Monday, March 8, 2010

2 out of 3 ain't bad...

When Mr. Clutch, aka Bryan Holaday, drove home the go-ahead run in the Top of the 9th last night, visions of a Top 5 ranking coming off a 3-0 weekend in Houston started to fill my head. It wasn't to be, though, as the Rice Owls came back to secure a 5-4 win in 10 innings.

But even if last night's defeat was frustrating, I think you have to be more than pleased with the overall outcome down at Enron. The Frogs dominated one Big 12 team in Texas Tech (who will be in Fort Worth this weekend), survived a strong pitching performance by another one's ace (Missouri) to win and then went toe to toe with one of the nation's best programs last night. Baseball America, it appears, didn't penalize TCU for the loss as they still have the Frogs at #7 in this week's Top 25.

Next up: a short trip to Arlington to face UTA on Tuesday night.

Frogs won't face Moevao

When Oregon State travels over 1,600 miles to play a "home game" against TCU at JerryWorld on September 4th (which is 180 days from now, just FYI), the Beavers will be without signal-caller Lyle Moevao, who was today denied a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA. This isn't really newsworthy, as the NCAA has made it clear they do not grant a sixth year of eligibility unless the athlete in question plays for the University of Oklahoma.

Youthful Asipirations, Meet Wet Blanket.

At this blog, we typically choose to direct our collective hate east along I-30 in order to produce a more focused and relevant end result. However, occasionally we must get back to our roots and cast a scathing eye south along I-35 – it has east and west branches out of D/FW for double the hatred – towards those Texas Longhorns, because UT hate is truly the crème de la crème and serves as a great base layer for the rest of your sports hate-inspired endeavors. Think of it as the soil and roots of the tree that is your sports hate.

On that note, I’d like to introduce 2010 4-star recruit Taylor Bible, a defensive tackle out of Denton Guyer, who recently declared that UT would not only win the next four Red River Rivalries with him on campus, but also the next four BCS National Championships.

Now, there are two ways to look at this – through orange colored glasses, and through reality based colored glasses. The orange colored glasses look at this and think, “Love the kid’s enthusiasm and can’t wait to have him on our team. We’re Texas. We’re better than everyone else. We should win a national championship every single year, although we’ve only won one of them in the past 30 years. I think this Mack Brown character really has something going on with his recruiting. WOOO!! Will Muschamp!! He says F Bombs and is fiery!!! VINCE VINCE!!!!”

Some valid points, but you see how cluttered the mind of a UT fan is and how it’s sometimes difficult for them to think rationally. It’s not their fault; must be something in the water in Austin, and it looks like young Taylor has already bought into the cocksure UT persona despite never having played a down for the Longhorns.

To the outside observer though, this kid is the definition of GP’s beloved “paper tiger” mentality. Rivals gave him a high ranking, and he was a stud in high school, but until you suit up in the fall and earn your stripes on the field, you’re nothing. What do you think would happen if one of our recruits had shown up on campus and started firing off like that? He’d be running stadium stairs or taking a trip to GPs torture chamber underneath Amon G – you know it exists – in order to get his mind right. It’s one thing to have established yourself as a player and have an attitude, it’s completely another to be a dumbass high school senior and do it. But, Texas athletes will always be Texas athletes, and for that, they will always be despised by outsiders. How’d being a cocky high profile recruit work out for your career, Chris Simms?

Besides, this kid saw Garrett Gilbert throw 4 INTs, only complete 37% of his passes and lose a fumble on the goal line in his first big game, right?

Alright, so I admit that’s hardly fair and we all know that not many four year starters could’ve come in and won that game after McCoy went down, let alone a true freshman with limited experience. But my UT hate is more aged than most, kind of like a 1970 Chateau Mouton Rothschild to the average hater’s 2007 Kendall Jackson. It's just the nature of the beast.

Here me out while I slap young Mr. Bible upside the head with some literal truth, though – Garrett Gilbert is more than likely going to be a very fine quarterback for the Longhorns, I’ll easily admit as much. I’m also not an idiot and realize that he’s going to have plenty of time this season to develop before being thrown into a big game fire like that. But, in the context of Bible’s quote, I have to put it in perspective that he’s still going to be a sophomore quarterback throwing to mostly freshman receivers next year and, in order to win four consecutive BCS championships, he’s going to have to go up against competition as good if not better than Alabama last year. Now that UT has developed a well-oiled juggernaut and is hands down the top program in the Big 12, it’s easy to imagine them making it back to the BCS National Championship every few years with limited hiccups. But the next four? And winning them all? Come on now, son. I'm willing to bet Taylor would not reiterate his confidence with on hand on the Bible - pun overwhelmingly intended.

And that’s today’s “Grumpy old Sir Wesley Willis channeling his inner Norm Hitzges and dumping on the dreams of an over-confident, not-being-serious-athlete simply because he attends a school I hate, but if he played for my school I’d secretly love him for his moxie” segment of the day.

They do exist...

While thumbing through the paper during my breakfast yesterday, I was astonished at what I saw: the Dallas Morning News actually acknowledging the existence of TCU. Rick Gosselin, in his coverage of the NFL Draft, focused on Jerry Hughes as one of many undersized (by pro standards) college DEs that will most likely be making the change to outside linebacker in the NFL. He also mentioned Clint Gresham as one of five players that improved their draft stock at the NFL Combine (where he was the one and only deep snapper in attendance).

So bravo, DMN, for finally realizing that you have a Top 10 college football team in your own back yard. Now can we get more than just a score listed for TCU's Top 10 baseball team?

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