Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hughes Has Immediate Pro-Impact Potential

I know we all think Jerry has immediate impact capabilities, but I like seeing the media thinking the same way us Frog do.

Kyle Whittingham better watch out

...because it looks like he's recruited himself quite the meathead. Tyler Shreve, the 6'4", 210lb quarterback from The Redlands, California that signed with the Utes in February, has been expelled from his high school after fighting his baseball coach.

If Utah honors his scholarship, which from reading the article it seems as if they still want to, I'm sure Tyler will thoroughly enjoy his trips to Amon Carter with myself, Sir Wesley Willis and WWHD sitting just behind the visitors' bench...

Jean-Jacques Taylor: Closet SWW Fan?

Not since my 7th grade self
has anyone rocked a hoodie and jorts as hard as JJT.

In this morning's dump, some of you may have noticed an article by Dallas Morning News sports columnist/noted jorts enthusiast Jean-Jacques Taylor belying how unacceptable it is for TCU and SMU to have such terrible basketball programs. And while I typically just view the DMN sports page as a necessary evil, truth be told? It's a pretty solid article - he hits on all the major points about how Dallas produces some of the best basketball talent in the country, yet neither of the D-I programs in the area have ever proven able to harness it. He does a very nice job of making his points without being a complete dick which is a very common issue in most of his writing.

However, there is something else about this article... something below the surface that inherently makes me appreciate it on another level.

Oh yeah, it's because I WROTE THE EXACT SAME ARTICLE IN JANUARY!!! Or at least half of it.

Now, I genuinely doubt that JJT has ever read or even heard of SpitBlood, nor do I fancy that I'm the only person who has ever thought it strange that TCU, a school with fantastic athletic programs including women's basketball, can't put together a halfway decent basketball team in a mediocre basketball conference.

But when you consider that I also penned another article just last week decrying how awful a coach Matt Doherty is, you can pretty much argue that I wrote his entire article for him; he's just getting paid for it.

So you have to ask yourself -should we just be happy that the DMN has finally mentioned the Frogs, albeit in a negative light regarding our basketball team, having already glossed over an entire season of Top 10 caliber Frogs Football? Still skeptical on that one. But,

is it also feasible that the Dallas Morning News, hearing our frequent complaints about their lack of Frog coverage, has taken to blogosphere and started pilfering information from our fair site to rectify this situation? I'd say it's entirely possible.

But know this, DMN - my legal counsel of Texas Hammer, buffalo, redbarron and counselorfrog are onto you and will be perusing all future Frog coverage in your publication with a fine toothed comb. And I'm still not scrapping my next lesson in SMU hate, in which the DMN plays a significant role. The tides are turning in our favor. The Frogs will rise again east of the sewage plant in Grand Prairie. Viva le Resistance!

Frogs vs. UTA tonight

Coming off of their 2-1 showing in Houston this past weekend, which prompted this interchange in the web-chat hosted by Baseball America's Aaron Fitt yesterday:

Steve (Owltown): You got to see Rice, Texas and TCU in depth over the weekend. How do they stack up? Can you foresee 3 texas national seeds to go along with LSU?

Aaron Fitt:
Boy, it's going to be hard for three national seeds to emerge from the same geographic footprint, but it's possible — and all three of those teams are national seed-caliber clubs. At this point, TCU actually looks like the most complete team of the three (if there were questions about TCU's offense heading into the season, there shouldn't be any more — it's just another physical, deep TCU lineup, only more athletic than it has been in the past), and the Frogs will have a real chance at a national seed thanks to that series win at Fullerton. That series will like mighty fine by the end of the season, because the Titans will right the ship.

....the #7 Frogs wrap up a four-game road trip with a game at UT-Arlington tonight at 6:30pm. And even though the Frogs won't get the last at-bat, there's no reason for this to actually be a "road game", since UTA's Clay Gould Ballpark is only about 20 miles from both TCU's campus and downtown Dallas. In addition to the proximity, UTA's sparse crowds should make it easy for the purple & white contingent to take over tonight: UTA is averaging just 336 fans per home game this year, meaning that their seven-game total of 2,351 fans is about a hundred less than TCU's least-attended game of the year.

6'8" junior righty Greg Holle gets the start for the Frogs tonight, and it's important for him to distance himself from his shaky (at best) start to the season. With the Frogs looking like they'll be in contention for a Top-8 national seed (which comes with an NCAA Regional and Super-Regional at your home ballpark if you advance), they'll need every win they can get. And with midweek games still to come against OU, Baylor and A&M, the Frogs will need Holle to be solid.

LT in Purple Again?

You know I would like this.

I don't know if LT has the juice in his legs to be a starting back somewhere, but I do know that he can still play and would be a good change of pace back/pass catching back/third down back.

If he wants to be the lead back somewhere, this is probably not in his best interest, but hot damn I would love to see him in purple again.

Plus he could teach Peterson a thing or two about holding onto the ball.

What do the rest of you LT fans think?

Frogs Add Sixth Recruit: Deryck Gildon

The Frogs have added their sixth recruit of the 2011 class, Deryck Gildon. This 6'2, 205 pound kid played stand up defensive end for Arlington Martin, he will probably move to a linebacker spot for the Frogs. Also with this kid's 4.5 forty speed, he can no doubt wreck shop in CGP's nasty defensive scheme.
This kid had offers from schools like Tech, Baylor, and Kansas, but did the right thing in choosing the Frogs.
Welcome to the Frogs!

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