Friday, April 2, 2010

Upcoming Big 12 games nearly sold out...

If you want to watch the Frogs upcoming battles against Big 12 opponents Oklahoma (on the 6th) and A&M (13th) and haven't already bought your tickets, I'd suggest doing so ASAP. After Thursday night's game against SDSU, the average crowd at Lupton this year is just under 3,000...which makes for a pretty full ballpark already. But there've always been big crowds for games against Big 12 teams, and the ones upcoming will be no different. The best seats available for the OU game are in the upper deck, and ALL of the reserved seating is now sold out for the A&M game.

This is all good news, though, because as the attendance continues to grow, so does the possibility that Lupton will, too, possibly to something resembling the original sketches the school put in the late '90s prior to construction:

Morning Dump

Hi, kids. Spitpurple is out today, I'll be your substitute morning dumper. Now, just because I'm here doesn't mean we're not going to get any work done. I've got a very interesting video for you to watch and then a worksheet for you to fill out. I'm going to call roll now, so please listen up...

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