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2010 Recruiting Class Intros - Antonio Graves, ATH, Texarkana, TX

Next on the list is 6'1", 210 pound athlete Antonio Graves out of Pleasant Grove High School in Texarkana. Graves is another one of those Patterson recruits that are difficult to pinpoint because he will likely be shifting to the defensive side of the ball for the Frogs after being the district player of the year as a senior QB. While his ball throwing skills don't show us much about his defensive prowess, if you watch a little further in the video, you'll see what an animal Graves can be.

He obviously has phenomenal size for a high school quarterback, and the strength he has in such a big frame is clearly evident if you watch him run a few times. He can throw a stiff arm or run through a defender like the best running backs, and, if he can find a way to harness that same energy as a defender - likely a safety - he could be blowing people up Hodge style for the next four years. He's also fast pretty fast - 4.6 - which makes strong safety the most likely option.

He also flashes some solid return skills, although I think between Kerley, McCoy, Grant and Carter, we've got that locked up for a pretty long while.

Like Patterson says, they're all paper tigers until they put on a helmet, but given GP's track record for converting high school QBs into big time defenders, combined with Graves' natural abilities, I think he should be a fantastic pick up for the Frogs.

2010 Recruiting Class Intros - David Johnson, DT, Argyle, TX

Moving on down the list, let's now take a look at defensive tackle recruit David Johnson - the first Frog to commit to the 2010 class. An honest commit? Way to go, David!

So, when you think of a defensive tackle, you typically think of someone like Alabama's Terrence Cody - a very, very large human being who clogs up running lanes and, unless they're a freak like Ndamukong Suh, only gets into the backfield when they sneak between the center and guard to nail a sitting duck back. Rarely are they able to shoot the gap and run down the ball carrier with ease.

Well, file Johnson under the latter category.

Pardon my french, but this kid is absolutely fucking bonkers good. 26 career sacks is a solid number for anyone - doing it from the middle of the line while typically being blocked by two defenders is quite another. And that's not even all he does. He lines up outside and rushes the passer. He drops into coverage and drops running backs on screen plays. He blasts through the line and catches running backs from behind. He shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Seriously - wow. He was his district's MVP as a defensive tackle. Think about that. His versatility has to have Patterson absolutely salivating.

As far as his natural position in the middle, it's hard to imagine him doing a better job than he already does. He dive bombs centers to get to the ball carrier, and if that doesn't work, he sits on his block then shifts off his man to make the tackle. Cory Grant and Kelly Griffin are going to be very good next year, but, with a little more weight on his frame - he's 6'2", but only 270 - he could easily crack the rotation.

However, after watching these highlights, is it worth adding weight to the kid and slowing him down? Could he potentially be the next great outside defensive end prototype that Patterson loves to assemble? Truthfully, Johnson will probably take a red shirt year, build some strength, and be a major contributor in the 2011 season. But, if he's able to add some bulk in the off-season without losing a step, it's going to be hard to keep him off the field. Johnson and DJ Yendrey in 2011 is going to be ominous for opposing offensive lines. Heads will continue to roll under GP's defensive lines.

Sleeper of the Class?

The picture of the puppy is really just in the interest of increasing our female readership.

If you listened to Patterson's Signing Day press conference on KTCU, you were treated to a lot of vague coach-speak. But if there was one player who GP was outwardly excited about joining his team, it was the least-hyped member of the class- 6'4" 315lb Farmersville offensive lineman Michael Thompson. While Thompson's profile on rivals says that TCU was his only scholarship offer, Patterson said he was very sought-after by a number of schools, but they didn't want to admit it since Thompson committed to the Frogs early and was firm in his choice from the get-go. Thompson, who was a stand-out center and defensive tackle for the Farmers as well as handling field-goal kicking duties, already benches over 400 and squats over 600 while running a 4.9 forty.

"I wouldn't trade him for any center signing with any other school in the country today." -GP

"Is SMU the Next TCU?"

From ESPN Insider's Rumor Central (New's Before It's News)

Jeff Caplan of writes that if coach June Jones continues his upward trend in recruiting, it may not be long before SMU joins the ranks of BCS busters. Caplan points out that the Mustangs share three key ingredients with regular BCS buster TCU: Both have a proven coach, both are located in fertile recruiting grounds, and both play in wide-open conferences (though ECU and Houston may have something to say about that in Conference USA).

SMU's class is its best in 25 years. It includes 11 three-star players, which is more than double the number (five) Jones signed last year and almost three times the number (four) SMU signed in the two years before Jones' arrival.

"The goal is to become a consistently winning team, and I knew that I could do that because offensively I knew that it could come pretty fast as long as I had a quarterback," Jones said. "I knew I'd find the receivers and I knew we'd have a chance to outscore everybody. And then as you go through the successful seasons, eventually you're going to be able to get defensive players, and then you're going to be able to beat people on defense, too. And then you've got a pretty good team."

One "good" season (to SMUs standards) and June Jones gets to enlighten us with his innovational coaching philosophy of offense first, defense later. And by later, I mean never.

Profile for the 2010 BcS National Champion

Here is Rival's profile for next years BcS Champion. They have five qualifications for teams to meet, but of course, we are not in it. Why you ask? Because we don't meet the 'most important' qualification, being in a 'Big Six' conference. While we are one of five teams to meet four of the qualifications, since we are not in one of these conferences, we are automatically out of the running as says Rivals. Here are their five qualifications
  1. Post at least nine victories the previous season - Check
  2. Posted a winning record in Post-October regular season - Check
  3. Return a Junior or Senior quarterback with starting experience - Check
  4. Return at least six starters from a defensive unit ranked in the top 20 in scoring defense - Check
  5. Be in a 'Big Six' Conference - Fail
Those teams that do all of these - Nebraska, Ohio State, Virginia Tech (TCU and Boise meet four, but we are not included because the BcS is a collusive body that violates the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and we are not in the 'Big Six'.)

Full Article Here

MWC Signing Day Rankings

Rank School Total 4* 3* Avg* Points
1 Utah 22 4 16 3.09 1,156
2 BYU 27 3 15 2.78 997
3 TCU 18 2 16 3.11 823
4 Colorado State 27 1 13 2.56 491
5 San Diego State 27 1 15 2.63 310
6 New Mexico 17 1 5 2.41 243
7 UNLV 23 0 6 2.26 90
7 Wyoming 23 0 6 2.26 90
9 Air Force 34 0 4 2.06 80

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