Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Special Uniforms for TCU vs. Oregon State?

For those of you that are fans of things like special one-time uniforms, this news is for you: TCU has been selected as one of 10 schools again this year to wear specially-designed Nike uniforms in at least one game this season. The uniforms- and the date of the specific games- will be announced in New York City on September 1st.

The fact that Oregon State is also one of the ten schools would lead you to believe that the Frogs' season opener against the Beavers would be the game in which TCU would be wearing the new duds. So the question is, would you rather have something like last year's Pro Combat uniforms worn against Utah and Boise State (as seen above), or throwbacks...maybe road white jerseys/road white pants and purple helmets with the Flying T? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

The Game Hats Circa Early 90s

A friend of Spitblood's negotiated with the Game and The University to bring back the vintage circle logo hats that haven't been in circulation for at least a decade. He has a limited number left from his initial order, but we are trying to gauge interest to make decisions for a re-order. If you have any interest in sporting one of these hats shoot me an email with "hats" in the subject line to thefinch@spitbloodtcu.com

2010 Inaugural Spitblood Scramble Recap

We had a great turnout for the scramble on Saturday and ended up with 49 players, and were able to raise a good amount of money for the Purple People Seaters. (amount to be determined after we buy the Purple Jackets for the first place team)

Coors ended up sponsoring the tournament which means the pothead cart girl from Minnesota was kept busy handing out free Coors Light all day.

The tournament was fairly competitive with the first place team taking the jackets by way of Eagle on the last hole.

The Leaderboard:


1st Place
Drew Bredthauer, Justin Carroll, Marshall Hunt, Sam Patterson

2nd Place
Jordan Boenker, John Wynne, Paxton Motheral, Allen Barham

3rd Place
Perry Porterfield, Thomas Bredthauer, Chad Campbell, Matt Patterson

Dead Ass Last - Horses Ass Trophy

Bryan Athon, Jeff Proctor, Luke Wittenbraker, Anthony Diaz

Individual Awards:

Closest To The Pin (Gary Patterson Signed Football)
Chad Campbell
side note: Chad gave me a firm commitment to the tournament Friday night at the bar at 12:30pm, was one of the last teams to show up on Saturday, and is the first person to take a crack at the Football, and he sticks one 2 feet from the pin on a difficult par 3

Closest To The Pin (2 BYU Tickets)
Phillip Homza

Longest Drive (Jim Schlossnagle signed bat)
Johnathan Hale

Thank you to everyone who participated this year, and a special thanks to Will Allison and Carter Harbuck who really helped us make this happen. Next year we will warn you well before a month ahead of time about the date of the 2nd Annual Spitblood Scramble. I aim to at least double the amount of participants next year, and feel like everyone that did play had a great time.


History of the World

Parenting Fail

Happy Birthday!!

Davy Crockett, 1786

John Gruden, 1963

Donnie Wahlberg, 1969 (Ex-New Kids on the Block Douche)

On this day:
In 1933, Lou Gehrig plays record 1,308th consecutive game
In 1969, NY Jets beat NY Giants 37-14 in their 1st meeting (pre season)
In 1973, Willie Mays hits 660th & last HR (off Don Gullett of Cincinnati)

A New Way To Get High!
In economically devastated Africa, many adult heroin addicts simply can't afford purchasing their drug of choice. So a new fad has emerged called "Flashblood." This is where addicted friends ask other friends for a temporary fix by withdrawing a teaspoonful of the friend's heroin-tinged blood and injecting it into their own bloodstream! Evidence of this practice is most prevalent in Tanzania, Zanzibar and Kenya and while doctors question the euphoria-producing quality of such tiny amounts of heroin, they say they are certain that the flashblood practice will potently deliver any HIV present in the donor's blood and spread AIDS. (New York Times) (My choice of fix is still Jenkem. You know, pooping in a bottle and letting it ferment into trippy fumes)

#29 - Basil Mitchell

Basil is one of only 9 frogs to eclipse the 2,500 yard mark. He finished out his days as a Horned Frog with 2,783 yards which puts him at #6 all time. He had 12 career 100 yard rushing games, and is one of three Horned Frogs to have multiple 200 yard games, which came against UNLV in 1996 (220 yards) and Tulsa, also in '96 (215 yards). The two other members of the multiple +200 club? LT with 8 and Kenneth Davis with 3.

Basil was a dual threat, both on the ground and down the field. In '96 he led the team in both rushing (953 yards) and receiving (344 yards). He solidified his spot as an All-Time Frog by racking up 185 yards rushing on only 19 carries and 2 TDs in the 1998 Sun Bowl victory over USC. The victory over USC was TCU’s first bowl win since a 28-27 win over Syracuse in the 1957 Cotton Bowl.

Next on the list, this player stamped his way to Horned Frog lore by being the second all time leading passer in yards and fourth in passing TDs, as well as being only one of two Frogs to play in the Japan Bowl………

Top 30 Frogs - #30 Ross Montgomery

Not only did the elder Montgomery lead the Horned Frogs in rushing 3 consecutive years from 1966 – 68; not only does he have the 9th most rushing attempts in a season with 198; not only was he named to the All South West Conference Team in 1967; but he is also the father of quite possibly one of the most frattiest frat daddies to walk the planet, and that alone is good enough to make this list (and keep him there).

Next on the list, the only Frog to have ever to been drafted to the XFL (we think) ………..

Top 30 Frogs of All Time - UPDATE

For all you loyal readers out there, you might remember Spitpurple and me ranking the top 30 football frogs of all time some two years ago. Well, we have had multiple requests to update the list a little bit, and like all people who want to be cool, we cave under peer pressure.

We will be adding 4 new members to the list. I know what your thinking, how do we pick who to bump off of this magical list? Well we are making this one easy, no coaches on the list. While no one can doubt their contribution to the program, this is a players only list. Also, we violated our own rule on the first go around. No active personnel on the list. So GP is out. But no one can doubt that in 30 years when he retires from the Frogs JoPa style, he will be right at the top.

Your also probably thinking, we only have 3 coaches on the list. Well to solve that problem we are also not allowing anyone who has any current affiliation with the Baylor Bears on our list. So Guy Morris, you're gone.

To refresh everyone's memory about their accomplishments we are going to start over on number 30 and we will note who are the new additions to the list. There will be 2 a day, so be sure not to miss your favorite TCU great. Now on to the list....

Another chance for cheap TCU-OSU tickets

Last week, nearly 2,000 fans jumped on Seize the Deal's offer of $32 tickets for the Frogs' season opener against Oregon State at Jerry World. Today, their competitor Groupon is offering fans another chance to get deeply discounted tickets to the game- this time for as cheap as $19.

Morning Dump


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TCU's football stadium to get a $105 million overhaul Star-Telegram

$105 million stadium renovation for TCU ESPN

TCU just got a new recruiting tool WFAA

$105 million renovation project scheduled for TCU football stadium FW Business Press

TCU stadium expansion will send bowl to temp spot AP

2010 Armed Forces Bowl relocates to SMU ESPN

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Hedlund to kick for Horned Frogs Dallas Morning News

Rizzottie spruns Rockes, going to TCU Star-Telegram

Schobel calls it quits Buffalo News