Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TCU/Baylor postponed

Per the Baylor Athletic site, tomorrow's scheduled game against Baylor in Waco has been Global-Warming'd out. No word yet on a make-up date.

Sports Illustrated Top 50 Draft List

"31) Jerry Hughes/DE-OLB/TCU: Hughes has been a pass-rushing terror at defensive end the past two years. He'll likely workout at both defensive end and linebacker at the combine -- two positions he may play at the next level. After sitting out the Senior Bowl with an injury, Hughes must perform well in Indianapolis."

"47) Daryl Washington/LB/TCU: He's another prospect on the rise and is viewed as one of the very few three down linebackers in the draft. Scouts feel Washington is close to being NFL-ready; a solid combine workout will only enhance his stock."

Full List from SI Here

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Jenkins weighs in

Dan Jenkins, who would probably be mercilessly and hilariously critical of our little shitty corner of the blog world, has finally chipped in his two cents on the whole Tiger Woods fiasco. Here's a little taste:

"For all of the Tiger idolaters out there, it must have been like finding out that ice cream sundaes give you gonorrhea."

Read the entire article HERE.


Even USA Today...who's sports section is written with the intent of making you forget the fact that you're eating some barely-edible continental breakfast at a Holiday Inn Express on some pointless business trip for your dead-end job while some fat kids with jean shorts and rat-tails on their way to Sea World run around the lobby screaming bloody murder while their diabetes-ridden single Mom contemplates a way out of the whole thing...no, not even they could find a way to sound positive about TCU basketball.

In their latest look Around the Mountain West, they painted a pretty dismal picture of this program. It was summed up pretty well with this quote from Coach Christian:

"We don't fight when the game needs to be won- we fight not to embarrass ourselves. Every time we'd cut it to eight, we'd give up three more layups, so I don't think that's fighting back. If you cut it to one, then you're fighting back, but we're not doing that at all."


At 12-15, their chances for any kind of postseason play beyond the conference tournament are slim to none barring a miracle. RealTimeRPI.com predicts an 0-4 finish by the Frogs, including a projected 19-point loss against UNLV in Vegas tomorrow night.

On the bright side, though, there is still some money to be made. The latest bracketology from ESPN indicates there's a decent chance of the Mountain West getting four teams in the tournament, which would be a record for the conference (it's been a two-bid league each of the past five seasons). They've got New Mexico as a 3-seed, BYU as a 4, UNLV as an 8 and San Diego State as the first team listed in the "first four out". Just like with bowl games, every team from your conference that reaches the tournament equals cash for your program. So, Go Aztecs...or whatever.

And if you're among those who find women's basketball watchable, the Lady Frogs are 19-6 and in first place in the MWC right now. The women's bracketology (yes, ESPN employs someone to do that) has them as a projected 8-seed.

In other news, football season is 193 days away.

Zero pieces of Flair

Instead of addressing the issue of concussions and the sometimes-devastating and permanent brain injuries that can accompany them as a result of the violent collisions in football, the NCAA Rules Committee is instead turning their attention toward limiting the selfish, me-first attitude of players like Reggie Bush...except of course, when players like him cheat...which they'll allow, as long as that player's team is a major TV draw...

One of the proposed amendments to the NCAA Football rule book is to ban players from using their eye-black strips as messages to the viewing public. I really don't see the harm, but I guess the NCAA doesn't want us to know what area code certain douche bags grew up in or the favorite bible verse of some future NFL H-back.

Another is changing taunting and showboating penalties from dead-ball to a live-ball fouls...meaning the play that prompted the behavior could get called back. This will likely result in far, far less showboating if passed, but will probably also result in at least one coach stroking out on the sideline during a game after a go-ahead touchdown gets called back in a crucial moment. Wouldn't it be worth it, though, if it meant one of the guys on Sportscenter had to awkwardly explain the C-walk to middle America?

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