Friday, June 11, 2010

Frogs take Game 1

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, TOM HICKS! Freshman lefty Matt Purke's 11 strike outs led the way as TCU took Game 1 of their Super Regional series against Texas, 3-1.

Section V game thread

For those of you not at the game in Austin whether you're sitting at work watching on ESPN3, listening on KTCU or somewhere watching on TV come on over Section V to talk about the game.

Boise State to the MWC: For REALS this time.

... at least according to SOURCES WITH EXCLUSIVE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SITUATION! Assuming this is true, this is probably the most obvious solution to a growing problem that could've been made months ago. I appreciate that we made Boise sweat it out a bit, but why do it now after making the announcement on Monday that the MWC was going to stand pat? A few conflicting theories.

1) The Pac 16 is happening, and the MWC wanted to be positioned as the most attractive alternative for the remaining schools. It makes sense because, if the Big 12 folds, there are going to be at least five schools looking for a new home, and by picking up Boise and, say, Kansas, Kansas State and/or Missouri, The MWC would be all but guaranteed an automatic bid come 2013, or whenever the next meet and greet is. This would've been the most popular theory amongst conspiracists (?) earlier in the week, but recent developments lead to me believe it could be door number two, which is...

2) The Pac 16 is NOT happening, Texas, OU and aggy are leaving the Big 12, and the remaining members are going to try and remain solvent via snatch and grab tactics. Although it's hard to imagine either of the Texas schools splitting up and just completely overlooking the "Tech problem," it's been floated around in recent days that Texas is going to the Big Ten with Nebraska, and OU and aggy are going to the SEC; a slight tweak to this theory is Texas and aggy to the Big Ten and OU and an unnamed school going SEC'ward. It's nearly impossible to imagine that Big 12 losing five of its top tier schools yet still being able to stick together, but let's say the remaining members try to do so and send out blanket invites to all of the top, non AQ schools, dangling their already locked in bid as a prize. BYU, Utah, TCU, Boise and, who knows, maybe SMU or Houston would likely be the targets and, while CUSA and the WAC would survive, the MWC would be kaputski.

But, by picking up Boise, although it doesn't guarantee a BCS auto bid, would the MWC schools stick together? Is going to a conference that's mostly based in the southern states thus increasing travel expenses and destroying old rivalries attractive to BYU, Boise and Utah? Honestly, probably yes, but with Boise locked in, I think the MWC at least creates doubts in the minds of the potential targets.

Door number three, though, could be the most compelling, and the most devastating as lyle pointed out earlier.

3) The Big 12 is sticking together sans Nebraska and Colorado, and picking up a pu pu platter of Utah, BYU or Air Force. To lose any of these schools would be a serious blow; to lose two would probably doom the conference entirely. But, with Boise on board, maybe you can sacrifice BYU and Air Force, keep Utah and TCU, and retain the status quo? Regardless, this is the least desirable option.

As the article suggests, this is by no means set in stone... but it sure sounds like it's a done deal. Hopefully we can make this happen, the Big 12 implodes, and we pick up Kansas and Kansas State. Still, this thing isn't anywhere close to being over, and this posting could be completely moot by the time you read it. But it's a slow Friday, so I thought I'd pass it along.

Cry me a river, Baylor

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this story in this morning's Star-Telegram:

With Baylor frantic, congressman urges legislature to hold hearings

Alright, Baylor. I understand the desperation, and I understand that you've got to do what you can to keep yourself on the UT payroll. But playing the sympathy card? YOU'VE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!

When the SWC broke up, Baylor was perfectly willing to put TCU, SMU, Rice and Houston through the "armageddon" that they say this would be for them. I haven't read the Book of Revelations much since that one night when I was 9 and stayed up reading the whole thing and didn't sleep for about two weeks, but I guess there is something about winning a bowl game in there, because all four of the SWC "left-behinds" have been able to accomplish that feat since then, unlike the Bears.

If Baylor can somehow keep themselves on the receiving end of big checks when UT and OU go to BCS bowls, then more power to them. But if you get left in the dust by the state schools, then boo-fucking-hoo. You more than deserve it.

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