Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Frozen Tundra of Amon Carter...

I'm just posting this because apparently that's what you do when it snows...oh and because it's stealing bandwidth from killerfrogs.

Local Kid Torches Frogs at Home

Utah freshman Marshall Henderson (pictured above...playing against a girl???), a graduate of L.D. Bell, torched the Frogs for 24 points in the Utes' 64-55 win at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum last night. The loss drops the Frogs to 11-14 overall and 3-7 in MWC play.

Now, I hate to be critical of TCU, especially since I think Jim Christian is a good coach who can eventually get things turned around. But how embarrassing is it to be torched by a kid from your own backyard by a conference rival whose campus is nearly 1,200 miles away? I mean, Henderson could've WALKED to TCU in about a fourth the time it would take him to drive to Utah. And it's not as if Christian can't recruit locally- he had Fort Worth native Tuffy Moss all set to join him at Kent State before he took the job at TCU.

I guess I don't really have much of a point here; I just needed to vent a little. This is a very frustrating team to support. Ah well, at least we didn't lose to SMU.

MWC Ready for a Pac-10 Raid?

I know there is alot of hoopla going on right now about expansions, but all this talk semi concerns me. We could be left out in the cold.

Take a look at yet another post from the ESPN Rumor Mill:

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson told Natalie Meisler of the Denver Post that his conference is prepared if it is raided during the seemingly inevitable expansion wars. "Absolutely, we would be prepared tomorrow for any number of scenarios," Thompson said on Wednesday. "We've always been proactive; we are doing the necessary research and looking at all options."

The MWC stands to lose at least two schools if the most popular scenarios play out. Either both Utah and BYU join the Pac-10, or Utah and Colorado do, leaving the Big 12 to poach TCU.

At any rate, perhaps the best-case scenario would be to form a giant superconference with the WAC and hope that after a couple years of success, it might merit inclusion in the BCS. Otherwise its options are severely limited, since it seems unlikely that the MWC could get anyone to leave higher-rated Conference USA.

ESPN is also saying Colorado to the Pac-10 makes too much sense. Since Colorado nearly went to the Pac-10 in 1994, this move seems like a no brainer. Also, there will be more money included if they do make the switch, with the opportunity to create a TV Network much like the Big-10. I wish TCU had a shot at moving into the Pac-10.

If Colorado leave the Big-12 for the Pac-10, do ya'll think it will be TCU who fills their void?