Friday, December 3, 2010

Spitblood Predictions: Basketball and Football "Semi-finals"

Naturally, everyone's minds are on football this weekend. For the second consecutive year, the Horned Frogs head into the final weekend of the regular season 12-0, hoping for an upset or two to send them to the national championship game. All eyes will most likely be glued to the television as events unfold in both Atlanta and Corvallis tomorrow afternoon, but there is a pretty big game going on in Fort Worth as well.

You might remember Northern Iowa as last year's NCAA Tournament darling, when they beat #8-seed UNLV and then knocked off #1-seed Kansas to reach the Sweet 16. The Panthers are 3-2 so far this season, and face the 6-2 Frogs tomorrow afternoon at 1:00pm at Daniel-Meyer as part of the Mountain West-Missouri Valley Challenge. I wasn't aware that such a thing existed, either.

So even though the TCU football team isn't in action this weekend, I still want your thoughts as to how things will shake out tomorrow. Let me know, in the comments section, your predicted final score for the TCU-Northern Iowa basketball game, as well as the Auburn-South Carolina and Oregon-Oregon State football games.


Lyle Lanley said...

Give me the Frogs beating UNI, 62-59.

Oregon State might hang with the Ducks for a while, but I don't see them pulling this one off.

I don't want to jinx South Carolina by calling for an upset, but I do have a good feeling about this game.

THEFINCH said...

73-69 Frogballers

Oregon wins by 17, covering the opening line by half a point

The football Gods don't allow Scam Newton to play for a NC. Cocks by a field goal

shortnkerley's said...

I'm going to take the approach that Randy Quaid's character in the Major League movies took, and just expect for the worst, and if something good does happen, I'll act like I knew it all along.

Frogs win in basketball 71-60.
Oregon beats Oregon State 52-17.
Auburn wins because SC blows it in the 4th.

Spence said...

I like the frogs tomorrow 65-57. I think both teams come out slow and turn it up late as they get warm.

I completely agree with thefinch on Oregon/Oregon state..... OSU plays em tough until the speed of the Ducks offense(that can only be matched by the speed of TCU's defense)helps them pull away.... Oregon, 47-30

I am praying we don't see something like we did last friday. I hope Scam loses it early and throws 6 picks. I have the same gut feeling on this one that most do.... SC, 27-21

Adam said...

UNI wins it 59-45. I'm not a believer yet.

Oregon State wins 45-43

The Old Ball Coach takes it to Auburn 28-27 because of a missed extra point. Life won't be fair.

TCU will be a reluctant #1 on Dec 5th.