Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another Lesson in SMU Hate

If Bill Murray says it, then it must be true. Well ok, maybe Bill Murray didn't say it, but Business Week did. In their latest edition of best undergraduate business schools, the Neely School came in at number 30. Where was SMU? Number 31. Ouch. Not only did you not move up the list from last year, but you were passed by us. Where is Shaq's rap to Kobe when we need it? Oh yeah, its right here (thank you You Tube). How does it taste SMU?

I defer to Sir Wesley on most issues of SMU hate, but I just couldn't pass this one up.

Full ranking from Business Week here.

TCU v. Missouri Live Feed

Watch the Frogs go for it's second straight over the Big 12 and Purke go for his second win as a Frog. We are down 1-0 in the bottom of the first.

Watch live here