Monday, September 13, 2010

Tennesee Tech Game Recap

I was looking forward to reading Sir Wesley Willis' game recap this morning...until I remembered that he wasn't able to attend Saturday's game, or even watch it on TV. So I'll step up to the plate and take his place this weekend, but I hope you aren't expecting something as long as he usually writes. Let's take a look at his wish list for the game from his preview last week:

Wish #1: The Return of Andy Dalton's Passing Game
-Hard to really say on this one, since Dalton didn't play the whole game, which itself was never really in doubt, leading to a lot of running by the Frogs. He was 15 of 21, which is good, but missed on a few deep balls and nearly threw another pick. Maybe we're just being picky, though- he did have a good game.

Wish #2: Aundre Dean/Waymon James
-Wish: granted. With the Frogs cradling a healthy lead in the second half, GP unloaded the benches, including the dynamic and hyped back-up running backs. Both of them were running as if they were auditiong for more playing time later in the season, showcasing their speed and athleticism and fighting through every tackle. James gained 34 yards on 5 carries, including his first collegiate touchdown, while Dean gained 23 yards on 5 carries.

Wish #3: Ross Evans in a Field Goal Situation
-Wish: not granted. Hard to feel bad about not attempting a field goal, since that usually means that your team is taking care of business in the red zone. But Evans did miss a PAT...

Wish #4: The Redemption of Greg McCoy
-Again, hard to really say here. Tennessee Tech was pretty committed to keeping with their game plan, which seemed to be healthy doses of running plays.

Wish #5: A True Bookend Defensive End opposite Wayne Daniels
-Redshirt freshman Stansley Maponga registered his first career sack to go along with four tackles, and Braylon Broughton registered two tackles (one-half of which was for a loss) and also recovered a fumble. Daniels himself had 1.5 sacks, bringing his early-season total to 3.5.

Wish #6: Rookies
-A ton of young players got playing time this weekend, including true freshmen Travaras Battle, Elisha Olabode and Matt Anderson (who forced a fumble). Redshirt freshman Josh Boyce hauled in 3 passes for 70 yards, including his first career touchdown, and sophomore safety Jurell Thompson registered his first career sack. We also saw the first-ever game action for quite a few young offensive linemen and redshirt freshman QB Casey Pachall, who did not attempt a pass due to the lopsided score.

Wish #7: A Decent Crowd
-37,117 is pretty good, considering a no-name opponent, searing heat, and the Rangers playing the Yankees 15 miles down the road. Sure, you'd like to fill every seat every week, but I think this shows that our bare minimum attendance is much larger than it used to be.

Wish #8: A Blow-out Debut Performance from Section V
-I'll go ahead and call this a success. You can only get so rowdy when it's as hot and humid as it was, the sun is in your eyes and your team goes up by another touchdown every time you blink. But the section was full of energetic and vocal fans. Someone else will have to shed some more light on the topic, but I believe we had some older gentlemen sitting behind us who got their panties all in a wad because we had the audacity to actually support our team.