Friday, January 8, 2010

ESPN way too early top 25

TCU comes in at number 7, great place to start a title run.

4th Frog invited to NFL Combine

Apparently, Texas Hammer was a key contributor in turning TCU into "Deep Snapper U". As you might recall, Jared Retkofsky earned a Super Bowl ring snapping for the Steelers last year. Now Clint Gresham has received an invitation to the NFL Combine, where he'll try to impress scouts enough to give him a crack at making a roster next fall. In case you're wondering, Hammer, the league minimum is scheduled to be $325,000 next year.

Playing with the Big Boys

Just as I did a year ago, I want to take a look at how TCU compares to the other teams that finished in the Top 10 in regards to total enrollment:

1. Alabama: 28,807
2. Texas: 50,995
3. Florida: 49,679
4. Boise State: 18,936
5. Ohio State: 52,568
6. TCU: 8,696
7. Iowa: 30,409
8. Cincinnati: 39,667
9. Penn State: 44,118
10. Virginia Tech: 30,739

So that means that every other school in the Top 10 is at least twice as big as TCU and that the other nine schools are, on average, almost 4.5 times bigger than our alma mater.

This #6 final ranking also marks the third time in the past five seasons that the Frogs have finished in the Top 10. By comparison, A&M's last Top 10 finish was in 1994, Tech's last (and only) Top 10 finish was in 1965, and Baylor's lone Top 10 finish came back in 1951.

Morning Dump

TCU finishes 6th in AP and Coaches Poll, Boise St. 4th ESPN

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