Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 PPS Campaign Reminder

I have added the sidebar to donate for the point differential from Saturday. I know we all feel like we could have won by more, but for those of you that made the pledge, like me, to donate a dollar for every point we win by this year, click on the button and let the charity begin. For you non math majors out there, that's $9. If you can remember to donate each week we win it will help us track towards our goal of $10,000 by season's end. Thanks in advance to all of you who choose to participate in this challenge.

Sour Grapes - Oregon State Edition

Well this is the first addition of Sour Grapes, where I scan through our opponents fansites to find the biggest whiners out there complaining about all the unspeakable things our team did to them the previous weekend.
To tell you the truth, as I am sure many who attended the game at Jerryworld may have noticed, overall the Oregon State fans were a pretty nice group of people. I'm not sure if its because of all the illicit substances that their hippie fanbase tends to partake in or if they were just shocked at all the good looking girls we have in Texas (most of the female Beaver fans I saw were "homely"and looked like they were huge fans of Team Edward), but I truly couldn't find much whining on their fansites. In fact those sites as a whole are pretty tame compared to SB, with far less hate and practically no swearing. Maybe thats why they were so boring? Anyways, here's about the most whiny statement I could find, and it comes from osubeavs721 on ESPN's website:
"If we would have played defense in the first half like we did in the second half, OSU would have won. But we didnt...I honestly think OSU is the better team. We played pretty poorly on both sides of the ball and had chances to win. TCU is not a legit NC contender."
Like I said, pretty vanilla as far as whining goes, but deluded all the same. Hopefully next week we'll see the tears really flow, that is assuming Tennessee Tech actually has people that write about their football progam.

Pre-Game Opponent Hate Week 2: Tennessee Tech

This was probably after a UT fumble, or maybe towards then end of one of the many Kansas State losses.

I’m not going to lie. I thought it would be impossible to dig for reasons to hate Tennessee Tech. After all, they are D-II, or FCS, or whatever the hell they are calling the level of competition that beats Kansas and Ole Miss nowadays. Also, I am still struggling to get past the events of the past weekend and move forward, although this upcoming weekend of football is slated to be one of the most intriguing of the season. My mind hasn’t left Jerry World, except for the little part of my brain that is still trying to figure out how Virginia Tech could sleep-walk through the first quarter of their bout with Boise State last night. Fumbled snap, blocked punt, running into the punter AND late hit by the same guy on the same play. Seriously? Way to get your guys up for the big game, Turkey Neck Beamer.

Back to Tennessee Tech. I mean, how do you hate a program that just took a 44-3 beating from Arkansas where Ryan Mallet was pretty much flawless and Tennessee Tech was clearly no match? They are Tennessee Tech. They have never done anything of any significance, ever. Trust me. I looked. Their most famous alum is some country singer named Rodney Atkins. Sounds pretty redneck, but that’s not good enough because he isn’t relevant enough. So then I turned my attention to the coaching staff, and there it was…Head Coach Watson Brown, older brother of the most hated coach by this site and by most casual college football fans, Texas’s Mack Brown.

Bigger dumb face- Watson Brown or Kellen Moore?

Among Watson’s many accomplishments as a well deserving head coach:

  • In 12 seasons at UAB, spanning from ’95-’06, he managed a 62-74 record, with their first bowl appearance being in 2004.
  • Brown “resigned” from UAB following a 3-9 campaign in ’06 and took over at Tennessee Tech the following season.
  • Tennessee Tech’s athletic website claims he is “one of the best offensive minds in football.”
  • He is a member of the Tennessee sports Hall of Fame for his accomplishments as a Quarterback at Vanderbilt and many mediocre coaching gigs. Must take a lot to get into that Hall.
  • He has never won a conference title or even a conference division.

Basically, what I am saying is that this guy has no business being a head coach. Not even at Tennessee Tech. Why not hire someone young with potential, not Mack Brown’s proven loser of a brother. In all honesty, Watson, I don’t have a problem with you. I just hate your brother, so I hate you by relation. You suck because your brother sucks. I hope you aren’t too much like your brother, because I won’t be able to handle watching you clap and nod with approval following every interception or blocked punt your team gives up on Saturday. Also, if (when) your team gets their asses handed to them Saturday, please don’t give the standard Mack Brown “well, we played our hearts out and we’ve got great kids from great families, but we just couldn’t pull it off today.” What I am saying is act the opposite of how your brother acts, don’t bitch and whine about every little thing that doesn’t go your way (because Mack does, and CLEARLY nothing goes poor little Texas’s way, ever), and I will like and respect you. But until then, I hate you.

Next week’s hate segment should be quite a bit more interesting and easier than this one with Baylor coming to town…

Top 25 Recap: Week 1.

Houston Nutt...
Will Not Be Involved in Any Top 25 Recaps This Season.

By now you are all likely fully aware of what went down this weekend in college football, but since it is my duty to do so, I will roll out a full recap of the weekend. Except by full recap I mean that if it involved a Division 2 school, a blowout victory, or UT only putting up 34 against Rice, then you aren’t getting anything more than a score. Well, I might make fun of Texas a little, but it’s kind of what I do.

