Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Recruiting Class Intros - Curtis Carter, ATH, Stonewall, LA

To close out my contributions to signing day, here's a look at our other four star recruit in the 2010 class, Curtis Carter, a 5'10", 170 athlete out of Louisiana with a 4.37 40. While Carter mostly saw reps as a quarterback in high school, my sources - lyle - tell me that the Frogs are planning to line him up out wide in our offense. If you'll recall, we've had a bit of success with moving fast, athletic high school QBs to WR. Now, I'm not trying to say he's going to be the next Jeremy Kerley, but the pieces look to be in place for that sort of situation to exploit itself.

With our current wealth at WR, I don't necessarily know that we will be able to see a lot out of Curtis this season - it seems like, unless he is able to beat out a current contributor, there's no reason to waste his eligibility this season. However, this kid has some of the greatest breakaway speed I've seen in a long time and could be a burner on the outside. But, he lacks the size of a true outside receiver, so he may be destined for the slot position for the Frogs. No matter, once we get Curtis on the field, there's little doubt he's going to be a major contributor.

Also, don't worry about our return game for the forseeable future.

TCU - now an offensive powerhouse.

DCTF weighs in on TCU's class

Travis Stewart of Dave Campbell's Texas Football had some pretty good stuff to say in his analysis of the Frogs' 2010 recruiting class, and also got some quotes about the recruits straight from their high school head coaches.

2010 Recruiting Class Intros - Ethan Grant, RB, Coconut Creek, FL

While the natural instinct today has been to dwell on the running back that is not coming to Fort Worth, it's time we appreciate the running back we DO have coming to Fort Worth. Folks, Ethan Grant is a STEAL for the Frogs. While part of the beauty of recruiting for a school in Texas is the fact that you do not even need to go beyond the state borders to put a Top 10 product on the field, occasionally you'll find you shouldn't be so narrow minded in your pursuits. So, when that happens, why not turn to the second best state for football talent in the country?

Ethan Grant is 5'10", 175 lbs and runs a 4.4 forty. That's about 1.5 times faster than normal human beings. Grant was the 15th rated running back in the nation and the 34th rated prospect in the entire state of Florida. He also decommitted from the University of Oregon in order to become a Horned Frog. Think about that - a stud running back from Florida with an offer from Oregon spurns the Ducks - the hands down favorite to win the Pac 10 again next year and play in the Rose Bowl - in order to come play for Patterson. When you wonder if TCU's rep is expanding, there's your proof right there.

If you've watched the youtube footage, you can see that the hype is well warranted too. Grant is a straight backed runner with tremendous cutback ability and has no problems creating space for himself. He won't necessarily be a between the tackles runner, and he's probably not going to be a Joseph Turner "run you the F over" type back given his size, but with his ability to shake defenders, I can definitely see him fitting into the Ed Wesley mold for our offense. That being said, Grant is tremendously more talented than Wesley was at this stage of his game, so I don't see the coaching staff relegating him to slot duty.

Seriously though - and just remember, my football playing career ended with a dropped touchdown in the end zone in 8th grade, so what do I know? - this kid take ankle breaking to a new extreme. I definitely see some screen passes for six in his future. You could make the argument that he's not necessarily one of those guys who will just run away from defenders - most defensive backs in college football have the speed to catch just about anyone who isn't superhuman - but, if we can get Grant in the open field, look out, because he could juke his own shadow out of its shoes. I'm not sure who our bruising, between the tackles back will be next year, but I do know that the University of Texas would sell Mack Brown's soul to have Matthew Tucker, Waymon James, Dwight Smith and Ethan Grant coming out of their backfield next year.

Just watch the videos. You won't be disappointed.

Signing Day Foolishness

As we learned with Josh Huff this morning, 18 year old kids love to play switcheroo (especially twins, right Finch?). Check out this video of the ceremony held to announce the college commitment of Marcus Lattimore, a 5-star running back from Duncan, SC.

-Held in a church? Check.

-Hat fake? Check.

-Sandstorm? Check!

Kid was born to be a Frog and never knew it.

2010 Recruiting Class Intros - Matt Brown, QB, Allen HS

So by now we've all seen that the Frogs 2010 recruiting class has been finalized - I am assuming Ethan Grant will be part of it - with only one hiccup. This currently places us 46th in the Rivals rankings, behind conference rivals BYU and Utah. It's always disappointing to see your class finish below a conference rival, let alone two, but, as we all know, these rankings are increasingly arbitrary, and it's not like unheralded recruiting classes have kept us out of the BCS discussion or anything. So, let's be pleased with what we DO have and start taking a look at the 2010 commits.

