Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#16 Aaron Schobel

Similar to Phillips, Schobel was a terror to any and all offenses that he faced. He will always be known as one of the greatest defensive ends to play for the Frogs. Schobel was a three time All-Conference Player from '98 - '00, and was also the WAC Defensive Player of Year in 2000.

His name is all over the TCU defensive record books. Most notably as the Frog's all time career sack leader (31). He is also first in yards lost tackling for a career (315); second on the sacks in a season (10 in '99); third in yards lost tackling in a season (113 in '98); and third in sack yardage in a season (65 in '98). As we all know, Aaron has gone on to great things in the NFL, racking up 67 sacks,2 picks, and two pro bowl appearances in his seven seasons with the bills.

Up next, this player overlapped with Aaron on the other side of the defense line for the 2000 season.

#17 Jason Phillips

I mean look at that picture? It terrifies me.

The first of the 4 new additions to the top 30 countdown, this 4-time all conference and freshman all-american struck fear into an opposing offense. While he didn't overwhelm the stat books like some of the other members of our list, his play on game day and ability to intimidate the opposition to its soul makes him very high on our list. I mean how many players would cut themselves intentionally to make themselves bleed just for shock factor?

Post Frogdom, he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens (known for their tenacious defenses) in the 5th round of the 2009 draft.

10 Days...

I just realized that in 240 hours I will be in the parking lot at Jerry World properly arming and lubricating myself for battle and almost did a spot on imitation of the youngster above. May god have mercy on those poor, poor souls from Corvallis. Go Frogs.

#18 Nick Browne

Number 18 brings us to our second and final kicker. Nick Browne, a two sport star, and the 2003 Playboy All-American was one of the most prolific kickers in TCU History. Browne holds the school record field goals in a career (65) and field goals in a game (5 on two occasions) . The two-time Academic All-American led C-USA in scoring his senior year and was a first team All-American according to the Football Writers Association.

New York Times Article on Browne

#19 Kelly Blackwell

Kelly Blackwell is the all-time receptions leader for TCU. Blackwell led the team in receptions in 1990 setting a school record with 64 grabs. He followed his outstanding Junior year with a record tying 64 catches in his senior year on his was to being named an All-American.

Blackwell went on to play two years in the NFL, appearing in 16 games as a rookie for the Chicago bears. As the all time receptions leader Blackwell has certainly set the precedent for receiving tight-ends at TCU.

Special section:
Where is he now?

Kelly Blackwell works as director of Internet sales at Five Star Ford in North Richland Hills

Here is a good article about Kelly deciding to leave the game of football.
If you read all the way to the bottom you will learn that Dave "Mustache" Wannstedt is to blame for Blackwell's abrupt ending to his NFL career.

History of the World 8/25

Happy Birthday!!
Sean Connery, 1930.
Billy Ray Cyrus, 1961
Marvin Harrison, 1972

On this day:
In 1922, the Cubs beat the Phillies 26-23 in baseball’s highest scoring game.
In 1960, the AFL begins putting names on the back of the jerseys.
In 1985, Dwight Gooden becomes the youngest pitcher at 19 to win 20 games in a season.

It Took Me Five Years To Notice I Was Shot In the Head!
A 35-year-old German man was shot in the head -- and he didn't even notice until FIVE YEARS LATER! Police say our friend was apparently hit in the head by a .22 caliber bullet on New Year's Eve 2005! He recalled getting a blow to the head but he was out on the street partying and drunk at the time so never really paid much attention. The bullet did not penetrate the skull, and the guy only went to see a doctor recently when he felt a lump on the back of his head. An X-ray showed an object under his skin and doctors operated and found the bullet. Police theorize it may have been a stray bullet fired by a reveler in celebration. (

Morning Dump


The opponent:

Athletic Department:


Sportscenter East Magazine
-Scroll to page 10 for a story on Matt Purke

Your Hate Is Noted and Appreciated.

You may not appreciate the author's TCU Hate,
But just remember, it could be worse
You could look like him.

You'll probably all remember's Drew Magary's take on the Top 25 last year because he wrote something about how our fans enjoy getting drunk and then every single girl from TCU you're friends with on Facebook posted it as their status. You'll also remember that most of these girls did not actually attend a single TCU game last year in yet another reason why girls should not be allowed to be fans of any sport. But anyway, yesterday brought the 2010 edition of the Haters Guide to the Top 25 and, unlike last year, we now get a hate filled spin in our section. Hint: It involves SMU Hate, so I naturally approve wholeheartedly.

Some of you may read what he wrote and think, "Hey! Quit attacking our rivalry, even though it genuinely is one of the dumber trophies in all of sport to vie for!" And if that's your response, then I invite you to read what he wrote about everyone else, because it's much more offensive. Also, doesn't generating hate from a mid 30s Minnesota Vikings fan who lives in Maryland mean we've truly arrived? I think yes.