WESCON 5: You’re recording the Thursday night Utah/Pitt game instead of Bettheny Getting Marriedon your DVR and not telling your wife.

#3 Boise State 33, #10 Virginia Tech 30 (in Washington, DC.)

I said before that ESPN didn’t see this one coming in relation to Boise and TCU being their headlining games of the weekend, and I think it’s officially safe to say they didn’t see both end results, either. Virginia Tech is going to be kicking themselves for a long time after this one. I have a feeling most of you watched the end, so you know what I’m talking about, but there is going to be some INCREDIBLE bitching out of Blacksburg re: the recalled block in the back/late hit to end the game. But regardless, you have to give it to Boise. That first quarter knocked the Hokies on their heels and they overcame a sloppy second and third, kept their composure and just bitch slapped the Beamers on that last drive. Once they overturned the block in the back and gave it to them at the 50, was there anyone in America who didn’t think they’d score? I highly doubt it. Boise is good. Boise is very good and, combined with the Frog, Utah and BYU victories, the non-BCS top dogs continued to make all the naysayers eat their words. We’ll just see if it lasts.

So how are we supposed to feel about this victory? Truthfully, I was very conflicted all game. My heart said Boise because that would cap a pretty solid weekend for the little guys, but my head said Virginia Tech just because that was really the best chance for the Broncos to drop one this season. But then Kirk Herbstreit made my decision for me. I’m sure you all probably caught this, but late in the game when VT was trying to run out the clock, Herbie dropped something along these lines, “You know, after this one, I don’t ever want to hear any of the ‘well, this just proves those non-BCS teams just can’t compete with the big boys talk’ because the Broncos really gave it all they had out there. I mean, Boise COULD come back and win this game, but assuming they don’t, I think they changed the minds of a lot of people tonight” which is the most backhanded compliment you could’ve possibly delivered at that moment. He all but conceded the game to the Hokies and then had to eat his words and it was delightful. So I’m fine with this for the time being, but if I were a betting man, I would put my mortgage on Boise going undefeated for a third season in a row. It's hard for me to figure out how they lose to Oregon State on the smurf. Let's just hope the strength of schedule gets them in the end as it usually does. But, we have a couple of weeks to digest that one, so for the time being just enjoy the silence coming from everyone who doesn’t believe the little guys should be given the same consideration as everyone else.

#15 Pitt 24 @ Utah 27.

Despite a couple of fumbles and a killer interception in the end zone, the Utes were able to pull this one out in OT and continue to point out how silly it is that Dave Wannstedt is still employed as a head football coach. Jordan Wynn tossed 3 TDs and the Utah defense held All-everything Pitt running back Dion Lewis to 75 yards – coincidence! – in the win. Utah doesn’t have as much to prove as most since they already got their golden ticket before the season began, but with BYU stepping out of line, the Utes look like they’re on a mission to run this thing and put the Cougars back in their place. They’ve gotta beat the Frogs, but with Boise’s win we need Utah and their strong non-conference schedule to keep racking up victories until November 6. Too bad it doesn’t count towards our conference success…

WESCON 4: Your car breaks down late at night in Cape Cod. A car pulls up asking you if you’d like a lift. The car is driven by a relative of Ted Kennedy.

#18 North Carolina 24 vs. #21 LSU 30 (in Atlanta).

Despite playing down 12 men, North Carolina kept this one extremely close and had a chance to win it on the last play. Then they threw an incomplete pass in the end zone and all everyone will want to talk about is how much they need to fire Butch Davis for losing control of his program. North Carolina really needed this one and let it get away and if they get nailed for all of their transgressions, this could have been the beginning of the end of their football resurgence.

WESCON 3: You’re a 32 year old woman renting an apartment in the Corvallis area.

#12 Wisconsin 41 @ UNLV 21. Saturday.

The game was actually pretty close for a while… and then UNLV out-UNLV’d themselves and gave up 24 points in the third quarter. Then it wasn’t close anymore. Still, at least they weren’t New Mexico…

#14 USC 48 @ Hawaii 36.

This game makes me really angry because all the pundits are like “OOOH USC IS SO BACK AFTER THAT TUMULTUOUS OFF-SEASON!” and, admittedly, Matt Barkley’s 5 TDs passes were impressive… but they gave up THIRTY SIX POINTS TO HAWAII. Obviously the USC defense took a major step back last year… but isn’t Monte Kiffin supposed to be the God of defensive coordinators? You can’t tell me the Trojans don’t have enough talent sitting on the sidelines to make just about any defensive coordinator look good. Color me a skeptic.

#23 Georgia 55 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette 7.

WESCON 2: You ate wings before a road trip and forgot to bring your Pepto Bismol.

#1 Alabama 48 vs. San Jose State 3.

#2 Ohio State 45 vs. Marshall 7.

