Friday, March 12, 2010

TCU-Tech Series Preview

With the Red Raiders coming to town to take on the #7 Horned Frogs and near perfect weather on tap, this ought to be a great weekend at Lupton. The most notable personnel topics on either side are the decision by Tech head coach Dan Spencer to change his pitching rotation for the weekend (because the Frogs Ben Roethlisberger'd Tech ace Chad Bettis in Houston last weekend in beating the Raiderz 11-2) and that TCU starting shortstop Taylor Featherston is most likely out (and possibly for a while) with a shoulder injury.

Because I don't pretend to be an expert, or also possibly because it's drinkin' beer outside weather, I'm going to forgo any additional original writing and give you links to:

-TCU-Tech series preview from

-Tech-TCU series preview Tech's website (they have the internets in Lubbock?)

-TCU-Tech series preview from Leonard Gruca of His prediction? TCU sweep.

SpitbloodTCU Countdown to Kickoff Golf Tournament

Get your calendars set. The first Countdown to Kickoff Golf Tournament is scheduled for August 14th. It will be at White Stone Golf Club in Benbrook, and all proceeds will go to a Frog related charity. More information to come.

Also, if you want to get into the Spitblood March Madness pool then you need to sign up ASAP at cbs sports here. The pass word is titans (the finch is a die hard oilers/titans fan). Three brackets maximum at $10 a bracket. Email for payment instructions. Paypal was very quick to shut down our first account because it "promotes gambling".


Who knew Marcus Cannon could fly?

Q&A with Bryan Holaday

You avid Horned Frog baseball fans out there aren't the only ones taking notice of Bryan Holaday's stellar play. After being named the #1 catcher in the nation by Rivals earlier this week, he sat down for an interview with Baseball America's Aaron Fit for part of BA's weekend preview:

In The Dugout: Bryan Holaday, C, Texas Christian

Holaday's senior year has gotten off to a roaring start. The senior catcher went 10-for-17 last week and earned Most Outstanding Player honors at the Houston College Classic, raising his overall line to .444/.528/.689 with one homer, six double and 11 RBIs in 45 at-bats. But Holaday's impact on the Horned Frogs goes way beyond the numbers, as we found out In The Dugout.

Aaron Fitt: You must be seeing the ball really well. How big does it look to you right now?

Bryan Holaday: Yeah, I'm seeing it really well. It's just something that Coach (Todd) Whitting has helped me out on, sticking with an approach, sticking with a plan, and that's just helped me out a lot.

AF: It seems like you've kind of mastered that move where it looks like you're going to nonchalantly throw back to the mound, but instead you throw behind the baserunner.

BH: We call it the sleeper play. It's kind of our little thing. Whenever we notice them going back to the bag kind of sluggish, we do a little delayed pickoff.

AF: It's pretty obvious watching you that you're a grinder, throwback kind of player. Is that an accurate description?

BH: Absolutely, that's exactly how I try to play. Just be that kind of dirtbag and hustle everything out, because my mentality is hustle can make up for mistakes.

AF: I understand that coach (Jim) Schlossnagle told you when you came back this year that this is your team, you're going to be the leader of this team. What have you done to try to take these younger guys under your wing?

BH: Well, I've tried to lead by example, and lead through talking as well. But my main thing is that since this is our team, I'm not going to be the sole leader. I'll let other guys take charge, and I encourage that. That's helped us mesh.

AF: You're also in charge of discipline for this team, right?

BH: I am. Earlier in the year we had some slip-ups, some people showing up late for things. So me and some of the other seniors threw out the Ten Commandments of TCU baseball, and we had everybody sign their life away to it. So, I'm in charge of disciplining people however I want. So we had a guy late for a workout, so he's got locker room duty for the rest of the year, and made him read a book in one trip—which is tough for him.

AF: I want to ask about your development as a catcher too. You came in as a third baseman out of high school; how have you matured behind the plate?

BH: Working at it. (Volunteer) Coach (Ryan) Shotzberger has really done a great job of helping me receive and block. Just working on it every day, I just adapted to it once I realized that's where I was going to be every day. And I love it.

AF: It must be fun to work with this staff too—you've got power guys, you've got finesse guys, down under guys, over the top guys, a lot of different looks.

BH: There's a lot of diversity on the staff in terms of that, but they all know exactly how they can pitch, and they don't try to do too much. They trust the guys that are behind them, which really helps them out.

We actually do have a good basketball team...

Barring an inexplicible invitation for the men's basketball team to the CBI, which this morning's USA Today seemed to imply was a possibility (despite the fact that the Frogs are 13-19 and the Star-Telegram ran a story last weekend about the lack of fan support with a giant picture of an empty Daniel-Meyer Coliseum on the front page), TCU's only chance of bringing home any hardware (or NCAA TV dollars) are with the Lady Frogs, who open up the MWC Tournament against Utah this afternoon.

While Coach Jeff Mittie's team won the MWC regular-season title with a 22-7 overall record and is currently projected as an 8-seed in the latest women's bracketology, their participation in their 9th NCAA Tournament in 10 years is anything but assured. The MWC is projected as a one-bid league, so a loss in the conference tournament could send the Lady Frogs to the Women's NIT, which is about as irrelevant a basketball tournament as the...CBI.

Not saying that you've gotta be a big rah-rah women's basketball fan, because honestly I'm really not. But we've got a pretty good program and our star player is from Iceland, just like the bad guys from Mighty Ducks 2.

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