (I, personally, am way too lazy to look up the comparative distances between TCU and Big East schools versus TCU and other MWC schools).

I think we all see the Big East as a league with greater visibility (read: TV $$$) and BCS access than the Mountain West, and I think it's also a league in which the Frogs would instantly be incredibly competitive in both football and baseball. They would definitely be a fish out of water in men's basketball, but could the increase in marquee teams coming through Daniel-Meyer and the opportunity to be the only Texas program to offer kids a chance to play Big East basketball actually be a BENEFIT to the program?

When reached by text message by ESPN Dallas, Gary Patterson said he was surprised by the report and stated that his focus was primarily on Colorado State. AD Chris Del Conte declined to speak on the matter.

As we learned this summer, it's probably wise to scrutinize the source of stories such as this one. So before you start getting excited over football games against Pitt and West Virginia or basketball games against Syracuse or Georgetown, remember that this came from the Post:

Week 5 Opponent Hate: The Colorado State Rams

I'm betting your stadium will be that empty by the end of the first quarter, unless there is a String Cheese Concert at Red Rocks, in which case it will never fill up.

Colorado State is one of the biggest problems the MWC has. They don’t field a baseball team, their basketball team is insignificant (but so is ours), and their football team has been kicking our strength of schedule squarely in the crotch for the past year and a half. It’s the Colorado States of the world that really give the MWC a black eye as we try to fight for respect nationwide and hopefully somehow earn that elusive automatic qualifier bid, something that looks incredibly unlikely with the departures of Utah and BYU. So I blame you, Colorado State, for Utah and BYU leaving the conference. Well, you, New Mexico, UNLV, and Joseph Fucking Smith.

After winning their last 3 games in 2008, including a bowl win over Fresno State, they finished 7-6 and looked to be moving in the right direction under first year coach Steve Fairchild. Then they began the 2009 season by knocking off rival Colorado in Boulder, sneaking by Weber State at home, and then knocking off WAC wannabe contender Nevada. So there they sat, following 3 straight wins in 2008 with 3 wins to begin 2009, clearly a team headed in the right direction and ready to step up into at least Air Force status in the MWC. Then the shit hit the fan…hard.

They followed their 3-0 start in 2009 by reeling off 9 straight losses. Yes, that includes losing the NEW MEXICO, the most losery of all the loser bottom of the barrel MWC teams. Yet somehow, Steve Fairchild kept his job. So you figure CSU might come out this season motivated and ready to turn it around after blowing it last season, and Fairchild might coach with some sense of urgency knowing his job is on the line this year, right? Wrong. They started this season 0-3, extending their losing streak to 12 games, which makes them New Mexico type bad. They put up 19 points in their first 3 games, including a 51-6 prison raping at the hands of soon to be MWC member but current WAC foe Nevada. They finally ended that epic losing streak by knocking of the powerhouse Idaho, 36-34.

Now the Rams get into conference play for the rest of the season, which they were swept in last year, so once again the outlook isn’t so rosy for Fairchild and his underachieving squad. On the bright side, they have New Mexico at home, so I’d like to hope they can pull that one off. Personally, I don’t think Fairchild should make it through this entire season, but hey, we are in a conference that allowed Mike Locksley to get another season at New Mexico following their shit storm of a season last year, so you never know. Maybe he has immunity since he is a CSU alum.

Basically all I am saying is that I hate Colorado State because they do nothing but underachieve in every aspect of life. Maybe it’s the lazy, granola munching, dread-locking, hacky-sacking, hemp jewelry wearing, noodle dancing, rocky mountain pothead mentality in them, but I can’t see why this program has taken such a turn towards the gutter. We need teams like Colorado State, and the rest of the bottom of our conference, to step up and at least be a formidable and respectable opponent if the MWC is to move forward. Unfortunately for us, Air Force, and next year Boise, these teams are sucking the life out of the MWC.

DCTF Power Poll - Week 5

Full Article Here

Well, UT's loss to UCLA last weekend officially turned the state from a two-team tango to a one-man show.

The Longhorns were wildly woeful against the Bruins, turning the ball over multiple times — even unforced, occasionally — and failing to capitalize on any number of UCLA miscues. And while TCU didn't run SMU out of Ford Stadium Friday night, the 17-point win was still convincing enough to keep the Frogs in the top spot. For the first time all season, we have a consensus. A perfect 60 points for TCU, and the Horned Frogs will be heavy, heavy favorites in every game until they travel to Utah later this year. "

Number One Votes in Parenthesis

  1. TCU (6)
  2. Texas
  3. A&M
  4. Tech
  5. SMU
  6. Houston
  7. Baylor
  8. UTEP
  9. Rice
  10. North Texas

Sour Grapes - SMU

While it was good to hear that most Frog fans had an overall positive experience with the Pony fans in Dallas this past weekend, and that they were no where near as obnoxious or delusional as Baylor fans, I have managed to find quite a bit of whining going on in the blogosphere. Most of it revolves around SMU fans thinking that we are vastly overrated (and somehow using our ranking to rank themselves), attacking our strength of schedule, giving ridiculous predictions on how we would fare against teams from either the SEC or Big 10 (guess the Big 12 wouldn't really help their arguement), and basically massaging the hairy bean bag of June Jones while deflecting any blame/criticism away from him and his Tony Soprano-esque shiny grey shirt.

That being said, it was tough to narrow the biggest crybaby down to one person, but congratulations NickSMU17 on PonyFans.com, you are that guy. Here's some bombs of wisdom that he dropped on all of us:

"Did any of you go to the game...SMU played well but the first team defn was not outclassed by tcu, if tcu is #4 we are 10...they aren't that good...Curly was the difference tonight...dalton is far overrated as is tcu...If they played in an AQ conference they are middle of the pack...no knock on SMU as they are getting better, but TCU was not impressive...Padron played like a guy starting in his 10th game...he was safe until the last pick...1 bad decision all night cost us a shot at the game...tcu didn't win, we let them have it... the Int. was a surprise even to the DB who grabbed it...And to say the game was decided by the end of the third quarter is like admitting you were not there...TCU sucks...shtty academic school, bad campus, overrated football team...not impressed with them...I think the next 2 years are ours."

Gotta love the way he just launches into an attack on the academics and campus at the end, really gets his point across. Oh and he also went on to say that if we played Ohio St. we would get beat by 40.

Well thats it for this week, as always if anyone has found something better or has some good first hand accounts of opposing fans getting their panties in a wad please share.

Should Pachall be playing more?

Don't worry- I'm not about to turn into the kid from the Skiff who said that the Frogs ought to bench Dalton just because Pachall was a higher-rated recruit coming out of high school. But as David Peterson ponders over at HornedFrogSports.com, should Pachall be playing more now for the sake of the future?

Morning Dump


The opponent:

Pseudo BCS Rankings

The real BCS rankings won't be out for a few weeks, but a website called "BCS Central" has released their "Pseudo BCS Rankings", with the Frogs coming in at #4. Before you get too excited or want to criticize the rankings too much, remember that these are just an estimation. The real BCS rankings will use the Coaches' Poll and the Harris Poll for the human component of the ranking, whereas these pseudo rankings are using the AP Poll in place of the Harris (which won't come out until the week of the first real BCS poll.