Friday, May 14, 2010

Make Up Game Open Thread.

As lyle pointed out yesterday, while every loss certainly counts, some losses count more than others, and a loss in this make up game to Air Force would almost certainly spell doom for the Frogs' chances of garnering one of the coveted top 8 seeds. At present, Jason Coats just drove in two with the bases loaded to tie it at 17 in the top of the 9th. If the Frogs can pull ahead, I have little doubt they will hold on for the win. Who knew watching baseball on gametracker was so exciting? Almost as exciting as the real thing!

Also, as a primer between the games, here's Coach S discussing the scheduled series with Air Force this weekend. Consider it your seventh inning stretch.

Check this post for the final score. No promises on the second game.

Purke to Bullpen?

David Peterson over at assessed the Frogs rotation and discussed the possibility of moving freshman phenom Matt Purke to the bullpen for the postseason. I'm a firm believer in the "if it ain't broke, dont fix it" approach towards just about everything, but David makes some valid points for why this could work and really benefit a staff that might have more than a handful of overworked pitchers. My biggest concern would be using Gerrish as the 3rd starter. The link is below, so read for yourself. It's Friday and I don't wanna think anymore.

Lessons In SMU Hate: Conan Style

If I told you I ventured onto SMU's campus to pay money to go hang out with a ginger, most of you would think I was crazy. Some of you would probably even stab me without giving me a chance to explain myself.

But tonight an exception to my rules against SMU and Gingers and especially both at the same time were broken for a good cause.

Our friend Conan O'brien decided to show his pasty face in Dallas and put on a show as part of his "Legally Banned From Being Funny On Television" tour.

The show was great. Andy was there. Conan licked La Bamba's face (supposedly it tastes like Funyuns). Triumph made an appearance to talk shit about Dallas (awesome). Conan ripped television execs a new one. Conan had a huge ginger beard. Dirk Nowitski pulled the Walker Texas Ranger "Handle" (He could not use the word "lever" due to the Late Show trademarking it), and much much more.. it was all great, but one thing made it that much better... the sweet taste of SMU hate.

Conan was sporting a purple shirt with his suit all night, which can only mean one thing. Conan is a huge Horned Frog fan (probably reads the blog) and hates SMU and all they stand for. I tried to take a pic of it, but as you can see; my Iphone makes it look like I am a zillion miles away from the stage.

I offered him one of my tickets in section V. you better hope your tickets are in front of mine because this white giant is even taller than he seems on television... or should I say used to seem on television...?

So, here's my shout out to Conan for another lesson in SMU Hate.