I know it was Marshall, but Terrelle Pryor looked MUCH better than I imagined he would. 17/25, 247 yards and 3 TDs to no INTs. Unfortunately, his counterpart in his upcoming game Saturday looked almost as good...

#13 Da U 45 vs. Florida aggy 0.

Jacory Harris went 12/15 for 210 yards and matched Pryor’s 3 TDs and 0 INT line in the win. Other than TCU/Tennessee Tech of course, this is the biggest game of next weekend in my mind.

#11 Oregon 72 vs. New Mexico 0.

Whew. Looks like, if we come down to being 11-0 with only a trip to Albuquerque standing in the way of our perfect season, we’ll probably be fine. If I'm Mike Locksley's secretary, I'm wearing my chastity belt this week.

#17 Arkansas 44 vs. Tennessee Tech 3.

If this game is any indication, I think we’re going to be ok this weekend against the Golden Showers, er, Eagles. They gave up 519 yards of offense, put up less than 200 themselves, and let Ryan Mallet absolutely dissect them.

#22 Auburn 52 vs. Arkansas State 26.

WESCON 1: Rain was in the overnight forecast and you forgot to turn off your sprinklers.

#4 Florida 34 vs. Miami, Ohio 12.

No Tebow? No Offense. Through 3 quarters the Gators had 26 yards. TOTAL. Yes. That’s real. Also, 8 fumbles. A couple of late TDs pushed it out of reach and made this game seem pretty lopsided, but Florida fans are terrified looking at the box score.

#5 Texas 34 @ Rice 17.

Garrett Gilbert… has some learnin’ to do. Golden Boy will come along, but he looked shaky against a vastly inferior team. Chris Simms part deux? We can only hope. But, UT fans can be excited about a return to the ground game as Tre Newton scored 3 TDs running the ball and will take over the #1 RB position for the foreseeable future. Still, despite the final score, this game wasn’t ever really that close.

#7 Oklahoma 31 vs. Utah State 24.

Perhaps this is why we thought about inviting Utah State? Everyone’s favorite Big 12 front runner needed a fourth down conversion late in the game to ice this one and avoid Stoops’ 3rd home loss as OU head coach.

#8 Nebraska 49 vs. Western Kentucky 10.

#9 Iowa 37 vs. Eastern Illinois 7.

#16 Georgia Tech -41 vs. South Carolina State 10.

#19 Penn State 44 vs. Youngstown State 14.

#20 Florida State 59 vs. Samford 6.

#23 West Virginia 31 vs. Coastal Carolina 0.

Game Awards - TCU v. OSU

Ginger people go on to do amazing things in society. We need to let everyone know that we are not inferior. That we are, in fact, beautiful, totally awesome, and super smart. It's time for us to take back our pride!

Well, while the rest of you were shotgunning Silver Bullets and heading on into the Death Star, I was stuck in the hell otherwise known as Miami International Airport. However, I was able to watch pretty much the entire half through random TVs around and a generous Aggie with a FloTV (is that how it's spelled? I don't care, I need one of these things). Needless to say, the first thing I did when we landed at DFW was turn on the old CrackBerry and find out that we had pulled out the W. It was an amazing feeling. This was a very interesting game for many reasons. When rewatching it, I really couldn't help but feel like we dominated it. I would keep looking up and would be astonished that the score was so close. But I guess that is what two costly picks will do. Here is what I came up with for the opening week game awards. Feel free to hatefully disagree in the comments.

Defensive Player of the Game

Jerry who? Just kidding. But seriously, once again we have another player who is forced to step up and take the place of a dominating end. It seems to happen every year. Hopefully the fears about WD being able to put in the work to step into Hughes spot can be put to rest. While he only had 3 tackles, they were all for loss, and two were sacks. He had great speed around the edge, and was able to close when he got the opportunity on the sacks. I have a feeling we have yet another star emerging on the edge of a TCU D.

Offensive Player of the Game

Well I'll be damned. You run the ball, you win the game. Fiesta Bowl anybody??? But I digress.
Ed Wesley was a monster on Saturday. 17 carries for 134 yards which gives him a ridiculous 7.9 yards a carry. See?? See what happens when you run the ball?? I have a feeling Anderson and Fuentes will remember.

Special Teams Player of the Game

Not much going on here on special teams, but it has to go to Kerley (as I am sure many of these weekly awards will go to). His return set up the go ahead TD to close out the first half which needless to say was pretty huge (see below).

Play of the Game

This was a tough one. The throw from Dalton as he was falling down into the endzone and Kerley managing to catch it was one of the most awesome things I have seen in a long time. But, it really didn't have an impact on the game. So, I have it down to two. One being the Kerley punt return that set up a quick end of the half TD to go ahead 21-14. You just know that he is still fuming that he let the punter keep him from getting a return TD in Jerry World, and you can be sure he probably will not let it happen again. The other play is McCoy defending the long pass to James R. early in the 4th. That was a freaking TD. Rodgers had him beat early but McCoy's closing speed was ridiculous. He probably should have picked that ball, but it worked out good either way. OSU was pinned down again and couldn't ever get anything else going against our D.

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