Friday, December 24, 2010

Rose Bowl Preview: Special Teams.

As a companion to the "completely mailed in preview part 1: Offensive Line" post, here's your second half featuring the Special teams units.

Run Down:

Kicking For Points:

TCU - Ross Evans. 11-13, long 43. 65-70 PATs

Wisconsin - Phillip Welch. 15-19, long 49. 67-67 PATs.

Oh, you can make your extra points and don't take kick backs from bookies to keep the spread intact? YOU WIN, BADGERS!

Edge - Cheese.

Kicking for Field Position:

TCU - Kevin Sharples. 66.1 yd average. 14 TB, 0 OOB.

Wisconsin - Phillip Welch. 64 yd average. 10 TB, 1 OOB.

The numbers don't lie.

Edge - Frogs.

Punt Returns:

TCU - Jeremy Kerley, Curtis Clay, Skye Dawson. 14.8 yd avg. 0 TD.

Wisconsin - Jared Abbrederis, David Gilreath, Aaron Henry. 11.1 yd avg. 0 TD.

Our last chance to see Kerley Fries.

Edge - Frogs.

Kick Returns:

TCU - Jeremy Kerley, Greg McCoy, Skye Dawson. 26.7 yd avg. 0 TD.

Wisconsin - David Gilreath, James White. 22.6 yd avg. 1 TD.

Tough Call.

Edge - Push.


TCU - 20.5 yd avg, 0 TDs on kick returns; 7.2 yd avg., 0 TDs on punt returns

Wisconsin - 24.4 yd avg, 2 TDs on kick returns; 12.0 yd avg, 1 TD on punt returns.

Edge - Frogs.

That's a nice, comfortable 4.5-1.5 margin for the Frogs. So if you're into special teams, the Frogs are your team.

Eight more days. Merry Xmas Eve.

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supafish said...


Look at the ASU vs Wisc. stats. ASU had some speed on special teams, and it literally kept them in the game with great field position, but their meager offense never could capitalize instead it kept them close. On returns Wisc. was giving up like 40 yards.