Friday, June 25, 2010

Critics of Purke

Sure, Matt Purke is a goofy-looking kid. He wears his cap crooked and he wears glasses and he wears his heart on his sleeve out there on the mound (where he's been absolutely dominant this year). With a 15-0 record and the fact that he turned down millions as the Rangers' first-round draft pick, you'd expect a fair amount of sour grapes out there as people are jealous of the fact that he's helped bring the TCU baseball program to new heights.

But the following letter to the editor in this morning's Star-Telegram is pretty ridiculous:

I thought I found someone I could cheer for at the College World Series. Then after watching a few pitches of last Saturday's game, I had to quickly change my mind.

Maybe I have been out of umpiring and coaching for too long and things have changed, but what was that clown who pitched for TCU doing with the cap of his baseball uniform turned crooked? Where is the respect for his team uniform, his coaches, his school and for the game of baseball in general?

I am thinking that Texas Christian University, its coaching staff and its athletic director probably have let this go on clear through this clown's time at their fine university, so shame on them.

To the TCU school staff: This is particularly disappointing since yours is an establishment of a true Christian school. In addition to the general disrespect of the uniform, this young man's national TV display of vulgarity is especially disturbing. Perhaps you do not know the meaning of a baseball cap slanted to one side or the other. If not, ask around campus, and you will find out.

-Frank La Forge, Wichita, Kansas

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