Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Utah and Colorado to the Pac-10?

From the ESPN Rumor Mill:

Utah might be headed to the Pac-10. A report from ABC4 in Salt Lake City says Utah will be invited to the Pac-10 conference, while BYU was left out of the guest list.

But there's a long way to go before any of this happens. The Pac-10 has to first decide that they are expanding, like the Big Ten. Then they might invite two schools to their conference to allow for a conference championship and a better scheduling format. ABC4 speculates that Utah and Colorado might be the two additions.

The TV station adds: "The Pac-10 TV deal is about to expire, and a new TV partner would want the league to have a football championship game, which requires the league to have 12 teams."

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott told the San Jose Mercury News that he'll be "very cautious" with expansion. "It?s always tempting to go for short-term economic gain, but it?s very hard to go backwards. You run the risk of potentially harming something that is so special."

Spitblood Roundtable: The Future of Amon G.

The Star-Telegram ran a story in the past few days about statues at sporting venues and in the article, mentioned the complete lack of sports statues on TCU's campus. Of course, acknowledgment probably isn't news to you. But I bet you thought the same thing to yourself that I did after reading that- "I bet there'll be some statues once they re-do the stadium".

So when is this long-talked about renovation of Amon G. Carter Stadium actually going to happen? As of now, the school hasn't released any kind of official plan or concrete timeline for the project.

Until we hear something of substance on the issue from the athletic department, I want you the Spitblood reader to pretend you're on whatever committee is in charge of such things. So, in the comments section, let me know:

-What features you would like to see on the "new" Amon G.
-How large you would like seating capacity to be.
-When you would like to see ground be broken on the project.
-Who would be honored with a statue, and where would they be.
-How much money you would personally donate to the cause.