Sunday, January 3, 2010

Donk's wear jorts

It's not just Gators.

Spitblood Predictions: The Fiesta Bowl

Welcome to the future. 2010 and still no flying cars, what a rip-off! But at least robots haven't taken over the world...yet. No telling what the new decade will bring us, but I am going to ask you, the readers of Spitblood, to try to predict tomorrow's game.

Just like you've done all season long, leave your prediction for the game in the comments section. Let us know your prediction for the final score and who you think will be the player of the game on offense, defense and special teams. Also, what you plan on referring to this year as: "two thousand-ten" or "twenty-ten".

I'm gonna get this started off with my pick: TCU 38, Boise State 24. Andy Dalton will earn his third consecutive bowl game offensive MVP Award, while Jerry Hughes will take the defensive honors for his work against Donkey's back-up right tackle. I'm really tempted to say Kerley takes another punt back for a score in this game, but I'm gonna go with Anson Kelton as the special teams POG with some nice kicks pinning Donkey deep in their own Donkey territory.

Oh, and it's a good thing this game is being played indoors, because with the Frogs in the desert, there's sure to be a SANDSTORM rolling in late tomorrow...