Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lessons in SMU Hate: Pacemakers and Pussy(cats): Part One.

SMU Cheerleading Squad, or Hitler Youth Rally?

It’s been a few weeks since my last round of arbitrary hatred towards our rivals to the east, and this absence is troubling for a variety of reasons. Mostly though, SMU folk are just so inherently hateable, it seems like, even during the interim between DFW Duels – if you were unaware, SMU does NOT feature baseball but DOES feature that socialist pastime known as “soccer” – I still should’ve been able to find something to hate, right? I mean, surely there has to be something right under our noses – ZING! – to talk about? Fortunately for everyone involved, the interim has brought us not one, but TWO demonstrations of less than stellar moral demonstrations on the part of the Pony elite.

To begin, common knowledge tells us that SMU isn’t the most accommodating place for those who aren’t among the elite classes. Heck, any school that offers a tuition greater than the current staggering rate at TCU probably isn’t a place for your tired, your weary or your huddled masses. But still, you would think that most schools would at least have the decency to extend the physically or mentally disabled the same rights as any non-challenged student right? Especially when that student has taken all the necessary precautions to not make their disability a hindrance to others, including the school itself, correct?

Well, just remember the school in question.

Meet SMU Cheerleader Jamie Burns. Jamie is a lifelong cheerleader who arrived on campus last fall on scholarship and wishes for nothing more than to be able to continue doing the thing she loves most. No, not cocaine, performing! Except for one thing – Jamie has a heart condition that requires her to wear a pacemaker. And that won’t fly in Pony Country.

Now, admittedly, the lawyer weary part of my being immediately went to, “Well, I suppose that makes sense, because if the girl died while on the field or court, SMU would be liable for damages.” Except this isn’t the case at all. Jamie not only has full clearance from her physician to cheer, but she even went so far as to sign a waiver releasing the school from any liability should an issue arise due to her condition.

There’s also on more thing to remember… THE SCHOOL GAVE HER A SCHOLARSHIP TO BE A CHEERLEADER! This would be akin to Gary Patterson extending an athletic scholarship to a high school student, offering him a chance to play quarterback, without realizing that the kid was actually just the Farwell Steers' water boy. Or like TCU offering financial aid to the Sultan of Saudi Arabia’s son. In other words, whoever does the scholarship due diligence for the Ponies needs to give their methods a bit of a retooling.

But, perhaps there was another reason? Perhaps this was just a convenient excuse for SMU to rid themselves of a student who didn’t fit their “image. Perhaps with Fuhrer Jones arriving on campus and making the SMU Football team and school more nationally recognized, the administration decided a "purification" was in order so that prospective students ambiguity in their minds regarding their future fellow classmates.

Scroll back up and take a look at the current SMU Cheerleading squad at the beginning of the post.

Now take a look at a picture of Jamie Burns.

Jamie Burns

I'm not trying to draw any conclusions for you, but if racism is your preferred artistry, consider this my Sistine Chapel.

Stay tuned for the second half of this extra special two part installment of SMU Hate.

Frogs' road to Omaha goes through Austin

Well, at least according to SEbaseball.com. They came out with their latest NCAA Tournament Projection today, and if the season were to end right now, the Frogs would likely be headed to Austin for the Super Regional again...provided, of course, that they advance that far.

They have UT as the #1 overall seed, with the winner of the Austin Regional (which includes, UT, Southeast Missouri State, Alabama and Michigan) playing the winner of the Fort Worth Regional (which includes TCU, Oral Roberts, Rice and Texas State).

With as well as the Longhorns are playing right now (having won 16 in a row), this should serve as motivation for TCU to finish strong. Not that they can't win in Austin...but there are certainly easier avenues for getting to Omaha.

Other Texas/MWC teams in SEbaseball's projection include New Mexico as a #2 seed in the Tempe Regional, Tech as a #3 seed in Tempe and A&M as a #2 seed in the Baton Rouge Regional. Cal State-Fullerton, who represents TCU's best road series win, is projected as a #2 seed in the Tucson Regional.

Frogs vs. Baylor tonight & tomorrow

Fresh off of yet another weekend sweep, the Frogs are 30-8 and have an RPI of #14 according to Boyd's World. Based on that information (and while that is an assumption, Boyd's World is fairly respected amongst college baseball fans), the Frogs probably have a good shot at hosting another Regional this year. But with a strong finish, they've still got a shot at one of the Top 8 national seeds- which come with the guarantee of hosting a Super Regional, should you advance to it.

With that, I've got some good news and some bad news.

First the bad news. Of the Frogs' sixteen remaining games, ten are against teams with RPI rankings of over 100: this weekend's three-game set at Utah, a midweek game at UT-San Antonio and three-game home series against Air Force and Cal State-Bakersfield. Further, you'll remember that the third game of the series against Air Force up in Colorado Springs was suspended in the 7th inning with the Frogs down, 16-15. They'll play the remainder of that game when the Falcons come to town in May. So that's really eleven games that, win or lose, are going to be a drag on your RPI. You really can't afford to lose any of these if you want a realistic shot at a national seed.

The good news is that they do have six games against teams with competitive RPI's, which could be a boost to the Frogs' body of work. These include a road series at New Mexico and a midweek roadie at Texas State.

The other two are this week against Baylor- tonight at Lupton and tomorrow night down in Waco. Of course, when it comes to the Frogs and the Bears, it's always about more than just an RPI push for either team. Baylor is one of TCU's oldest rivals, and from what Schlossnagle has said at a few functions I've attended over the years, there's no love lost between him and Bears skipper Steve Smith. Coming into tonight, the Frogs are 6-2 against the Big 12, so they could make a strong statement if they were to sweep.

Paul Gerrish is scheduled to pitch tonight, with Greg Holle slated to take the mound down in Waco tomorrow evening.

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