Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Q&A with Matt Purke

College baseball starts a month from today, and Ping Baseball recently sat down with one of the most highly-anticipated freshmen in the country, TCU's own Matt Purke, to discuss the coming season.

In related news, for those of you that aren't willing to plop down the dough for season tickets, individual game tickets went on sale today. Not that every game is going to sell out, but I'd recommend not waiting too long if you want good seats when A&M, OU, Baylor or Tech come to Lupton.

I'm sorry, but I just have to share.

Alright, so I know that we've all given counselor and a couple of others a hard time for posting non-Frog related items on this site - I hear he's going to work in "I will not post about Dave Matthews Band on Spit Blood" in his upcoming nuptials - I just had to share this with someone. Behold! The Shake Weight Work Out!

Seriously though, could those women be any happier about the task at hand?
The short haired one looks like she'd had some practice.

And, if we need to keep it football related, I think I can safely say that just about
every reader and contributor to this site was performing the Shake Weight Workout
al fresco when we heard the news that Patterson told Tennessee to go be aggy dog
worshippers alone.

Sorry - I'll never do this again.

ESPN: Patterson says Bumpas to stay at TCU

ESPN's Graham Watson is reporting that Bumpas will stay at TCU despite speculation that he would become part of Derek Dooley's staff at UT.

It makes me very happy to now have two coaches turn down my hometown team.

Have Gunslinger Tattoo, Will Travel

I know this will be the cause of many tears out there among the Spitblood readership, but the Bo Levi Mitchell experiment at SMU is over as the sophomore quarterback has announced he's transferring. Judging by the pattern set by Justin Willis and now BLM, it would seem that the Kyle Padron era of SMU football will only last another season before they find another 18 year-old to take his place. He's the second prominent Mustang (if there is such a thing) to leave the program this offseason- tailback Shawnbrey McNeal is leaving a year early for the NFL Draft.