Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pump up the volume

The past few years, the noise level within Amon G. Carter Stadium has gradually increased along with the attendance numbers. Certainly the contributors of this blog and most of the readers are big proponents of the continuation of both of those trends.

Penn State, who already has one of the loudest stadiums in the country (who wouldn't with 100,000+ fans?) has come up with a way to boost their crowd noise using the research of Andrew Barnard, a PSU grad student. It seems the 'Nard Dog launched a study to map the acoustics of Beaver Stadium during the Nittany Lions' games last fall, then again while the stadium was empty. When he compared the data collected, he hypothesized that the stadium's average decibel-level could increase by an impressive 50% if the student section was moved to another part of the stadium.

Obviously, the easiest way for TCU home games to be louder is for more folks to plant their backsides IN the stadium instead of socializing in the parking lot like a bunch of Dallasites (yes, yes- I do live in Dallas, but rest assured that I make fun of my surroundings a lot). And once the stadium starts to fill up with warm bodies, we've got to get them making noise...something those of us in Section V will be leading the charge on this fall.

But once we start going down that road, perhaps the architects of the stadium renovation can use research like Barnard's to find ways, whether it's structural or the arrangement of the student section within the stadium, to keep noise in and help build on the home-field advantage.

Frogs at Texas State tonight

Think Schloss is taking his guys to see Ralph the Swimming Pig at Aquarena Springs?

I've been a little anxious about the Frogs' game tonight against Texas State for a few reasons. For one, I thought it would be their last game against a team that wouldn't completely mess up their RPI. Also, having the midweek game this week on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday and 3.25 games to play this weekend, the pitching staff might get a little bit taxed.

But as I was reading David Peterson's recap of Sunday night's game on, he pointed out a few things that made me a tad better about those two situations. First was the return of Eric Marshall, which had somehow slipped past me. Marshall was the Frogs' top reliever in 2009, but has been hurt for much of this season. If he can regain his form from a year ago, that will be a huge boost to TCU's pitching depth.

The other is that Cal State-Bakersfield, whom the Frogs host May 20-22 to close out the regular season, won a series against Arizona recently and have seen their RPI skyrocket by about 100 points. They're now up at #125, which isn't really superb but it's not the 200+ killer that we were expecting.

Not to say that tonight's game isn't as important, though. With the Frogs clinging to the hope that they can grab one of the coveted 8 overall national seeds, they really can't afford another loss the rest of the regular season...and probably in the conference tournament, either. Paul Gerrish, who shut down the Bobcats back in March, will take the hill tonight. Any of you living in Austin or San Antonio really ought to think about making the short drive to San Marcos to see this one.

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