I'll go ahead and get things kicked off with Quarterback Matt Brown out of Allen, the 11th ranked dual threat QB in this year's class, according to Rivals. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find too much on the kid on Youtube, but for those of you who are interested, here is the beginning of a long stream of videos that comprise the entirety of the Allen/Longview - hey! I went there! - game from this year. It ended up being Allen's only regular season loss, but seeing as how Longview was the state runner up in 4A and is now being shifted back into 5A, it's not as bad of a loss as you might think. Allen would eventually lose in the third round of the 5A Division 1 playoffs to Arlington Bowie, but not before knocking off Southlake Carroll in the second round.

Brown, as most of you know, was originally committed to the University of Arizona, but when Offensive Coordinator Sonny Dykes left to become the head coach at Louisiana Tech, he reopened his commitment and ultimately chose the Frogs. Perhaps it's because I watched the premiere of Lost last night, so I'm all into how fate has a way of intervening in people's lives, but Matt Brown's situation does raise some ironic points: Tennessee HC Lane Kiffin leaves to become the coach at USC, which causes TCU to go into a panic because Patterson seems to be a very viable candidate for the opening. Patterson then denies the opening, which causes Tennessee to have to go with a lower level choice in Louisiana Tech HC Derek Dooley. Tech then announces the hiring of Sonny Dykes exactly one day after Dykes and Arizona Coach Mike Stoops met with Matt Brown, where they made no mention of Dyke's interest in the LT job. Brown, feeling deceived, pulls his commitment and signs with TCU. So, ultimately, we have Lane Kiffin to thank for all of this, and, in a circular way, he helped himself out by causing a conference rival to lose a major commit. My brain hurts...

After that tangent though, perhaps I should get to the matter at hand which is assessing what Matt Brown will mean for the Frogs. Now, I'll be completely open and honest - I'm not an expert on this kind of stuff, nor do I follow much Texas High school football outside of Longview, so I can't honestly sit here and pretend like I know a lot about the kids. However, I do have access to a Rivals account and I like watching sub-2 minute highlight videos at work, so I can at least give you the narrow analysis that provides.

On the surface, Matt Brown is going to receive a lot of comparisons to former Frogs QB Jeff Ballard. He's not a huge kid - 6'1", 185 - so he's going to get on some of those Colt McCoy caliber performance enhancing drugs to build muscle, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in quickness. He doesn't have a cannon of an arm - or at least in his highlights, he doesn't throw the ball more than about 15-20 yards on any given play - but he's precise at short routes which should aid him in the Anderson/Fuente offense. There's obviously a gap in competition when running the ball against high school defenses versus college, so it's hard to say he'll be a major success when he has to make plays with his feet, but I think he has as good of a chance as anyone to be one of those guys. The biggest drawback I could see was that he leaves a little too much air under his throws and most division 1 cornerbacks are entirely capable of taking advantage of that, but this can definitely be corrected over time. This seems to be the guy everyone is the most excited about, and I don't think he'll disappoint.

The obvious situation here is that Brown is going to have to come in and compete with Casey Pachall for a starting role down the road, but I kind of see this playing out like the Dalton/Pachall situation where Brown will obviously take a redshirt year to get acclimated then be ready to go when his time comes. He doesn't have Pachall's 6-5, 210 lb frame, and Casey is definitely every bit of the athlete Brown is, but I think once he pays his dues he can be a highly successful starter for the Frogs.

Welcome Aboard, Matt!

Huff a Duck

According to ESPN

Signing Day Update 2

Jonathan AndersonDB6-1/19632
Matt AndersonATH6-2/214NR
Travaras Battle-SmithATH5-10/17579
Matt BrownQB6-1/18511
Stephen BryantATH6-5/220NR
Curtis CarterATH5-10/17021
Sam CarterQB6-0/20523
Ethan GrantRB5-10/17515
Antonio GravesATH6-1/210NR
Chris HawkinsWR6-2/17577
David JohnsonDT6-2/27031
Marcus MallettLB6-1/21639
Elisha OlabodeDB5-10/17054
Blake RobertsLB6-4/22545
Michael ThompsonOL6-4/31518
Nykiren WellingtonOL6-6/275NR
Kevin WhiteDB5-10/170NR

As of now the entirety of our class has committed, sans Huff and Clifton Murphy. Honestly, I don't know the exact rules of grey shirting, but I believe Murphy will count against next year's recruiting class, so maybe he doesn't officially sign with this one? Someone with more knowledge please fill me in. Regardless, he's going to be a Horned Frog, so no worries there. Huff is still leaving the Oregon and TCU fan bases in serious limbo - seriously, someone get him that picture of the slutty girl in the TCU jersey juxtaposed with Oden's wang to let him contemplate what he really wants out of his locale. Will update again once Huff signs, wherever that may be.