Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update- Frog Club Luncheon

Well I got informed by Mrs. Reginal and Lady Luck, it was white helmets that were suppose to make the debute this weekend, not the new white uni's, so thank her for fact checking and now I am not allowed to go to the luncheon drunk. And the tiff between the coaches, looks like the Baylor Bears are jealous step sisters (and not the hot kind, where you feel guilty about those "feelings") because they have been talking shit about TCU to recruits. Classy coaches, we are so the better Christian school. Supposably Baylor has their bible in a wad because TCU was blocking them from joining the mountain west conf. (during those weeks the big XII was falling apart, obviously) and they didn't like another Texas school jumping on the bandwagon of telling them what to do. Patterson's response, well we are doing what we need to do to win, new practice facilities, weightroom, stadium renovations and Baylor is getting there, getting new facilities as well, but we did it without those millions paid out to AQ teams. My interpretation; TCU had to walk to school uphill in the snow both ways and Baylor has a damn chauffeur and had a friend that new the principle so they always got an A, and they blew their trust fund with nothing to show for it. Baylor you suck my left froggie ball.

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They're a little bit better, long way to go though:

Frog Club Luncheon

Let me just say that last week for the luncheon Patterson was in a good mood, cracking jokes, etc; this week we got what he called "Coach Patterson," he was in a sour mood to say the least, though he eased up towards the end. Why was he in a bad mood? Baylor. Patterson always does a great job of talking up his opponents, complementing the players and coaches, he almost had me convinced last week that Tennessee Tech was going to give us issues. He did make a note that through all of Coach Briles interviews and such regarding the upcoming game, he has never mentioned Patterson's name. I don't know where all the tension is coming from, maybe someone else is more up to date on the issue (he mentioned recruiting around the same time, but not sure if it was directed at Briles), but I think coach hates Briles. So expect a Bear rug above Patterson's fireplace on Sunday morning.

-Two trainers couldn't deal with the heat/humidity during practice, Coach joked he is about to implement a training program for the trainers.

-Patterson coached with the Baylor defensive coordinator, Brian Norwood, at the Naval Academy.

-A San Francisco 49ers scout was denied access to watch practice. Why would coach's not let a NFL scout watch our Frog's for future NFL success. Because they are genius's, I seriously think they have some Colombo private eye or background check system, because that 49ers scout has ties to Baylor. Either his brother went their or currently works there, I didn't catch the exact details, but you get the idea. So there's the middle finger to you super secret agent spy.

-Patterson brought up a subject that he touched on two week's ago at the luncheon. Patterson bought the Oregon State spring game for $8.99 and broke it down and watched it all over the summer. Some media outlet/newspaper post's video on their site of Oregon State practices. Though Patterson could not watch the practices, because of some NCAA rule, they did find 4 new plays that Oregon State was running through all these video's, and in the game at Cowboy Stadium they ran two of them. And in the aftermath Oregon State has now changed their media policy.

-Uniform's- this week we should be wearing the black pants with purple tops. They were going to wear their new all white uni's (And by all white, I mean all white, new white helmet included) this week, but changed since Baylor is suiting up in their white uni's. Don't expect them to wear the combat uniforms from last year any time soon because they don't have enough helmets for the team, they should be coming in the next two or three weeks.

-on a side note, Wayne Daniels was the player that joined Patterson today, he has a mohawk, now I want a mohawk

Players to Watch Week 3: The Baylor Bears

I mentioned a couple weeks ago when I chose not to make either one of the Rodgers brothers my player to watch that I would not pick the opposing team’s superstar players as the player to watch, but their lesser known role players who might have an impact instead. Well, it’s week 3 and I’m already breaking my own rule, because I think this is the perfect opportunity for a “Robert Griffin isn’t football Jesus and even if he is that great, Baylor still sucks” rant. Also, I’ll stick with 2 players, and pick 1 player from their defense as well, because there is a particular player on that side of the ball whos decision making and brain power need to be question...seriously. I’ll start on the defensive side of the ball and save Robert Griffin for last…

Ahmad Dixon (Fr. S, 6’ 195)


Some may question why a true freshman safety with 5 tackles on the season would be a player to watch, especially those who don’t follow recruiting. Here’s why. According to Rivals, Ahmad, who went to Waco’s Hewitt Midway High, was the 18th ranked player in Texas, the 10th ranked safety in the country, and a 4 star recruit. He had offers from everyone you could imagine (Arkansas, Alabama, LSU, OU, Texas, TCU- just to name a few). Not only that, but his recruitment made Jevan Snead/Ryan Perriloux/Nick Saban/Bobby Petrino look like guys who stick to their commitments. Now I will try to track the commitment lineage of Ahmad Dixon, who flip flops more than John Kerry.

