Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Damn You, Pam Tebow!

I'm sure everyone knows by now, but Tim Tebow and his disobedient mother Pam will be airing a 30 second Super Bowl ad for the ultra-conservative Christian group Focus on the Family. For those of you living under a rock who don't know about this, it's basically a story retelling how his mom was told to abort him after getting sick during her pregnancy, and she obviously didn't listen.
Now I don't want to start the abortion debate on spitblood, because this isn't the forum (neither is the Super Bowl, Tim). The purpose of this post is for all of us to think about how much different (read better) our lives as college football fans that aren't balls deep in Florida/Tebow/Meyer would be had Pam just taken the advice of doctors, like most of us normal human beings do. Maybe I hate Florida and the Media-Tebow love fest more than others, but as a football fan and generally a fan of people that aren't complete douchebags (Jersey Shore cast being the exceptions), I just feel like college football without Tim Tebow over these past few years would have been even better. We wouldn't have seen 1 more Florida championship (he didn't win their first one, but espn will make you think he did), we would've been spared so many high pitched lispy voiced interviews about how he tries harder than everyone ever, and we would've never seen Filipino boys cirumcized on ESPN, ever. I mean seriously, has there been a bigger Media Whore in the history of college athletics???
And to think this all could've been avoided...Thanks again, Pam.

Lessons in SMU Hate - Rape.

Apparently part of SMUs Student Welcome Package.

As I have been prone to do when they were down, now I will continue to kick SMU while they’re kind of up. Fresh on the heels of finding ANOTHER dead student on campus via drug related incident*, now SMU gets to deal with rape charges against one of its football players. Before getting into said rape charge, an interesting note about the dead student – so apparently the Kappa Alpha Fraternity at SMU was recently removed from campus for PARTYING TOO HARD, BRO!!! so now, in order to gain revenue from what would have otherwise been just an empty building, SMU moved in a bunch of non-affiliated students while they tried to find them housing elsewhere. Looks like there was enough magic left in the old place from all of the previously overdosed pledges to take down just a regular joe. Seriously, can you imagine a regular night in the dorms at SMU? “Brah, come on brah, take a bump of this. It’ll make you feel like you’re 100 feet tall… no brah, I swear the dealer who sold it to me isn’t going to come back and discard you in a dumpster somewhere… …. That’s some good shit, huh brah?... uh… brah??? DAD!! Get the lawyer on speed dial!” Seriously, people pay even more money than TCU’s currently nauseatingly high admissions prices to go there.

Getting back on topic as far as the rape charge, SMU defensive lineman Torian Pittman is currently facing charges of raping a 22-year old because he apparently wasn’t aware that by being a football player he is inherently attractive to the majority of the women he will come in contact with and doesn’t need to resort to such barbaric methods for locking down some poon. Those white girls may dress fancy and act like bitches, but they like to get freaky too, I promise. On one hand, it’s a bummer for their program to lose a player over an incident like this, and it’s obviously an awful situation for the girl involved. It may be a controversial opinion on my part, but I’m against all forms of rape that aren’t scoreboard related. However, as we all know, unless you’re Notre Dame – and that’s extremely debatable at this point due to recent performance – you can’t build a football team without catching a few thugs along the way, so by that measure, SMU, you have officially re-arrived – and this time you might actually be doing it legitimately.

The thing that struck me watching SMU this season, and most notably the big bowl win, was how, down the stretch, they became harder and harder to absolutely hate. They got rid of Bo Levi and his Eminem persona. June Jones has not only kept his mouth shut since the infamous, “No one has been playing great football in the metroplex lately” comments, he’s backed up his reputation as a program rejuvenator by taking the Ponies, who have dwelled in the cellars of such lofty locales as the WAC and CUSA in recent years, and turned them into a respectable program. Seriously, this guy HAD to have sold his soul to the devil, right? There’s really no way he’s not getting plowed by beezlebub every Saturday night in exchange for the skills he’s been given, whatever they are, right? Still, no matter his methods, whatever he does works, and I think by the time he leaves the Hilltop – and, ironically, if you’ve been to SMU, it’s anything but hilly – he’ll have earned the $2 million annually.

But, just like many of you, I’ll never be able get past the awful student body the school continues to churn out year after year. It’s one thing to have a slump – obviously certain age groups of students we are acquainted with seem to be of far poorer quality than others – but it never ceases to amaze me how terrible the quality of person that attends SMU is on average. And the way they keep killing themselves for a few hours of fun isn’t going to change my opinion anytime soon.

