Monday, December 20, 2010

Rose Bowl Preview: Offensive Line.

So he's not still on the team, but Herb Taylor's Gridiron Rec Specs?

Staying on the topic of never forgetting, if you'll remember, a couple of weeks ago I more or less wrote this article. Or, at least, I laid the groundwork for what will become this article. And we've all heard about big and bad and ass kicking Wisconsin's offensive line chalk full of future NFL stars is. So really, this preview is going to be pretty mailed in. At least you've been warned.

Wisconsin O-Line:
LT: Gabe Carimi (6'7", 325 lbs)
LG: John Moffitt (6'5", 320 lbs)
C: Peter Konz (6'5", 315 lbs)
RG: Kevin Zeitler (6'4", 317 lbs)
RT: Josh Oglesby (6'7", 330 lbs)

LT: Marcus Cannon (6'6", 350 lbs)
LG: Kyle Dooley (6'3", 315 lbs)
C: Jake Kirkpatrick (6'3", 305)
RG: Josh Vernon (6'2", 300)
RT: Zack Roth (6'6", 315)

Underinformed Analysis:

Wisconsin has a lot of large men across it's offensive line, yes. They have Outland Trophy winning lineman Gabe Carimi, he of the 6'7", 327 lb. frame. All of their starters are over 300 pounds. But, TCU has Rimington Award winning center Jake Kirkpatrick, as well as All American Left Tackle Marcus Cannon, he of the 6'6", 350 lb. + frame. Both of those guys are All Americans... Cabrini is the only All American on the Badgers O Line, unless you count tight end Lance Kendrick. Wisconsin's O Line has paved the way for the 12th ranked rushing offense in the entire country. TCU's O Line has paved the way for the 8th ranked rushing offense in the entire country. TCU's offensive line has allowed 9 sacks on the year. Wisconsin's offensive line has allowed 12 sacks on the year. Wisconsin's offensive linemen pee sitting down. Ok, so I may only be speculating on that last one, but at least it's what I hear.

I think it should be pretty clear where I'm going with this.

Look, Wisconsin has a very, very good offensive line, one of the best in the country. But so does TCU. If you really want to see how I genuinely feel about it, take a look at the post I linked to above, but I'm going to go ahead and call this one a genuine push.

Edge - Push.

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