Thursday, December 2, 2010

We're counting on you, Bob

Sir Wesley will do a more in-depth job of documenting the chances of Auburn and/or Oregon losing this weekend tomorrow, but right now I want to talk about what needs to happen if one or both of those upsets were to take place on Saturday.

As we've seen since the latest BCS rankings were released Sunday night, there are certain media members (and certainly a large number of fans) that do not believe TCU should be given a shot at the title, no matter what. This sentiment was reiterated this morning on ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike Show, when Lou Holtz stated that, even though he believes TCU should be given it's title shot, not everyone agrees with him and a lot of people would rather see a 1-loss team from a "power" conference be given that opportunity instead of the Frogs.

It's 2010- we've got a black president, a female speaker of the house (for now), and multiple states out there are either decriminalizing marijuana or legalizing gay marriage. Don't you think we're ready for a non-BCS team to play for the championship? While a lot of people are, ESPN does not appear to be, as they've given free reign to idiots like Craig James and Rod Gillmore to spew their false logic and disdain for TCU all over the air.

If Auburn and/or Oregon lose on Saturday, there will be a roughly 24-hour window in which the talking heads on ESPN will attempt to protect the bottom line for the Disney Empire by swaying voters in favor of a 1-loss team from a large state school that will presumably deliver better TV ratings than TCU.

That's where Bob Schieffer comes into the scenario. During that 24-hour window, Schieffer will be hosting "Face the Nation" on CBS Sunday morning. Bob, if you're reading this, it's time to forget about the economy, about North Korea or about wikileaks- you to use your show as a platform for the Horned Frogs. Gary Patterson, Dan & Sally Jenkins and Dan Wetzel (author of "Death to the BCS") should all be guests on your program. The country needs to hear their side of the story, because ESPN is going to be letting their BCS lapdogs denigrate the Frogs and rob them of the opportunity they deserve.

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Frogzilla said...

I know he will be backing us up, when (not if) South Carolina Beats Auburn.