So where am I really trying to go with all of this, other than to build off-season SMU hate for the sake of it? When I look at SMU as a football team, I see TCU in the early years of the Fran/Patterson era. The fanbase had become so apathetic towards anything football related, that even when success was clearly right under their noses, it took them much longer than necessary to seize on it. Think about it – it took until this past season against Utah for TCU to sell out a home game on their own merit. It took until this season to set an attendance record despite having one of the top ten winningest programs of the decade playing on campus every single season. What if this happens for SMU? What if their fanbase, who is already terrible, smells success and actually starts to give a damn? What if those penny loafer and seer sucker wearing bastards gain a sense of entitlement and try and claim the metroplex football monopoly? You think this rape isn’t some big ploy? You think they didn’t realize that all publicity is good publicity and that by immersing a rapist into the whitest, snottiest, richest, most condescendingly terrible area of north Texas they could create some interest and notoriety for their program? I know your game, June Jones, and I’m keeping my eye on you. Those “June Cometh” signs have a bit of a different ring to them now, don’t they?

And that’s today’s Lesson in SMU Hate.

*-I have no idea if this was the cause, but I don't exactly have half of my post without it, now do I?

Matt Brown Interview

Here is an interview between ESPN's Bruce Feldman and new commit Matt Brown. How many players have we stolen from other BCS schools now?

"Coaching is just a business"

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Last spring I wrote an ESPN Magazine story (read it here) where we set out to detail not only the boom of Texas-bred college QB standouts -- but also focus on the how tricky the recruiting process can be to navigate for high school QB recruits. In the initial story pitch, we had discussed the story as "Searching for the Next Drew Brees" or "the Next Tood Reesing." I spoke to some college coaches as well as some recruiting analysts before heading down to Ft. Worth for an Elite 11 regional workout at TCU.

The QB who fit our profile best -- and who also outperformed every other quarterback prospect there was a 6-foot flat, 175-pound kid named Matt Brown. The Nebraska Cornhuskers and a handful of other BCS programs had already offered him scholarships; he and his family were trying to sort out his options. Right before the story went to print, Brown committed to the Arizona Wildcats and Mike Stoops. This Seemed like a great fit. Brown went on to have a great senior season, throwing for over 2,400 yards and rushing for almost 1200 more. His TD-INT ratio was 24-2.

I have to say I was pretty stunned when I saw something pop up on my Twitter feed via ESPN_OntheTrail saying Matt Brown had de-commited and was now committed to the TCU Horned Frogs. I spoke to Brown last night. His story illustrates just how nerve-wracking the recruiting process can be for recruits and their families, especially when you think everything is all taken care of and your college future is set.

Feldman: You just switched to TCU? How did all of this happen -- when (former Arizona offensive coordinator) Sonny (Dykes) took the La. Tech head coaching job?

Brown: Yeah, it was crazy. Coach Dykes and Coach (Mike) Stoops came by for their home visit on last Tuesday, and they didn't say anything about anything. I had no idea something might be happening. It seemed like a normal day, and they were just stopping by. But then Coach Dykes takes the job the next day. So I'm sitting there, thinking 'What the heck?' I didn't know what to think about it. I didn't know what was going to happen. I mean this was the guy who was recruiting me since I was a sophomore. He was always there. He gave me my second offer. And when he left, I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to put all of my eggs in one basket with Coach Dykes and Arizona.

I went right back to our athletic facility (at Allen High in Allen, Texas) and (my high school coach) said he would call a couple of schools. And he did. One of the schools was TCU and they were still looking for a quarterback and they wanted me.

How did you find out Dykes was leaving Arizona?

I found out from watching the TV. I was heading back home from school and this guy texted me. I get some texts from people in Arizona, and so I see this text, 'Hey, you heard about Coach Dykes?' I didn't even reply back because I didn't know who it was. Then, I turn on ESPN and it's "Breaking News: Coach Dykes is taking the La. Tech job." I'm like, 'What the heck?!? You were just in my living room yesterday.' It was crazy.

Were you able to get Coach Dykes back on the phone?

He called me two days later and said he was sorry for how everything happened. Then Coach Stoops called me another two days after that. The thing was -- and I told them this -- if they would've at least talked to me and said 'Hey, Coach Dykes is leaving and this is what we're going to do. We're going to be fine. Don't worry about anything. You need to stay here." But they didn't say any of that. I think they were just expecting me to stay.

I already talked to Coach Stoops about it, and I think he knows he messed up a little bit. I mean, I didn't know what to do. I wasn't going to sit there and wait. There's just two weeks left (till Signing Day).

So then all of your high school coaches to start making calls. What was that process like?

All of the coaches were calling. There were about three or four of them get on the phones. We called the Utah Utes and they said they were really interested. They wanted to fly me out the next day for an official visit.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish were interested, but they didn't think they had enough room on their roster. We just kept calling schools. East Carolina just called up to say they were offering me, and TCU is saying how interested they were in me. TCU just felt like a better fit.

