Wednesday, March 3, 2010

8-Year Olds, Dude.

Nobody Fucks with the Aundre Dean.

This story is about a week old so if you've heard about it bear with me. But if you haven't, it's definitely worth a read. It seems that Katy, Texas has a pederast on their hands!

Nick Georgandis, now former sports editor and high school football expert for the Katy Times and apparent household name in the area due to the big time-edness of Katy football, has been arrested on charges of soliciting non-football related minors for non-media related football activities . Unless that football team happens to play in a prison yard, then I suppose it makes sense. Guess he'll find out the hard way.

On the surface, you're probably wondering, "Why is the demise of a perverted panty sniffer relevant to SpitBlood?" Well, turns out ole Nick was parlaying Katy's football success into underaged poon-tang by posing as two former Katy standouts, one of which being TCU's own Aundre Dean. Now, this case is still under investigation so there's the possibility that it's all a big misunderstanding, but considering the authorities believe his computer contains dirty pictures he received from high school girls while posing as Dean and former Katy/current aggy receiver Trent Hunter, I'd say the odds aren't in his favor. Especially since the story also that Georgandis possibly solicited "horny gay guys" in a personal back in 1997, although since the source the paper names in this instance is something called "Hair Balls," I'm giving him a pass on that one.

Obviously the bottom line here is, if convicted, that's just a sick, sick man and the fact that as a high school sports writer he's had access to high school athletes at all levels is very disturbing. Another issue is that Georgandis obviously didn't consider the collateral damage he was doing to the two athletes he posed as. While nothing has happened to Dean's reputation at this point according to the story, Hunter actually had an issue with the aggy coaching staff who wanted to kick him off the team based on the comments "he" was making to the victims. Imagine if this had gone any further and Hunter had been kicked off the team? He probably would've been reinstated, but depending on how long it drug on, it could've severely damaged his football career. You may not like Big Brother spying on your web surfin', but sometimes Big Brother needs to break your box of crayons and tattle on you for not doing your homework in order to get results.

But, despite the overall creepiness of this unfortunate situation, there are a few lessons we can take away.

One, if you're 36 years old, and you want the sweet love of an innocent high school girl without being cock blocked by the cops, get Russia on the phone and they'll mail you one for a nominal fee. She may be frightened and have daddy issues, but hey, she's just happy to be out of Commiesylvania and probably won't turn you in.

Two, if you're a high school girl, and a random ex-football star from your high school asks you to send him lewd photographs of yourself, even if it's REALLY that football player and even if he did deliver your team a state championship, with the inception of the internet, the Patriot Act and image sharing cell phone technology, perhaps you should keep your lady parts to yourself? The internet will take you down pathways that in your naive mind you hoped never existed - just google "Britney Spears getting out of a car" and you will feel my pain. I've seen where her babies came from, and I can never unsee it.

And three, Aundre Dean, if you ever hit a dry spell, which, considering the way drunk college girls treat their football heroes - even under-achieving quarterbacks and walk on wide receivers-should never be an option, just know that your name recognition alone is good enough for a round trip ticket aboard the Poon Tang Express in Katy.

"What Grinds My Gears"

Look somewhat familiar?

I was planning on doing this a while back, but since the subject has come up this morning, I thought today would be a good day to start. Anyways, on to the subject. The TCU Rangers. That's what grinds my gears. Why do we have these guys? I mean really? To promote students to come to games and participate in the sporting events. F that. Get your ass in the stands. I'm sick of seeing people that still drive around campus with longhorn stickers on their car bc they would rather be in Austin than at the hell-hole school they go to here in funky, and these guys remind me of those same people. I have enough anxiety at football games as it is, so the last f-ing thing I want is to be reminded of those gay silver spurs to the south every time I go to a football game. And those sweet, leather vest really tie the room together. Way to keep it fashionable. I applaud the fact of trying but shit, come up with something a little more original, please guys. Stay tuned. More rant to follow.

More Draft Love for Hughes

Jerry Hughes' performance at the NFL Combine continues to draw praise from "experts", especially Pat Kirwan of In his mock draft that he posted yesterday, he has Hughes going with the last pick of the 1st Round, #32 to New Orleans. For those of you scoring at home, that means that he would play against the Cowboys in Arlington during the regular season this coming fall.

Frog hitters continue hot start

Much like the football team, the expectation for the baseball team this year was that the defense (in the form of a superior pitching staff) would be the driving force of the team, with multiple question marks on the offensive side of things. But also just like the football team, the baseball team's offense has come out and shown that it does not intend to be known as a possible weakness.

In fact, it was quite the opposite in last night's 17-12 win over UT-San Antonio. The Frogs scored their 17 runs on an impressive 20 hits, including seven that went for extra bases. Jason Coats drove in seven runs and freshman Josh Elander continued to excel at the plate going 3-5. Both players now have batting averages above .500.

On the flip-side, however, is the fact that the Frog pitching staff gave up 12 runs on 12 hits to the Roadrunners, including two home runs. Starter Greg Holle was chased in the 2nd inning after giving up five early runs, and the normally dependable Paul Gerrish and Eric Marshall also got roughed up a bit. With the midweek games so important to the Frogs' RPI, they cannot afford many more bad outings from Holle and Gerrish, who were looked upon to be the go-to guys for midweek games before the season started.

I wouldn't get too alarmed, though- midweek games, especially early in the season, can be a little weird. A&M already dropped a midweek game to Stephen F. Austin, Rice got whupped by Lamar last week, and just last night BYU beat Baylor and Texas baaarely beat UT-Pan American. Another good aspect of last night's game was the crowd- 2,495 were on hand to watch the Frogs in less than desirable weather. So far through four home games, TCU is averaging a little over 2,800 fans a game- and that's in February/March weather against Sam Houston and UTSA- just think what it'll be once it starts warming up.

Next up is the weekend trip to Houston for the Astros College Classic, where the Frogs will take on Texas Tech at noon on Friday, Missouri on Saturday afternoon and Rice on Sunday evening.

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