Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Glory Days

As big of TCU fans as we are, and as much as we try to keep up with the ghosts of game days past, we're never really going to relive our college days (although that fact is not about to keep WWHD from trying). While I can't bring back Richard's magnificent cheese-steaks from The Greek, those magical first nights out after the girls were done with rush, pulling the fire alarm at the fratdorms just to see who had a girl in their room, trash-can punch*, nights of sneaking into the Oui or The Cellar from the alley because you lost your fake ID, frat-caving or skipping class to go spend $30 on lunch at Popeye's just because, I am very pleased that I can help you relive all those late night feasts spent at the Whataburger on Berry. Enjoy:

*-Actually, it wouldn't take much more than a quick trip to the liquor & hardware stores to make this one happen...

OU at TCU tonight

Following the rough patch that included losses to BYU, Dallas Baptist and Air Force, the 12th-ranked TCU baseball team has done a fair job bouncing back with a 10-3 win over UTA a week ago and a series win against San Diego State over the weekend. Tonight, though, will really be a barometer of where this team stands right now as they host Oklahoma at Lupton.

Paul Gerrish, who has been impressive since taking over weeknight starting duties from Greg Holle, takes the mound for the Frogs tonight and will be countered by Rockwall-native Drew Verhagen, whose brother Derek played for TCU from 2006 until last season.

TCU is 5-0 against the Big 12 so far this season, but the Sooners (who are also in the Top 15) have swept the season series against the Frogs the past two seasons.

Morning Dump

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Rumor is there will be a TCU spot on ESPN's College Football Live tomorrow, Craig James was at practice yesterday.