Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frogs' Season on the Ropes?

Because apparently this is how we post now.

I wanted to write this post because it combines two of my favorite things - Spurs Hate and Frogs love.

If you weren't one of the roughly 15 people in attendance at the TCU - Directional Lousiana game last night, this morning's article by Mac Engel probably sent a bit of a shiver down your spine. Of course, the heading of "Frogs Lose Point Guard in Win Over NW State" was just a bit of journalistic gamesmanship by Mr. Floyd Engel as TCU didn't REALLY lose Cousy nominated PG Hank Thorns, the undisputed heart and soul of this year's surprisingly adequate squad. Ok, well they did technically lose him, but not the way it came across in my mind. But while the initial reports sounded terrifying, including crying and having to be carried off the court by his teammates, later reports suggest that Thorns suffered a relatively minor knee sprain and should be back in time for the conference opener/Rose Bowl celebration extender against San Diego State on January 5th.

In the interim, though, Thorns will miss the Frogs' three remaining non-conference games, and with a current 8-4 record and a salty as ever Mountain West slate, those three games could go a long way in determining whether the Frogs get a bid to one of the 42 post season tournaments or are merely an early season distraction to our baseball team. Here's who we have coming up:

December 28th - vs. Chicago State (3-11). Fortunately for the Frogs, Chicago State appears to be perhaps the worst team in all of college basketball, having only snuck by three teams that no one has ever heard of, including the people who attend them. They've been beaten by 30 points seven times, including a 94-38 humbling by SFA, and rank near the bottom of the barrel in just about every statistical category. Christian could probably rotate lyle and I at PG and still beat these guys by double digits.

Chances of winning sans Thorns: 100%

December 30th - @ Tulsa (5-6). For you Nolan Richardson nostalgists out there, you'll recall that Tulsa used to be somewhat of a household name in basketball, most notably their Sweet Sixteen run in 1994 - I'm not one of those, I just remember it because they played at the same regional site as Richardson's National Title winning Razorbacks and I was in attendance. Despite the six losses, Tulsa has been competitive in in just about every one of their games this year, playing MWC stalwart UNLV very tough and taking out Stanford. They match up very well with the Frogs statistically except in assists, but that is probably a wash now with MWC leader Thorns on the bench. With Thorns, I'd love our chances to pull this one out; without him, I'm not so sure. This feels like a good one for Ronnie Moss to take over and Cadot to continue his hot shooting streak if we want to win.

Chances of winning sans Thorns: 50%

January 2 - @ Rice (6-4). The Owls have never had a particularly worthwhile basketball program, and this year may end up not being any different, but if you look at the schedule you'll notice they've got some fight in them. Of their 4 losses, 3 were by 3 points or less, including against a very good Texas team. The fourth, a blow out loss to a not very good Arizona squad, appears to be an outlier. They haven't beaten anyone of merit, unless you count something called Stetson, but they look to be a decent rebounding team, although they do not score many points. TCU took out the Owls last year by 12 with a team that doesn't come close to touching the ability we have now, even without Thorns. Having to play them in Houston makes it a bit more challenging, but I don't imagine the home court advantage will be any more daunting than our own. It could be a tough fight, but the Frogs should be able to win this one even without Hank.

Chances of winning sans Thorns: 75%

So while two of these games will not be walks in the park, the Frogs have a legitimate shop of sweeping them all and heading into the conference opener on a high note. But, the hastier Thorns returns, the better for all parties. See you in the post season!


Mankdog said...

Oh Sir Wesley, don't get all butt hurt over a little friendly Spurs trash talk.

I promise I will limit all my future posts to things strictly TCU related so as not to offend any Frog fans that also happen to like the Mavs. Although to be fair my post did mention TCU in a positive manner.

buffalo said...

RIP DMB's flute player.

CounselorFrog said...

I don't think Mankdog's post even compares to the irrelevancy of my DMB post. But, at least mine was 2 years ago when the number of people that read this blog could fit into a frathoe.

LA Frog said...

Gotta help our cred that the USC team we beat by 12 beat #19 Tennessee last night