Monday, March 1, 2010

The University of No Manners.

Looks like New Mexico needs to invest in futures of Palmolive Bar Soap if they want to get their respective coaching staffs in line. After Head Football Coach Mike Locksley's well-publicized escapades during his first year on campus - and honestly, even though you should give a guy more than a year to turn around a fledgling program, the fact that you can sell Locksley's bullshit and lack of coaching credentials to your fanbase without inciting a riot says a lot about your expectations - you'd think that the Lobos would've held some anger management classes for their coaching staff in order to prevent future incidents.

During this weekend's marquee, unofficial Mountain West regular season championship game between then 12th ranked New Mexico and 11th ranked BYU - won by New Mexico 83-81 - it seems things got a bit chippy. After BYU forward Jonathan Tavernari got into a bit of a tiff with New Mexico's Darington Hobson, everyone was a bit on edge, and when Hobson came up with a late block to seal the win, it seems Tavernari decided to leave his copy of the BYU Honor Code on the bench, jawing with New Mexico Coach Steve Alford on the sidelines which culminated in Alford tossing out some sort of expletive in Tavernari's direction. I've got dibs on the AH word!

There was apparently a lot more made of this than it needed to be and both sides have since resolved the issue, but still - a coach calling a player for another team a bad word, and not just any team but BYU where you can't even drink a soda, let alone use four letter words? I'm surprised they didn't feed him to Uncle Rulon on the spot. The best part though? Tavernari, who by all the accounts was far less out of line than Alford, actually went to the UNM locker room and apologized! I mean, yeah, I understand that he probably would've been excommunicated from the church had he not done this, but come on! I think the biggest reason I don't like BYU - other than the fact that they're a major conference rival - is that they're just a little too honorable.

For instance - when we took our spitblood field trip to Provo for the game this past fall, a small contingency of Cougar faithful took some exception with one of bucknasty's signs and promptly removed it from his person and rendered it unusable. Honestly, I was a bit frightened for my safety in said instance because this kid had the most incredible look of rage in his eyes that I've ever seen. I figured we'd be in for an uneasy morning and surely wouldn't ever realize our destiny of unabashedly hitting on waitresses at TGI Fridays. Except what did the kid do not five minutes later? He apologized for it.

I mean, if you're going to commit an act of aggression that goes against all you stand for, at least mean it. Am I wrong? Sportsmanship is great and all, but everyone needs a bit of an edge, and BYU athletes just don't have it. If you need any evidence, just look at how they allowed Zilla to run roughshod over them for two solid years. Where's the pride? Where's the aggression? This mentality is why I think BYU will never be truly elite in any athletic field.

As for Alford, well, I suppose when your school already employs one of the better known jackasses in the coaching world, some of that stank will rub off. At least Alford is actually good at his job.

Frogs now #7

After their impressive weekend series win at Cal State-Fullerton, the Horned Frogs have moved up to #7 in this week's Top 25 poll from Baseball America. Wow, just before the first game I was saying that winning four of the seven February games would be a success. Well, the Frogs won five of the six that were actually played (no word yet on when that Baylor game might get rescheduled).

Steven Maxwell and Kyle Winkler both had very impressive starts this weekend, each picking up their second win of the season. Matt Purke struggled in his first career road start, but that's got to be somewhat expected, right? He left in the 3rd inning of Game 2, but the Frog bullpen showed that it, too, is a strength in not allowing the Titans to run away with the game. Offensively, Jason Coats was the MVP of the weekend, going 8 for 14 at the plate. Freshman Josh Elander continued to shine, too, and Bryan Holaday was able to extend his hit streak to 15 games.

Some other random, non-baseball tidbits from the weekend:
-Holy shit, the basketball team won a game.

-The Lady Frogs clinched at least a share of the MWC regular season title. They try to clinch it outright against New Mexico tomorrow night.

-Who knew that the soccer team ranked tenth in the country in attendance. Not that big a deal, but a good sign for the fanbase overall.

Combine Results Online

If you're like me, you saw Canada score the winning goal in overtime of yesterday's gold medal game and then said "meh, let's watch some real sports now"...and then turned to the NFL Network to watch the Combine. Unfortunately, though, if you are like me you haven't invented a time machine to go back in time and make a killing in gambling ala Biff Tannon and so you have to work and can't sit around in your boxers watching the Combine all day today waiting for the TCU players to take their turn.

Good thing someone had the bright idea to post the results on the interweb. Looks like Hughes ran a 4.59 in the forty. Not bad. If anyone is at home watching, be sure to tell us what Rich Eisen and the rest of the "talented" guys on the NFL Network have to say about the four Frogs that are in attendance.

Two more for 2011

David Smoak, the go-to guy when it comes to East Texas High School football, is reporting on his website this morning (before rivals, you'll notice) that TCU has landed two more commitments for the Class of 2011 from John Tyler High School in Tyler.

They are:

-David Bush, a 5'11" 165lb athlete who is expected to play QB for CUJO this fall, and:

-Chris Hackett, a 6'2", 165lb cornerback.

There isn't a whole lot of information on either of these two available on the internet, so we'll keep our ears out for anything relevant that comes along about them. Good to keep that East Texas pipeline up and running, though!

TCU: Riding the Crest of the Innovative Wave known as the "Internet".

My parents just got AOL version 2.0... I'm so stoked!

In a move that I will assume is well behind the curve of more internet savvy institutions, TCU has launched a Toolbar that will keep you up to date with the latest Frog news, scores, happenings and maybe even reveal the whereabouts of that dastardly TCU rapist. My money is on the Delt house.

Anyway, in an effort to bring you this update in the timeliest of fashions, I have not yet had a chance to fully explore said Toolbar, but if it's anything like the TCU iPhone application, it should at least be good for catching the most basic of Frog news in quick spurts. My biggest hope is that it's more sports oriented, as the iPhone application features sports as more of an afterthought - and as isn't exactly the most elaborative Frog news website, you can only imagine what you're dealing with.

Still, I applaud TCU for making an extra effort to make accessing information about the athletic department a little more... well... accessible.

You can download the toolbar here.

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