Monday, May 3, 2010

ESPN's Post-Spring Top 25

With just about every team having concluded spring practice, ESPN's Mark Schlabach has put out yet another meaningless preseason Top 25 poll. He's got TCU in at #6, though, so maybe I'll give him some slack, as long as he doesn't have any errors in his write-up of the Frogs:

#6 TCU:

The Horned Frogs might rely on their offense more than their defense this coming season, which will be a change of pace in Fort Worth. TCU has nearly everyone coming back on offense, although All-Mountain West Conference GUARD Marshall Newhouse will be sorely missed. The holes on TCU's defense are more glaring after linebacker Daryl Washington, defensive end Jerry Hughes and cornerback Rafael Priest left. The linebacker corps might be a big problem area if projected starter Tank Carder doesn't recover quickly from shoulder surgery. Quarterback Andy Dalton and running backs Matthew Tucker and Ed Wesley lead what should be a very potent running attack. TCU must survive a Sept. 4 opener against Oregon State at Cowboys Stadium, as well as MWC games against BYU at home on Oct. 16 and at Utah on Nov. 6, to match last season's success.


Maybe I'm nit-picking, but if you watched enough of a top 10 team like TCU (as a writer with the influence of Schlabach ought to), shouldn't you know pretty well who the three-year starting, All-Conference left tackle is? Maybe it was an honest mistake, though. I can appreciate that, as I'm sure I've written all kinds of un-factual crap on this blog out of my own ignorance. The difference is, I guess, that I don't get paid to do this and the words I write here don't have the affect on pollsters that Schlabach's do.

Hey, #6, though...I'll take it.

Back to Phoenix???

While people all over the country are planning boycotts on travelling to Arizona and products from Arizona because of the state's controversial new immigration law, my guess is they'd all shut the fuck up if their team maneuvers through the minefield to reach next year's BCS National Championship Game, which is being held in Glendale.

While it's just early May, that won't stop Pete Fiutak at from cutting open the guts of a goat, spreading the entrails over a table and taking a peek into the future to see who'll be playing in Glendale next January.

It's a pretty in-depth look, so for those of you that are too lazy to click on the link and read the article-yes, it does discuss TCU as a very real contender to play for a national championship (assuming the ball bounces our way concerning a few circumstances, of course). For those of you that are up for reading a very intriguing look at the way things might shake out, it's pretty long, so you'll want to get something to drink before you start it. Maybe like an Arizona Iced Tea (which are made in New York).

Slow Sports Day...

Some crazy naked guy is threatening to jump off this billboard on 7th street in Ft. Worth. I understand it's not sports related, but hey, it's slow for sports fans in the metroplex right now, and this is pretty intriguing. It could be a disgruntled Mavs fan, possibly Dirk Nowitzki (he looks tall), or maybe someone from the Greenberg/Ryan group who apparently aren't going to own the Rangers after all. Anybody else got any ideas? The link is below if anyone wants to read more about it...

Frogs up to #8

With yet another weekend sweep, the Frogs are now 34-9 overall and have moved up to #8 in this week's Baseball America Top 25. If you read regularly, they have listed the Frogs at #5 for a while, but I'm not sure which poll they're using. There are about 15 different college baseball polls, so I guess you could just always roll with the one that's got your team ranked the highest, and I don't blame them for doing so. But I'm an old man and I'm set in my ways. I like the Baseball America poll. And Werther's Originals.

Morning Dump

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