Tuesday, December 28, 2010

June Jones Tired of White Collar Drug Trade, Opts To Join Barksdale Crew.

Presumably, June Jones' new boss.

Pretty interesting little tidbit from the college sports blog over at the Dallas Morning News - it appears that Mike Leach may not be the only irritable, pass happy head coach interested in checking out the Maryland Terrapins head coaching vacancy. Sorry, Pony fans, but it appears that SMU Head Coach January Jones has tossed her hat into the ring in the land of crab cakes and football - and all this time I thought the former Mrs. Draper was too busy with her masturbating daughter to do much else? Oh... JUNE Jones, sorry, my mistake.

Anyway, ignoring that futile attempt at humor, yes word on the street is that, after two relatively successful years on the Hilltop, June is ready to strike out on his own once again, completing his west to east manifest destiny coaching cycle. While it is widely assumed that Mike Leach is the front runner for the job, the fact that June would risk pissing off the hands that have spoon fed him that $2.5 million contract has to be a pretty good indicator that there is at least SOME mutual interest. Of course, it's not like they're going to fire him, but you have to imagine that Jones isn't seeking out head coaching opportunities without a legitimate shot at landing them. And while you might think, "Maryland?? Really? Why not hold out for something a little nicer?" you have to remember a few things. One, SMU is more or less at their ceiling for the time being, especially with TCU moving into the Big East. Sure, they can swap places with us in the Mountain West, but to be honest, what does that prove? Two, although eight win seasons wouldn't register too highly on the success scale at most schools, at SMU that kind of success is earth shattering. If June is still miffed with the SMU administration for mucking up his program, the iron is not going to be any hotter than it is now, especially for an aging old man with the temperament of Walter Matthau and the wardrobe of Don Ho.

Most importantly though? While Hawaii certainly dabbles in the touristy marijuana trade, and Dallas deals with the white collar crowd, there's no drug market like the one in West Bodymore. The overall success experienced by the Barksdale gang is incomparable to anything he's seen in his past stops. And while SMU drug lords foolishly cast their casualties off in heavily trafficked porta-potties, in Baltimore there's a steady supply of empty vacants for just such purposes. Sadly for SMU, it sounds like he may already have Snoop and Partlow on their tail.


buffalo said...

land of lake trout and WMD!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Yeah I feel like I could've greatly expanded upon the Wire aspect of that post, but I was under deadline to break the scoop because Klebanow was breathing down my neck.

Also, apparently Jones is NOT going to Maryland.

buffalo said...

Plymouth rock!