Thursday, December 30, 2010

Frogs' Rose Bowl kicks

It's been our experience that nothing brings in readers to Spitblood like news about the Frogs' uniforms (except maybe a spat with the ownership of killerfrogs), so here's a pic of the new Nike cleats TCU will be wearing in the Rose Bowl.

According to Nike spokesperson Cindy Hamilton, the Air Zoom Alpha Talon is "Nike Football’s most advanced premium cleat ever, delivering improved footing at full speed with an innovative on-demand, adaptive traction system. The interior cleats in the forefoot extend when full pressure is applied for more traction when needed and retract when not."

They also kind of remind me of the rad Bo Jackson cross-trainers I had in 3rd grade back when Bo still Knew.

Thanks to Cindy for the info, and for joining our burgeoning readership. If you're a fan of The Wire, Cindy, you're probably well aware of the concept of the first one being free. If you want some more promotional content on this site, we would be happy to inform our readers about any new products Nike has coming out if we had a few samples before they hit the market...


Adam said...

The intraweb owns you, can't see the picture.

"5-0 comin' shut it down"

buffalo said...

hurry up, its time for the testers!