Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sour Grapes - Tennessee Tech


As I had guessed there are no sights dedicated to the prestigious Golden Eagles football program, so I couldn't find any complainers out there. I'm sure next week there will be enough to fill pages and pages, or they may all do what most Baylor fans do after a loss: shut up and go back to planning their dream weddings and working on their dance moves. I hope that isn't the case though.

Pre-Game Opponent Hate Week 3: Baylor (The Easiest One)

I'd stay in the pocket if I were you, gimp. This ain't Buffalo.

I don’t even know where to begin. I hate Baylor for so many different reasons. I could talk about all the shit talked by their delusional baseball fans over at baylorfans.com during the regionals. Apparently we didn’t deserve to host because we were a lowly Mountain West team. Then, if my memory serves me correctly we shut them out 9-0 in the clinching game to go to Austin and play Texas. What did Baylor fans say then? That we weren’t good enough to beat Texas. Good call, Baylor fans.

I could talk about how Baylor used political posturing instead of on field/court production to weasel their way into the Big 12, but I won’t do that because they haven’t even sniffed a bowl game since they’ve been there. But hey, “RGIII is the savior! It’s gonna happen!!!” Child please. Well, I guess the Big 12 has worked out for basketball (mainly just women’s).

Or maybe I could talk about Dave Bliss, their disgraced basketball coach and his sweep teammate murder under the rug and make it look like a drug deal gone bad mentality. Or I could just talk about how their student athletes hate Waco so much that they choose prison/death over having to live one more day in that suck-hole. Maybe Carlton Dotson just wanted out of Waco. By the way, their basketball team may have been completely resurrected above and beyond what they ever thought it would be, but Scott Drew is cheating and it will all come crashing down. He’s a younger, just as sleazy John Calipari, and one day it will come crashing down for him. But I’ll save that one for another day.

I’ll do things a little differently this week. Since Baylor fans rival Notre Dame and Texas A&M as the most delusional fan bases in the country, what I will be doing is copy and pasting a few of the most asinine comments of the week thus far. Keep in mind it’s early, so check back later in the week on your own time to see more and more ridiculous comments. Also, if you hear any Baylor fans at work, family, friends, etc, please feel free to share whatever delusions of grandeur they have in the comments section. Over the course of 4 days this should get pretty good. There is a ton of material, so I obviously won’t get it all, and D got a head start on this, but here goes nothing…

“Patterson has 0 Big 12 wins. He has never coached in the Big 12, don't buy what those stupid frog trolls are selling.”

  • You can have Big 12 wins without being in the Big 12. That’s just common sense. Don’t need to waste too much time on this one. In reality, Patterson has more Big 12 wins than Art Briles, so suck it, Bears.

“Someone please remind me again how many top 25 teams not named Utah, BYU or Air Force has tcu played in the last decade, first of all, and then we can get on to how many of said teams they've beaten. The one that always makes me smile is the awesome ou win when ou was having massive qb issues in the opener of the season in 2006.After ou had many games to get it all worked out a Baylor team that the 2010 team would beat by 30, took them to double overtime in the same season.”

  • OU (twice), Boise (twice), Texas, Oregon State. That’s just a few off the top of my head, and we’ve had much more success than Baylor has against top 25 opponents. Not to mention, who talks shit by trying to say that your overtime loss is better than our win? Oh yeah, Baylor fans.

“Is it just me, or does anyone else really enjoy the idea of a Baylor win COMPLETELY destroying tcu's chances to get in a BCS game or any top tier bowl for that matter?”

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else really enjoy the idea of beating Baylor, again, and COMPLETELY crushing their hopes of going to ANY bowl game? Seriously, they wont win 2 conference games.

“It is my understanding that Baylor wanted to continue the rivalry after the SWC broke up and it was TCU that turned their back on the rivalry, not Baylor. It is also my understanding that Baylor and TCU had the longest active rivalry in the country at the time the SWC broke up. Not as positive about the latter as I am about the former.”

  • Why would we want to be your rival? You suck. What good does it do to have 2 rivals that suck?

“jesus the TCU fans coming out of the woodwork...TCU is the LAST team that needs to be talking attendance smack”

  • No, that would be Baylor fans. Remember the last time we went to Baylor? I recall bringing 3 busloads of people and completely overrunning their tailgate, and that was just our group of friends. Yeah, Baylor my get 60K at the UT game, but 45K will be Texas fans. Trust me, I’ve been there.

“Michael Reeder? A kicker? No wonder he hates us - we beat the hell out of his teams.That bum should have been in the NFL, but he couldn't carry Phil Dawson's jock.”

  • This one particularly amuses me because the person is listed as a Baylor fan, and they go on to talk shit about our former All-American kicker by comparing him to a UT kicker. Now that’s good shit talk, fall back on the accomplishments of someone who kicks the shit out of you every year and use him as ammo to rep your program.

“When we beat TCU on Saturday, we are going to tear down their goalposts.”

  • Bahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Good luck with that.

I’ll end on a high note with that last one. There is plenty more, but look around for yourselves. I highly recommend it. Next week, the hate duties will be passed on to Sir Wesley Willis, because his hate for that school knows no bounds.

Monday Trolls

You know what really grinds my gears...Trolls that have absolutely no fucking idea what they are talking about...

It's going to be funny to hear your excuses or reasoning when TCU cannot stop Robert Griffin and the Baylor offence.

TCU has no big time WRs. Their starting RB is a 2* kid that no one wanted out of H.S. I at least gave y'all the credit of being able to hang in the first half.

TCU's depth is what is going to make y'all lose the game. Also, the fact that no one on TCU's team is fast enough to spy Griffin throughout the game.

Saw this video in the comments section yesterday, thought it related well to the above statement...

Game Awards - TCU v. Tenn Tech

Well, this will be short and sweet. We beat the crap out of a D-2 school which is what we are supposed to do. All focus needs to be on this Saturday.

Defensive Player of the Game

Alex Ibiloye - Glad this games wasn't on ESPN as Brad Nessler would have mis-prnounced his name at least 11 times. He dominated this game with three forced fumbles and nine tackles (one and a half for loss). He was named MWC defensive player of the week for his efforts.

Offensive Player of the Game

Bart Johson - I know, I know, this is a little random. While he only had 56 yards he did have 7 catches. But the real reason is that he has now caught a pass in 24 consecutive games. Believe me I had no idea about this stat until Sunday in the Startlegram, did you? Anyway, it's a hell of an accomplishment and I feel he deserves some recognition for it.

Special Teams Player of the Game

Uhh, did our special teams even take the field on Saturday, outside of the kickoff team? Who knows, I guess this could go to Sharples who has finally figured out what a touchback is. God this guy infuriated me last season with his weak kickoffs to the 15, but it looks like he has improved his game a bit with 4 tbs out of 10 kicks with a 65 yard avg.

Play of the Game

Nothing like demoralizing a D-2 team right as they think they have some hope. It was only 14-0 near the end of a first quarter where I was positive we were gonna hang 70 on them. Then Jason Teague took over with a hell of a pick 6 (might have to make a youtube vid out of that one).

Awards over, week over, bring on the Bears.

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