Monday, July 12, 2010

Jersey #'s Update

As I mentioned in last week's post about jersey numbers, something had to give at #30, where sophomore WR Skye Dawson and sophomore RB Aundre Dean were both assigned to the number. The problem has been solved, apparently, as today Dawson is listed at #11.

Monday Morning Baby Dump.

Admit it, you're wildly intrigued.

Usual Dumpers SpitPurple and lyle lanley are off experiencing all the joys of a gay cruise together this morning - or maybe one is having internet troubles and the other is busy at his day job, I honestly can't remember - so you get bench warming dumper ME this morning. Warning - we're leading things off with a TCU Swimmer story, so be prepared for a slow news day.

Well that ended up being more of a denim diaper wearing toddler dump than a true baby dump, so we should all consider ourselves winners.