He originally committed to Texas. He flaked on that commitment, most likely based on fears of having to sit the bench due to Texas’s secondary depth, and chose Baylor, who clearly has no depth at any position (see 2009 season for proof). Then, he spurned his original Baylor commitment for a Lebron James-esque national television commitment to the Tennessee Volunteers. It was quite the Lebron move, as he didn’t even inform the Baylor coaching staff of his flip-flop before bitch-slapping them on national TV. After the game, he informed reporters that he “hadn’t 100% de-committed from Baylor” as he hadn’t spoke to their coaches yet. Great guy, sound decision maker. Dixon’s next move: de-committing from the Volunteers and choosing Baylor, again! And it actually worked out this time, as Ahmad has been on the field for the Bears, and has been a HUGE impact player with 5 tackles, none for loss, no interceptions, no forced fumbles or recoveries (note-that sentence was dripping with sarcasm). It seems pretty clear to me that Ahmad is not concerned with winning, or he wouldn’t have chosen Baylor, obviously. He wants to play, and he wants it to be all about him, which it will be at Baylor, because once RGIII re-tears his ACL, he will be the only one there with substance. But you, Ahmad Dixon, are an idiot. You spurned several offers from legitimate winning programs and title contenders in order to be…A BAYLOR BEAR!!! Good luck with that, and Godspeed. TCU, Texas, Alabama, OU, etc will remember to send you highlight tapes from the BCS games and conference championships. Good career move. You are awarded my Dunce Cap of the season.

Robert Griffin (QB, Soph, 6’2 220, awarded redshirt after his knee was shredded).

Is there an NCAA cover jinx yet? Let's create one...

Alright, Robert, you’re good, you’re talented, and you’re athletic. I’ll give you that. But has there ever been a player pimped harder for doing less??? Oh wait, Jake Locker. I’m not even going to insult you as a player that much, because I really do think you’re a rare talent who greatly improves your team. This is more a forum for me to rip Baylor fans and their whole mentality towards football. Yes, Robert Griffin is awesome. We get that. He’s so awesome that he ripped apart defenses as a freshman 2 years ago. He did so well that he led your team to a whopping 4-8 record. The next season, supposedly the year RGIII was going to take over college football and lead Baylor to the promised land (by that, I mean the Independence Bowl), RGIII tore his ACL in a game 3 blowout of Northwestern State. Funny thing about that is, Baylor fans will tell you that had it not been for his injury, Baylor was well on their way to being world-beaters and the biggest surprise in the Big 12. What they neglect to tell you, though, is that BAYLOR HAD ALREADY LOST AT HOME TO CONNECTICUT AT HOME!!! Griffin lit up the field that day with 119 yards passing. Once again, lowly Baylor went on the finish 4-8, with 1 win in Big 12 play, proving that they really belong.

It’s not that I hate you, Robert Griffin, it’s just that I hate Baylor and everything that it stands for. So I really can’t wait to hear Baylor fans running around the tailgate scene Saturday running their mouths about how Robert Griffin is the next big thing and the biggest bad ass in the country and a Heisman frontrunner. Maybe you will be great one day, RGIII, and maybe Baylor will too (haha), but it won’t be Saturday at The Carter. So this message is to you, Baylor fans: get the Hell of your high horse, quit acting like you’ve accomplished something, stop touting the Briles/Griffin duo as the saving grace of the Baylor program, and DON’T TALK SHIT UNTIL YOU CAN WIN A DAMN BOWL GAME!!!!!! If that’s too much to ask, then at least keep quiet until you reach a bowl, or beat TCU at something.

That is all, Go Frogs! Next week, I try to find an SMU player to pick on, and unfortunately Bo Levi Mitchell is gunslinging elsewhere now.

The Recent History of TCU vs. Baylor

The history between TCU and Baylor is pretty deep- they first played each other in 1899, when both schools were located in Waco. There is speculation that it was the Baptists who burned down TCU's Waco campus, thus freeing the Clark brothers to move their campus to a town that actually has a pulse (and for that, we thank you). The Bears and Horned Frogs played each other every year from 1925 until 1995, when Baylor became the whipping boy of the Big 12 and TCU set about building itself into a formidable football program. Since then, the Bears and Frogs have met each other twice- in 2006 and 2007.

You might recall that the 2006 game was moved to the Sunday of Labor Day weekend to accomodate a national television broadcast on FSN (Playing on Sundays? Way to stick to your guns, Baptists!). It was incredibly humid in Waco that afternoon, making last weekend's game against Tennessee Tech feel like a crisp fall evening. Baylor safety CJ Wilson (not to be confused with the Rangers' straight-edge starting pitcher) came out the week before the game and guaranteed a Bears win to the media. The Frog offense struggled in the first half, which we found out later was due to Jeff Ballard playing with a migraine. Marcus Jackson, a redshirt freshman at the time, came in for the second half and rallied the Frogs into the lead with an 84-yard touchdown pass to Aaron Brown who outran (you guessed it) CJ Wilson (who even had an angle on Brown) to the endzone. An insurance touchdown by Quinton Cunigan a few minutes later sealed the 17-7 win.

A year later, the two teams again met in the season opener, this time in Fort Worth. There was a ton of uncertainty surrounding the TCU program at the time, as the whole Tommy Blake scenario was playing itself out. On top of that, starting defensive tackle James Vess was lost for the year before he played a snap and a relatively-unknown redshirt freshman named Andy Dalton had been tabbed as the starting quarterback. We didn't know it at the time, but that was the perfect recipe for an ugly 7-5 season. Nevertheless, the worst TCU team of the past six years dispatched of the Bears with ease, 27-0.

Your green & gold buddies will tell you, between sips of ginger ale, that the Bears won 6 of the final 7 meetings between the programs in the Southwest Conference days. I guess comparing history like that is cool, if you consider getting married at age 21 cool. I would say we ought to give them a trophy for such an accomplishment, but how sad & lonely would that trophy be in Baylor's trophy case?

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