Sunday, August 22, 2010

Craig James AP Poll Tracker - Week One

Well it isn't college football season without some poll controversy surrounding the Frogs. Usually this would be some where around week 6 or 7, right when the first BCS rankings come out. But leave it to Craig James to bring out the controversy before the season even starts.

If you haven't already figured it out, or are new to the blog, I can't stand Craig James. I mean, I really despise this guy. I hate how arrogant he is, I hate that he/ESPN think he is credible, I hate that he swooped right in to save his junior varsity son from having to sit in a storage closet, I hate that he has has had significant roles in killing two football programs but will not take an ounce of blame for either (we will have to wait and see on Tech, but give me a little leeway here), and as if I didn't need one more reason to hate this guy, he went to SMU. He went to SMU and hates TCU (which is perfectly ok with me, college football rivals are supposed to dispise each other). But, as a media member, his allegiances are supposed to be put aside. He does not do this. He hates that we are good, that we are damn good, and the rest of the country for the most part knows it. He hates that SMU is insignificant. He hates to give us any credit, and hates it when ESPN makes him come cover our weak and insignificant practices.

So to show his hate, he ranks us low. Not just low low, I mean ridiculously low. As in lower than any other 'writer' in the country. In order to keep an eye on old Craig "I had nothing to do with the death penalty at SMU" James (for that priceless quote, click here for a previous rant) I am going to do a brief little write up on where he has us, Boise, and every other non big 6 school in the AP rankings through out the year. And let the hate flow.

AP Poll Rankings
  • TCU - #6
  • Boise - #3
Craig James Ranking
  • TCU - #11 (lowest ranking out of all 60 voters)
  • Boise - #6 (only two writers had higher them ranked lower)
There you have it. Feel free to come back and check where he has us ranked every Monday after the new AP polls have been released. For your Lesson in SMU Hate on Craig James from Sir Wesley, click here.