How much panic did you have from the time you find out Dykes is leaving to the time you start hearing that you might have other options at other schools?

There were about 30 minutes from the time I saw Coach Dykes left. I immediately ran over to the facility and I was just freaking out. I didn't know what to think. My coaches were saying, 'Just relax. Let us call a couple of coaches.' So they started calling schools and would hear, 'Heck, yeah, we got room.' It was a really exciting time. I'm just really blessed that TCU still had room.

Had TCU been recruiting a lot before last week?

They didn't recruit me while I was committed to Arizona, but they had recruited me before that. They had been really interested, but because I had committed so early to Arizona, I guess they really hadn't had much of a chance to put their two cents in. It was just one of those situations where I had gotten a second chance to rethink everything.

Did Sonny try to recruit you to Louisiana Tech?

No, he didn't. I think he knew I wasn't going to do that. He just tried to make sure that I would still go to Arizona. They're all nice people. Everybody knows that. I wish them nothing but the best.

When you were watching TCU this year, I guess you never dreamed you were about to be part of that program, huh?

Yeah, if you had told me I would've committed to TCU, I would've laughed at you. I was always impressed with them. The campus is real nice and I like the offense they ran.

I took an unofficial to TCU this weekend and that's where they offered me. TCU is a school that wants to meet your parents, wants to meet you. The quarterback coach wants to meet you. They're not a school that just throws out offers.

Did you consider just staying with Arizona?

Yeah, and that was a thing. But I just didn't hear from any of their coaches. So I didn't know what to do. I didn't hear from any of them. That was the only problem. If they would've called and said 'Hey, we got this all worked out. Coach Dykes is leaving but we're thinking about bringing in this guy, and hopefully everything's fine and we hope you stay with this commitment.' Yeah, O.K., then I would've never called Utah or TCU or any other school. There's definitely a time where I'd still have gone to Arizona, but I just never heard.from any of them and I didn't know what to think about it.

Did you try calling them or think that maybe they're only allowed to call you once a week and couldn't contact you directly?

I tried calling Coach Dykes a couple of times and his inbox was full because he had just got that job. But I didn't even have anybody else's number there on the coach staff. I didn't get calls from anybody else there. I was expecting Coach Stoops to call me. I didn't have his number in my new phone.

This sounds like it's every recruit's worst nightmare. You had Nebraska and all of these other offers nine months ago but then you commit someplace and now you're not sure who is going to be coaching you or in what system and then you have to worry if it's too late to look at anyplace else?

Yeah, I had some good offers -- some good ones early on -- and if I had just waited a little longer, I might've had five or 10 more. But I don't regret committing to Arizona when I did because I really did like Arizona. It was a place I really wanted to go, and right now it's not a place I wouldn't want to go. It's just that TCU offers everything that Arizona did but it offers something that Arizona can't, which is being closer to home. It's cool that it's people only from Texas. I'm truly a believer in team chemistry.

TCU treated me really well there. The thing I like about them is they just go to work. I like that. The thing about TCU -- and this is irony -- but Coach Patterson has had job offers to go to other places. But he's staying at TCU and he wants to stay at TCU. It was a family feel there.

They knew that I have been running the exact same offense that they do, and they know that I know how to run an offense. It was just kind of a weird and crazy fit.

I truly believe that everything does happen for a reason.

I know the academic programs you were looking for were a big factor in your choice last time. Does TCU offer you offer something similar to Arizona?

Yeah, they do have the weather stuff. They don't have meteorology as a major, but they have all the requirements for minors and the classes I would have to take to become an atmospheric researcher. They said they would work with me on that, and the National Weather Service is actually located in Ft. Worth, so I could get my internship during one of the springs, and then after college I can kinda get started and start working.

Are you done with the recruiting process now?

Pretty much. TCU just felt too right and perfect. There are a bunch of other programs that could be a good fit, but I don't think any of them would be as good a fit as TCU is for me.

It's pretty crazy. Taking it back, I wish I would've thought about it a little longer and made sure Arizona was the right decision for me. I had put all my eggs in one basket with Coach Dykes and Arizona. I kinda committed because of him. I should've thought that even if he stayed this year, he might not have been there very long. I definitely learned a lesson. Coaching is just a business. For every assistant coach in college football, their main goal is to get a head coaching job. I wish it didn't happen this way. I wish they would've known sooner, so they could get another quarterback. I wish them the best and I told them that.

Sporting News Early Top 25 for 2010

The Sporting News has come out with a very early Preseason Top 25 for the 2010 college football season, and you'll be glad to know they've put TCU at #8, the only Lone Star State team to make the list.