Monday, December 6, 2010

SMU Hate - Pony Excess

Finally, its finally here. The last of ESPN's 30 For 30 films. And leave it to the all mighty powers at ESPN to not only save what will undoubtedly be the best for last, but also pull off the largest irony in the history of ironies, but more on that second point later. And yes, the grammar on that one was probably awful but I'm so excited, I really don't care.

"If we're gonna cheat, then we're gonna show you how to cheat. If we're gonna pay, then we're gonna really pay. Because we're Dallas." What a fantastic line from Dale Hansen. Who, I must admit I can't stand most of the time, but I do respect immensely because he basically blew the whistle on this entire thing even though it meant risking his entire career. But that one line defines SMU. It defines everything about that dirty school. "Because we're Dallas" we should be able to do whatever we possibly want, and even if we get caught it wont matter because we will just pay off whoever we need to inorder to keep doing whatever we want. Wrong, you got caught, a lot. That's what is so interesting about the whole scandal that some people don't realize. The death penalty only came down after being hit with probation five times. It wasn't just one season of paying to play, it was a culture of 'excess'. I saw a commenter on Youtube post a great line when trying to describe to someone what was going on at SMU, "It's similar to the Cam Newton situation, only multiply it by the entire team." Yeah, that gets you the death penalty.

Now I don't know about how biased this thing will be. Sir Wesley informs me by the miracle of 'electronic mail' that it is directed by an SMU alum. Which could mean two things. One, he was a scholarship film student who got made fun of by all the rich kids for not having a G5, and he wants to reveal just how incredibly terrible SMU really was. Or two, and more likely, certain areas of particular disgust will be glossed over because they were just 'doing whatever one else including TCU was doing' and the entire second half of the film will be about the rebuilding of a dynasty by June Jones going to back to back bowl games. Either way, I will still watch, still hate, and still be excited that the country will be reminded of just how dirty that school/city was/is. I also can't wait to hear how Craig James defends himself, because as we all remember "it wasn't his teams that had anything to do with the death penalty".

I will also watch because it is being aired directly after the Heisman Trophy Presentation. Seriously, some things are just to good to be true. ESPN will play a movie about the largest cheating scandal in the history of college sports immediately following what will likely be the second largest cheating scandal in college sports. The poetic irony is really just amazing.

I will have a full recap up next Monday.


gtpanic33 said...

This thing is going to be so biased. ESPN is going to blow that faggot Craig James until he turns blue. It's going to be a rainbows and unicorns story that makes SMU look like the 2nd coming of the Montana/Rice 49ers dynasty. Chances I throw the remote = strong. I talked to a SMU alum that is actually EXCITED about this. Upon further review, it seems that all of them are. Yes, they are excited about our generation learning how they cheated worse than any school in the history of the sport. I would be ashamed, but they are excited. Tells you a lot about them right there. Disgusting.

CounselorFrog said...

I think they are just excited about being relevant for a brief moment. Even if it comes from their worst moment.

Mack said...

I actually went to the premiere in dallas last week. It was really entertaining and it seemed to me to be pretty balanced. There is a good mix of "everyone was doing it," and "we were especially egregious." It doesn't let SMU off the hook at all.

Craig James comes off as his usual prickish self, especially in the archival footage. Dickerson however comes off like a complete badass and you wind up liking him a lot.

You can't not think of the Cam Newton situation right now as you watch the thing, and it will be really interesting to see if anyone affiliated brings that up.