Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hughes to Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Colts made Jerry Hughes their first round pick tonight, making Hughes the first Horned Frog to be picked in the first round since LT in 2000 and the first TCU defender to go in the first round in 26 years. Since TCU will be hosting the AFC team's practices for the Super Bowl next year, Hughes could return to TCU with his new team should they repeat as AFC Champs.

Draft Day Drinking Game

Looking to add some more fun to your draft watching party? Just like in every aspect of life, make it into a drinking game. Here are some terms with number of drinks to take after each mention.
  • "Tremendous Upside" - 1 Drink
  • "Character Issues" - 2 Drinks
  • "Steal" - 2 Drinks
  • "Best Available" or "Best Remaining"- 1 Drink
  • "Intangibles" - 1 Drink
  • "Great Nose for the Football" - 1 Drink
  • "Makes People Miss" - 1 Drink
  • "That's why the Raiders are the Raiders" - 1 Drink
  • "Draft for Need" - 1 Drink
  • "On the Clock" - 1 Drink
  • Ben Roethlisberger is Mentioned - 1 Drink
  • Some one says "National Football League" when just "NFL" would be appropriate - 1 Drink
  • Someone Trades Down or Up - 1 Drink
  • Tim Tebow is shown or name is spoken - 1 Drink
  • Brett Farve is Mentioned - 2 Drinks
  • Non BCS Conference Player is Taken - 2 Drinks
  • Detroit Takes a Wide Receiver - Finish Drink
  • Tim Tebow's mom is shown - Finish Drink
  • Jet's Fans boo a pick - Finish Drink
  • A Frog is Taken - 1 Shotgun
Feel free to add your own. Here is a link to more. Draft Day Drinking Game

'Bout to get PAID!

The four long months of mock draft after mock draft and endless speculation by jackoffs like Peter King finally come to an end tonight when the NFL Draft goes Prime Time for the first time ever (how this idea got past Tex Schramm, I have no idea).

After absorbing all kinds of draft coverage, I think it's safe to say we all expect Jerry Hughes to go sometime in the mid to late first round and for Daryl Washington to possibly go late in round one and if not, early to mid second. My interest will be especially piqued when the Jets (Hughes) and Saints (Washington) are on the clock, as those have been repeatedly mentioned as potential destinations for the two Frog stars.

So what does one do when you're 12 or so hours away from becoming a millionaire? When I originally ran that scenario by another regular contributor to this site, he responded by describing a debaucherous scene involving one or more "entertainers" and a few less-than-legal substances. But with all of the hubub over Ben Roethlisberger doing his best Kobe Bryant impersonation down in Georgia, I'm guessing that won't be what Jerry and Daryl spend their April 22nd doing.

But I want to put you in their shoes for a minute. Let's say you're not the high school hero who's now sitting in front of a computer at your chump job. Let's say you are a first round-worthy NFL prospect who is spending his last day as a regular folk before you cash in and start making more money than the president. What are you gonna do with your last day as a non-millionaire?

Thoughts on the MWC/BCS talk

As many of you read in this morning's dump or elsewhere on the internets, BCS Director Bill Hancock hinted at the BCS Meetings in Scottsdale that the Mountain West could become the 7th automatic-qualifying conference starting in 2012.

There are a lot of different ways to react to this news. On one hand, this could be the first little nibble of recognition for the strides that the conference has taken towards being legitimized in the eyes of the nation. The thought that this development could possibly lead to the MWC receiving it's much-deserved automatic BCS bid gives me major sports wood.

On the other hand, this also reeks of a politician (because really, the folks presently in charge of college football are no better) saying what needs to be said to placate an infuriated sliver of his constituents. It's nice to think about hope & change & a BCS that includes the Mountain West, but really- what's his motivation here? The BCS was never build to be fair. Hancock's job is to put as much spin as he can on the rotten system he's been put in charge of and to keep handing the Ohio States, Texases and Floridas of the world checks for as many millions as possible.

There is a third way to look at Hancock's statements, though, combining aspects of the first two and creating a dynamic that could be a huge boom for TCU- or another bust. With all of the whispers going around about conference expansion these days, could Hancock's words have been a hint to the leaders of the BCS conferences?

Was he really saying "if you guys don't tear up this conference, you're going to end up sharing some of your pie with them"? Because as much as the powers that be would loathe to give Utah, TCU or BYU a place at the table- you know DAMN sure they don't want to share their wealth with Wyoming, UNLV or San Diego State.

If you buy into that theory, then you're going to be watching the development of the rumors placing Utah in the Pac 10 very closely. If the Utes and/or BYU are poached from our conference, TCU could also land in a power conference expanding to 12 or 14 or 16....or find itself playing a frantic game of musical chairs for the 4th time in 15 years. Maybe the dominos fall in our favor- but then again maybe they don't.

I don't mean to make you paranoid- but I think every TCU fan has got to be at least a little worried about being left out once again to stare across the river at greener pastures...especially with this latest Hancock-tease.

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