Thursday, December 2, 2010

E. Gordon Gee: Eating His Words

Who let you out of the house looking like that, Gordy?

I don't know if mighty Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee read this bit of hate by me last week, but he certainly seems to have got the message, because he definitely tucked his tail between his legs and apologized in this story for being a clueless old codger with goofy as glasses and a bow tie. Ole Gordy even goes as far as to make fun of himself, saying "I look like Orville Redenbacher". I'm actually pretty upset with myself for not thinking to call him that, so bravo E. Gordo. I'm more pleased with the fact that he seems to have got my message from a week ago, saying he has "no business talking about college football". I applaud you for knowing your rightful place in the world, as a nerdy twerp who heads up the school with one of the most classless, trashy fan bases in the entire country. Oh, not to mention- he is from Utah and born to MORMON parents and was once a professor and dean at BYU, and he went to Utah for undergrad, so I hate him even more than ever. I bet he wouldn't make this fuss had the Mormons been undefeated, but they suck and will forever suck, so who cares.

So, thanks for apologizing and realizing you need to put your foot in your mouth and stick to things you know. Oh, and he also said he has the best coach and athletic director in the country, but you're wrong. Little ole TCU does. Once again, I'm glad you know your place now Gordon, but I still cant stand you or that slimy institution you are so proud to head up.

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